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- 5/3/16

Prairie Park, Grand Prairie, TX - December 8, 2012

The Mavericks who were looking to go into the Holiday Break with a 3-0 record in league played hosted Denton at Prairie Park on what could be considered a hot December day as the temperature was near 80 and the usual strong wind off of Mountain Creek Lake and old Dallas NAS Flight Line was nonexistent.

The Mavs received to start the match and following the first of many scrums Thunder's clearing kick from just inside the 22 took a fortuitous bounce away from the Denton fullback and to Kris Minyard who went the last 40 meters untouched 3 minutes into the match for the converted try. After knocking on the ensuing restart Denton spent the next few minutes inside the Mavs half of the field that lead to possession about 15 meters out which was thwarted when the ball was stolen during some good counter-rucking. After a Denton infraction the Mavs found themselves inside the 22 where they spent the next 12 minutes trying to break open the match as a lot of the possession was within 10 meters but knock-ons, poor passing and lack of performing some basics left the Mavs without any points as a penalty kick from less than 20m just to the right of the posts was very wide left at the 31 minute mark. The remainder of the half was played in the middle of the field with neither side being able to put together any real scoring opportunities.
Half Time Mavericks - 7 Denton - 0

The Mavericks got on the board early again in the second half as a good kick and chase left the Denton fullback isolated which led to a not releasing call. This time the kick which was the same distance as the one missed in the first half but on the left side which Thunder slotted and was the first of a handful of scores by both sides over the next 15 minutes. With the Mavs just inside their 22 a clearing kick went 20m across and 5m back and took a good bounce for Denton who recovered the ball where it took only two phases for their forwards to score near the corner as half the pack was still on the other side of the field. The score allowed Denton to gain some momentum which they were able to capitalize on when they took advantage of some poor defensive alignment to get the ball in close and push it over for an unconverted try to the right of the posts at the 55 minute mark to tie it all up at 10. Denton's wing took the restart and did what drive's rugby coaches crazy which was running east and west followed by an ill advised pass that Phillip Ordonez picked off near the 22 which he ran in for the converted try and a 7 point lead. Denton's wing redeemed himself by going high for the restart and getting into the Maverick 22 where the ball was recycled to their backs who were attacking near the 10 but lost possession when rookie Devin Christor made a hard ball stripping tackle. The Mavs would get back into the Denton 22 but a ruck that seemed to last for an eternity finally got blown up with a penalty called against us for sealing off the ball. With a minute or so left the Mavs had the ball at the base of a ruck on their own 10 where instead of getting the ball back to the fly half to clear scrum half Daniel Garcia opted for a box kick that barely went 5 meters and if that wasn't bad enough their flanker managed to break 2 tackles and drag another 2 before a 3rd joined in to tackle him on the 22. A quick pick up and run to the left by a Denton back found him one on one with a very large forward and instead of pinning back his ears for an easy try which could have possibly been centered he hesitated, cut back inside and got tackled about 5m out where the Denton forwards were once again their to pick and go and score a few meters from the corner. The conversion attempt was no good and the final whistle sounded.
Final Score Mavericks - 17 Denton - 15

Kicking, Kicking, Kicking. It played a pretty big part in this match. The Mavericks couldn't convert an easy PKs or kick forward or into space for that matter and Denton not being able to convert any of their tries one of which was very make-able. With some better kicking from either or both sides the outcome/score could have been much different.

Tries - Kris Minayrd, Phillip Ordonez
Conversions - Daniel Garcia, Dan "Thunder" O'Connell
Penalties - Dan "Thunder" O'Connell

John K - 12/25/12

Dr Pink Field, Frisco TX - December 1, 2012

he Mavericks continued with Cup play after the short Thanksgiving break as they traveled to 40 or so miles north to Frisco to take on the Griffins on a warm and very windy December afternoon. With an early kick-off of 12:15PM the usually somewhat tardy Mavs surprised the coaches with their arrival time.

The Mavericks won the toss and elected to play into what Jason Petras would refer to as a 14 point wind. One would think that going against a strong wind would make for easier backline passing in the first half but that was not the case as the backs could not manage to make many good passes and when they did they got Skale hands. Fortunately for them the forwards were there to pick up the slack and played a very strong game. The Mavericks got on the board first when Will Swain was able to drive over from a few meters out near the corner after multiple phases following some good scrummaging. The Mavericks had many chances to extend the lead but the backs just couldn't seem to maintain possession with opportunities in front of them. The Griffins weren't mounting much offense either but were able to tie score with 10 minutes left in the half when their scrum half got scrum ball and managed to get past our flanker which was followed by a kick and chase and try. That try gave the Griffins a bit of a spark and with the help of some missed tackles they scored in the corner with 2 minutes left in the half to go up by 5.
Half Time Griffins - 10 Mavericks - 5

With that 14 point wind at their backs the Mavericks looked to play in the Griffin half of the field and came close early on as a Thunder kick from near his own 22 rolled just a little too far and their wing was able to ground it before Kris Minyard could get there for a 22 drop. The Mavericks countered there restart into that strong wind and were quickly inside their 22 where after a handful of phases Phillip Ordonez was able to break through at the 47 minute but Thunder's conversion attempt was wide left so the score remained knotted at 10. The Mavericks continued with pressure in the Griffins end but the knocks and drop kept from finishing with a try but with the forwards were doing well in the scrum a steal and subsequent breakdown infraction let to Thunder slotting one down the middle from 20m out at the 54 minute mark to put the Mavericks back on top by 3. Such a small lead would be hard to hold for 25 minutes even with the Griffins having to go against the wind but the Mavericks were determined to keep them at bay which is what they did as they only managed to get the ball past midfield but a few times. But still the Mavericks could not get another try on the board to provide a little breathing room. That is until Super Sub Bill "If the Wife Calls to Say She's in Labor Tell He To Cross Her Legs" Bynum came in with 10 left as the mucus plug that was preventing the Mavericks from scoring popped and like water breaking the tries started flowing with his cousin Phillip "If Bill Can Have a Kid So Can I" Ordonez getting the first one. The ensuing kick off was taken near the 22 by rookie Devin "I Want to Score so I Can Release the Kraken" Christor who proceeded to run through their pack leaving destruction in his path he came upon their wing near their 22 and instead of running him over he danced around, literally looking for support which was eventually there in Brogan, a prop no less who managed top knock on the pop pass. Fortunately the scrum was still strong which allowed Thunder to score off of it for the bonus point try and what was left was put to rest with Daniel "MVP" Garcia and Minyard each scoring from 50m out in the closing minutes.
Final Score Mavericks - 41 Griffins - 10

Thanks to the Griffins for their hospitality afterwards as we enjoyed much food and drink while watching their D2 side take on Shreveport led by old stalwarts Hal and Bear with his drop kicking boots on.

Tries - Dan 'Thunder" O'Connell (2), Daniel "MVP" Garcia , Phillip Ordonez (2), Kris Minyard
Conversions - Dan 'Thunder" O'Connell (4)

Editor's Notes
Bill and Phillip really are cousins and they have never met a Trojan they liked.
"I Want to Score so I Can Release the Kraken" actually came out of the Rookies mouth.
And Bear actually nailed a drop goal from about 30 meters out.

John K - 12/5/12

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - November 17, 2012

The Mavericks kicked off the 2012-2013 Cup Season by hosting the Dallas Diablos at Prairie Park on a warm November afternoon. The Diablos once again had a good fan support as did the Mavericks. The Diablos did a good job counter rucking early but a few quick tries enabled the Mavericks to settle down a bit.
Half Time Mavericks - 54 Diablos - 0

The Mavericks scored again early in the 2nd half as the Diablos were able to break off a couple of nice runs with some offloads but wete unable to finish them off with a try of their own but were awarded a penalty try near full time for a dangerous tackle by Krazy Kyle that resulted ina red card.
Final Score Mavericks - 94 Diablos - 5

Post match party was a good time and the Mavericks look forward to the return match in March and Boat Races at the Eagle.

Tries - Dan 'Thunder" O'Connell, Ray Greer (2), Jon "Manhead" Morrison, Ronnie Bailey, Bill Bynum (3), Jay O'Meilia, Larry "LBL" Parish, Daniel "MVP" Garcia (2), Chris Lampe, Phillip Ordonez
Conversions - Steve "Pee Wee" Roe (8), Chris Lampe (4)

John K - 12/5/12


Prichard Field Lawton, OK
- March 10, 2012

The Mavericks were making their second visit in as many weeks to the great state of Oklahoma to take on the Fort Sill Gunners at Prichard Field. We beat the rain that was following us up to Lawton but it eventually caught up to us and started raining shortly after kick off.

The Mavericks received the opening kick off and wasted no time in letting the Gunners get on the board as the first pass to the back was dropped which their hooker scooped up the ball about 25m out, broke a few tackles to put the Gunners up by 7 just a minute into the match. The Mavericks had possession in the Gunners half of the field and were applying some pressure until we lost the ball which made it's way to their hooker who went 60m for the try as our fullback and weak side wing were slow in getting over. The Mavericks had a lot of possession with a decent amount of it in the Gunner half but couldn't seem to score as there were multiple opportunities inside their 22 that we could not capitalize on as we either knocked it on or had the ball poached in a tackle. Still considering the way the match started we were still in it even being down by 12 and it looked like that's how we were headed into half time but that was not going to be the case. We were deep inside our own end and had the chance to clear with a kick but a bad pass in goal turned into a 5m scrum which resulted in an 8 man pick up try to end the half.
Half Time Gunners - 17 Mavericks - 0

Even with the score the Mavericks were still in it as they had the majority of the possession and territory advantage int he first half but just couldn't capitalize on any of it and things didn't get any better the first 10 minutes or so of the second half. Following a clearing kick to the middle of the field the Gunner fullback darted through our defense for 25m and after a few phase their big Islander prop was able to score from 10m out. With the Mavericks once again attacking they turned the ball over and once again the Gunners hooker was off and running but this time we were able to prevent the 70m try but did so with a high tackle form 25m out which was slotted to give them up 25 - Nil at the 52 minute mark. The Mavericks were finally able to get on the board when LBL charged down a clearing kick 10m out which he jumped on on goal at the 57 minute mark. The Mavericks continued to apply pressure and following added another score by rookie Erin "Iron Eagle" Engel who was there in support of Thunder who had a nice run to set up the try at the 65 minute mark to pull within 13. With the Mavericks looking to add another score the Gunners replied when their Islander prop rumbled 35m to score as there were too many missed tackles in one phase. The Mavericks to get one last try on the board a full minutes before full time as Eagle had a nice run and found Kris Minyard on the outside who outraced the defense the last 40m.
Final Score Gunners - 32 Mavericks - 19

John K - 3/27/12

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