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River Park Oklahoma City, OK - March 3, 2012

The Mavericks made the first of back to back trips to Oklahoma to take on the OKC Crusaders at River Park in Oklahoma City on a somewhat cold and windy day.

The Mavericks kicked off and quickly gained possession and found themselves ready to get on the scoreboard 2 minutes into the match after multiple off side penalties at the breakdown but Thunders kick from 25m left of the posts hung int he wind a bit and came up short. The Mavericks kept up the pressure and an opportunistic LBL pounced on a loose ball in goal after a 5m lineout at the 4 minute mark to put the Mavericks up by 5. The Mavericks played one of their better halves of the season and kept the pressure on OKC but missed out on several opportunities to extend the lead. With a few minuted left in the half OKC was able to get on the board with a 40m run down the side line aided by some missed tackles.
Half Time Mavericks - 5 OKC - 5

The Mavericks had a knock on right after the kick off and was penalized at the scrum from 35m out which OKC's fullback slotted to put them up by 3. The Mavericks jumped back on top a few minutes later when MVP's kick for touch found the middle of the field (yes it was windy but nothing that would sweep a house away) and was chased by Philip Ordonez who grabbed it just outside the 22 and outraced the defenders for a converted try to go up by 4. OKC responded with a converted try off from 15m out after our defense did not slide over in support. The Mavericks were just down by 3 and playing well and were once again less than 10m but could not manage to come away with any points. OKC was able to add another try at the 53 minute mark to go up by 10 and added to that a few minutes later when their big inside center broke free from 20m out and punched fullback Adam Smith in the nose in the process that everyone but the referee saw. The Mavericks were still playing hard and rookie Bill Bynum was able to score after providing support to ray Greer who made a nice break and pass to cut the deficit to 12 at the 63 minute mark. That would be all the scoring for the Mavericks as they started running out of steam and gave up a few tries in the last 5 minutes of the match.
Final Score OKC - 48 Mavericks - 17

John K - 3/27/12

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - February 25, 2012

The Mavericks who were playing their first cup match in 6 weeks hosted the Frisco Griffins at Prairie Park. There was another small influx of new guys who were looking forward to getting into their first match and try to help the Mavericks sweep the season series with the Griffins.

The Mavericks kicked-off deep and quickly applied pressure resulting in a quick tap penalty by MVP from the 22 and after a few quasi hot potato passes around the 5 Jay O'Meilia got caught up in a maul and as it was being driven over the line he started popping out the top (pretty strange looking and one of those that you had to see) before it collapsed with him grounding the ball for the try that Thunder converted. Jay was the man of the first 9 minutes as he scored again in the corner from 20m out off a pass from Adam "Maurice" Smith following a stolen scrum. The Mavericks put another one on the board as Thunder made a move or two off a scrum to score under the posts from 25m out. Michael T's coaching advice finally paid off as "Maurice" who took a pass off a nice Kris "Two Hands" Minyard run 30m out and had a nice pop kick and chase for a score. Thunder missed the conversion but still had a good day with the boot as he went 7 for 9. Ray Greer added to the scoring when his Dummy Pass off an 8 man pickup finally worked and he outraced the opposition for a 50m try a the 31 minute mark. The Griffins were able to amount an attack shortly after and they had multiple phases from about 10m out but we unsuccessful with coming up with any points. First half scoring was closed out with a 60m try by "Two Hands" after the ball was quickly moved wide by MVP and Erin "Iron eagle" Engel.
Half Time Mavericks - 38 Frisco - 0

The Mavericks got on the board a few minutes into the second half with the help of an Academy Award performance a la Meryl Streep by Thunder who's kick and chase was more like a kick, slight contact and major flop like Kevin Costner's Water World. That got the Mavericks about 10m out and following a few bangers Ray managed to dive over for the try. Ruben Molinar who came on at the half for two try scorer Jay was able to match him by dotting down twice about 5 minutes apart with the second one being what appeared to be a 25m slow motion, serpentine and perplexing run. Latest new guy Zane Holley was determined to score after hearing about this thing they call a Zulu and didn't disappoint himself or the old lady at the bar for that matter as he took a pass at pace from Ronnie Bailey (imagine that, a forward passing to a forward. If that don't beat all) to get his first try. With new potential squeeze on the sideline Ray was determined to break the three-way-two-try-tie so he could score again later and did so with another 8 man pick up. The Mavericks were able to empty the bench which allowed the Fitness Nazi and El Presidente' to get a run in but didn't allow for one Corey "Butterbean" Coogan a.k.a. "Coogey" to call it a day early and his play at the end did not disappoint. The "Coog" scooped up a loose ball in open play from 25m out, no wait it was more like 50m, no that can't be right, he was inside is own 22. Yeah that's the ticket. So he's inside his own 22 and sees a hole and bursts through it leaving the other forwards in the dust. The further he ran the faster he got and it didn't look he would be caught but the full back was in hot pursuit. As "Coogey" looked back over his shoulder the would be tackler had closed in and made a diving attempt which was too late as the "Coog" with the fullback wrapped around his leg (arms weren't long enough to go around both) he stretched out to score the greatest try by a prop in Maverick Rugby history.
Final Score Mavericks - 74 Frisco - 0

Post match was a good time for the most part with Ray getting Man of the Match for his three try effort but that was his only accolade of the night as he chipped his tooth eating pasta which is a real turn off or maybe it wasn't the tooth but that damn nasty white and dingy t-shirt with the yellow arm pit stains he always wears which the chicks dig (sic). Zane who could be the poster boy for Arlington Ink got his wish to show off all of his art work. The MVP did not stay long and disappeared with no Good-byes, Aloha's or Adios'. Rumor has it he was depressed as he didn't score or get Man of the match and was heard mumbling if I would have not passed as much and made all 3 of my conversions I could have gotten Man of the Match as I need one more glass to complete my set. Many thanks to Thunder for helping with the Waste Management issue.

John K - 3/7/12

Midland Freshman HS Midland,TX - January 14, 2012

The Mavericks started the second half of the season with a trip out west to Midland where they were looking to return with their first road win ever against the Mad Dogs. With 21 strong traveling via air or van the Mavericks arrived 2 hours prior to kick off as the Mad Dogs looked like us at home with guys rolling in 30 minutes before kick off.

The Mavericks kicked off and quickly put pressure on the Mad Dogs which resulted in a penalty 10m out in front of the posts. Rather than take the easy points and early lead the Mavericks attempted to run the ball which eventually ended up out wide to Kris Minyard who beat one defender, got into the try zone but somehow managed to lose the ball when trying to ground it when the full back slid over in attempt to hold him up. Another Mad Dog infraction a minute later from 25m out gave the Mavericks a chance to get on the board but Thunder missed the kick even though it appeared to be good as the other touch judge, one Officer Brickett was still on the sidelines and not behind the posts to confer with the other TJ. The Mavericks continued to keep pressure on the Mad Dogs and played most of the first half in their end. The Mavericks were finally able to get on the board at the 7 minute mark when Philip Ordonez took a crap pass off the base of the scrum 30m out that bounced past the flyhalf but broke a tackle, fed Thunder back inside who chose not to pass to the overload outside and was able to weave through for the try that he converted. It was another 7 minutes later when Ray Greer stole a Mad Dog line out from 40m out that was spun wide to Jon "Baby Jesus" Morrison on the wing who outraced the defenders for the try to go up by 14. The Mavericks went 7 (points) for 7 (minutes) again with some nice back line play off a set piece from 40m out that had LBL feeding Philip for the last 15m under the posts. There was a extra 2 minute lull in the scoring from the 7 minute pace but was made up for it with 2 tries in 2 minutes by Minyard who scored from 15m out after a nice move and then went 40m on an intercept to close out the first half scoring and make amends for his missed chance at the start of the match.
Half Time Mavericks - 33 Midland Mad Dogs - 0

The Mavericks looked to add to the tally early as after some nice backline play Daniel "MVP" Garcia made a nice feed to Minyard 50m out near the sideline for what appeared to be a sure try but he ran out of gas and was tackled short by the Mad Dog fullback. The running out of gas started to spread through the rest of the side like a wild fire as there was a lot of walking and panting in the second half. The Mad Dogs took advantage of that when their big Flanker/Center broke a handful of tackles, rambled 50m with support where after a few pick and go's he was able to dive over to get them on the board 10 minutes into the second half. With the Mavericks running on fumes a good part of the second half they didn't manage to take advantage of the time spent in the Midland half of the field. The Mavericks were able to empty the bench as Asa Low got into his first game, Erin "Iron Eagle" Engel had a strong 20 minutes and old timers Michael T., Joe Kelly and El Presidente saw some action as well. The scoring was closed out just prior to full time when Evan Dietz went over form 5m out off a line out play that took a few tries as we couldn't manage to get a good and/or straight throw.
Final Score Mavericks - 38 Midland Mad Dogs - 7

Midland was a great host as the post match festivities were on a loading dock outside of a warehouse/garage across from some oil storage tanks instead of a backyard which allowed us to sing which resulted in watching JoJo and Snots shoot some nasty, mustard filled boots. Midland picked Daniel for Man of the Match. Come on, really. But he did not match the Juicy standard of last year and did not jug his bottle of MD2020. The trip home was a good one but a little too much philosophical talk from the van's second row of Joe, MVP and Snots who managed to kill a Keystone Light 30 Pack. And who said beer doesn't make you smart.

John K - 1/22/12

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - December 10, 2011

The Mavericks hosted the OKC Crusaders in the last Cup Match of the first half of the season at Prairie Park in Grand Prairie. The cold and wet weather moved out and it was a great day for rugby and surprisingly next to no wind at the pitch which is rarity.

The Mavericks received to start the match and had a hard time getting out of their own end but eventually managed to do so. The early stages of the match were played between the 10's or there about with neither side moving the ball much. The Mavericks were the first to get on the board at the 15 minute mark when LBL at inside center jutted up for an interception and went 25m untouched for the try that Thunder converted. The Crusaders answered less than 10 minutes later off a nice darting run and blatant missed call off a 15M lineout. The Crusaders ran their Props and Locks at the Mavericks who more often than not would wait for them at the gain line as opposed to going up hard in defense so it was just a matter of time (31st minute to be exact) until we paid the price. A banger to their big, slow Lock off a Free Kick (Scrum Feed Infraction) from 15M out found no one wanting to tackle him until he was falling over in the corner to put OKC up by 5. OKC closed out the first half scoring when pretty much like before after multiple phases but this time it was their Prop that went over from 15M out.
Half Time OKC - 17 Mavericks - 7

The second half saw the Mavericks start out a bit better and where able to get deep inside OKC territory and the forwards were looking to score from 5m out with pick and drives but they went to the well one time too many times as they lost the ball in the tackle while the backs had a huge overload on the outside. That would pretty much be our only scoring opportunity of the second half as we never managed to amount any sort of continuity. OKC added a try at the 64th minute to put the game away and added one more at 75 minutes for good measure.
Final Score OKC - 27 Mavericks - 7

1st Half Season Recap
We finished the first half of the cup season with a 2-2 record and if it weren't for a 90 second meltdown at the end of the first and start of the second halves against Fort Sill we would be 3-1. We have 6 cup matches left with 4 of them on the road which includes a trip to Midland on January 14th to start 2012 as well as back to back trips to Oklahoma the first two weeks of March. We have played well at times but there aren't enough of "those' times for us to be more successful on a consistent basis. Our team as a whole doesn't take well to getting punched in the face first which normally sets the tone for a match which was evident for us when we were the instigators against Frisco. We have to be a more aggressive bunch in all phases of the game. Defensively our forwards wait at the ruck for the banger and our backs don't come up hard and our tackling leaves a lot to be desired but when we do make tackles we never attempt to poach the ball even when we have tackler-assists which should make it easier. You are going to get hit at the breakdown whether you stand there or go for the ball so you might as well go for the ball and maybe draw a penalty for not releasing. Offensively we work on many things in practice for both the forwards and backs but nothing rarely transpires onto the pitch. Over the past 14 weeks we have had 22 practices and 9 matches so you would think our players would be well versed on what we are trying to accomplish especially with some who have been playing for quite some time. We work on lineouts as well ensuing plays off of them but rarely run them in matches and our scrum is getting pushed around too much the latter of which I take responsibility for and it will be addressed when we start up in January. I can count on one hand how many pass and loops I have seen this season and other than the inside center who pretty much runs crashes I don't recall any of our backs running straight much this season as they tend to drift which allows the defender to easily slide and cover more than one man. We have worked on these and others in practice and there is still more to teach and much more fitness needed but you can only fit so much in two 90 minute sessions a week.

On more positive note we have had a lot of new and for the most part younger guys come out this season from the Tim's (White, Black and T3) to the Molinar brothers to Justin, Chrystal, Brogan and Iron Eagle as well as the return of veterans Pee Wee and Evan. With the amount of players are getting out to practices and matches there is only one thing the club can do and that is get better with a little more commitment. Enjoy the time off and Holiday season and make sure before January 3rd you make a stop in Oz to pick up what you need for the second half of the season.

John K - 12/15/11

Dr Pink Field, Frisco, TX - November 19, 2011

The Mavericks headed up the Dallas North Tollway to take on the Griffins at Dr Pink Field next to Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. After a few friendlies this was the first cup match in almost a month and the club was looking to get over the .500 mark with a win.

The Mavericks received to start the match and were going against a pretty strong wind which along with some good defense early made it hard to get out of the Griffins end of the field. A handful of Griffin infractions at the break down due to a lot of new guys, and the wind momentarily dying down allowed Daniel Garcia to boot a nice 40M clearing kick that found touch near the Griffin 22. Following another Griffin breakdown infraction along with a not 10 on a quick tap, the ball was 15m out in front of the posts where Thunder slotted it through for an early lead at the 10 minute mark. The Mavericks took the ensuing kick of and moved the ball down the field only to turn it over 10m out as we outran our support and were called for holding on. The forwards played pretty well as they ran hard and met the Griffins forwards at the gain line time and time again. Their play paid off as Ronnie Bailey had a nice break through their forwards, offloaded to Ray Greer in support who got to the outside, stiff armed their wing and went untouched the last 15m to put the Mavericks up by 8 at the 22 minute mark. The Griffins got possession after the kick off and put pressure on the Mavericks 5m out but after multiple phases and solid defense their discipline broke down at the break down and were called for hands in the ruck. The forwards not only played well in open play but dominated the scrum as well with a few stolen hooks and a handful of scrums driven back. How do you tell if your scrum is dominant? Have your line out whistled for not straight and the opposing side chooses to take another line out in extremely windy conditions as opposed to a scrum. It was after one of those dominant scrums just inside our 22 where the ball was spun wide, Thunder slid into the back line from Fullback, drew in the their wing and fed Adam Smith who got past their fullback and outraced the cover support the last 60m. The in support out of breath Thunder made the conversion with just over 5 minutes left in the half. The Griffins applied some pressure but couldn't get inside the maverick 22 and another stolen hook and kick (not throw, see Denton match) to touch brought the first half to an end.
Half Time Mavericks - 15 Griffins - 0

With the strong wind out of the southwest pretty much to their backs, the plan was for the Mavericks to play the 2nd half in the Frisco end. One would think that this would not have to be brought up as it's a no brainer, but wait the brain is involved. The kick off however was made to the northwest instead of northeast to maximize the effect of the wind. In a post match conversation with the self anointed Maverick MVP (Most Vain Player) Daniel he said that he didn't trust his boot to kick it that direction. Huhhhh??? Luckily his kick stayed in play but play was stopped at that first breakdown as Evan Dietz took one to the brow whose blood would have stirred the Twighlighters into a Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney frenzy. His replacement, Tim Carr was on the far side of the field playing water boy with Joe Kelly since our other one failed to bring enough of the "Quality H20". He left Joe hanging with the jug and dashed onto the field to chants of Water Boy, only Tim didn't seem as dumb as Bobby Buche. That was until he screamed to the sideline for someone to get his helmet. Helmet? Really? He's probably like those announcers who call any pile up or scuffle in football a scrum. Those aren't scrums and your so called helmet is a scrum cap, Timmy. So with his short bus head gear in place and forwards rucking away in open play, the MVP picked up and went 15m down the sideline to extend the lead to 20 at 46 minutes. Evan was back on from the blood bin shortly after MVP's try and Timmy was back on the bench with a juice box and gold fish. MVP was at it again with a quick tap and an extremely horrible pass to Kris Minyard on the wing which had a "Two Hands Drop" written all over it, but he managed to coral it and raced 25m untouched and the bonus point. Thunder's conversion from out wide left was good as that wind out of the southwest helped him along. With the Mavericks looking to be squarely in control Brent Bonenfant was carded for a late hit/shoulder barge with about 20 minutes left. The Griffins were now inside the Maverick 22 but another good defensive stand and turnover ball, Thunder with that southwest wind behind him booted a 60m clearing kick that found touch after a bounce or two. The Griffins quickly countered and got to the Maverick 15 where an infraction at the breakdown led to a quick tap that was spun wide, which they scored in the corner. During the next Maverick possession the Griffin Fly Half who was the recipient of the late hit earlier tackled the MVP by picking him up parallel to the ground and driving him down which usually results in at least a yellow but since the MVP popped right up and tried to quick tap but the referee blew it up, talked to the offender and gave a regular penalty. We still don't know if he tried to quick tap to hide his pain or he felt the need to run fast and have the wind blow through his hair. I guess we'll never know. Now the Griffins were still getting pinged at the breakdown, the Mavericks were more intent on taps as opposed to kicking for touch to work the line out and maul or call for a scrum since were dominating. And for those who are scratching their head, yes choosing a scrum is an option off a penalty or a free kick (aka short arm) penalty. The Mavericks continued with the pressure in the Griffin end and another tap penalty led to a try by Philip Ordonez from 10m out with 5 minutes to play and at full time Evan charged down a clearing kick at the 5 that Thunder scooped up to close out the scoring. Defensively it was a major improvement over the DARC match from a few weeks earlier, as the tackling was much improved after Michael's lambasting the arm waiving, patty cake tackling. Still too many dropped balls in the back line and don't feel that we used the wind enough in the 2nd half or the other penalty options. Overall we played well and need to play like that and finish strong in our two December matches before the holiday break.
Final Score Mavericks - 41 Griffins - 5
John K. - 11/24/11

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