Maverick Rugby Results


- 5/3/16

Prairie Park, Grand Prairie, TX - December 8, 2012

The Mavericks who were looking to go into the Holiday Break with a 3-0 record in league played hosted Denton at Prairie Park on what could be considered a hot December day as the temperature was near 80 and the usual strong wind off of Mountain Creek Lake and old Dallas NAS Flight Line was nonexistent.

The Mavs received to start the match and following the first of many scrums Thunder's clearing kick from just inside the 22 took a fortuitous bounce away from the Denton fullback and to Kris Minyard who went the last 40 meters untouched 3 minutes into the match for the converted try. After knocking on the ensuing restart Denton spent the next few minutes inside the Mavs half of the field that lead to possession about 15 meters out which was thwarted when the ball was stolen during some good counter-rucking. After a Denton infraction the Mavs found themselves inside the 22 where they spent the next 12 minutes trying to break open the match as a lot of the possession was within 10 meters but knock-ons, poor passing and lack of performing some basics left the Mavs without any points as a penalty kick from less than 20m just to the right of the posts was very wide left at the 31 minute mark. The remainder of the half was played in the middle of the field with neither side being able to put together any real scoring opportunities.
Half Time Mavericks - 7 Denton - 0

The Mavericks got on the board early again in the second half as a good kick and chase left the Denton fullback isolated which led to a not releasing call. This time the kick which was the same distance as the one missed in the first half but on the left side which Thunder slotted and was the first of a handful of scores by both sides over the next 15 minutes. With the Mavs just inside their 22 a clearing kick went 20m across and 5m back and took a good bounce for Denton who recovered the ball where it took only two phases for their forwards to score near the corner as half the pack was still on the other side of the field. The score allowed Denton to gain some momentum which they were able to capitalize on when they took advantage of some poor defensive alignment to get the ball in close and push it over for an unconverted try to the right of the posts at the 55 minute mark to tie it all up at 10. Denton's wing took the restart and did what drive's rugby coaches crazy which was running east and west followed by an ill advised pass that Phillip Ordonez picked off near the 22 which he ran in for the converted try and a 7 point lead. Denton's wing redeemed himself by going high for the restart and getting into the Maverick 22 where the ball was recycled to their backs who were attacking near the 10 but lost possession when rookie Devin Christor made a hard ball stripping tackle. The Mavs would get back into the Denton 22 but a ruck that seemed to last for an eternity finally got blown up with a penalty called against us for sealing off the ball. With a minute or so left the Mavs had the ball at the base of a ruck on their own 10 where instead of getting the ball back to the fly half to clear scrum half Daniel Garcia opted for a box kick that barely went 5 meters and if that wasn't bad enough their flanker managed to break 2 tackles and drag another 2 before a 3rd joined in to tackle him on the 22. A quick pick up and run to the left by a Denton back found him one on one with a very large forward and instead of pinning back his ears for an easy try which could have possibly been centered he hesitated, cut back inside and got tackled about 5m out where the Denton forwards were once again their to pick and go and score a few meters from the corner. The conversion attempt was no good and the final whistle sounded.
Final Score Mavericks - 17 Denton - 15

Kicking, Kicking, Kicking. It played a pretty big part in this match. The Mavericks couldn't convert an easy PKs or kick forward or into space for that matter and Denton not being able to convert any of their tries one of which was very make-able. With some better kicking from either or both sides the outcome/score could have been much different.

Tries - Kris Minayrd, Phillip Ordonez
Conversions - Daniel Garcia, Dan "Thunder" O'Connell
Penalties - Dan "Thunder" O'Connell

John K - 12/25/12

Dr Pink Field, Frisco TX - December 1, 2012

he Mavericks continued with Cup play after the short Thanksgiving break as they traveled to 40 or so miles north to Frisco to take on the Griffins on a warm and very windy December afternoon. With an early kick-off of 12:15PM the usually somewhat tardy Mavs surprised the coaches with their arrival time.

The Mavericks won the toss and elected to play into what Jason Petras would refer to as a 14 point wind. One would think that going against a strong wind would make for easier backline passing in the first half but that was not the case as the backs could not manage to make many good passes and when they did they got Skale hands. Fortunately for them the forwards were there to pick up the slack and played a very strong game. The Mavericks got on the board first when Will Swain was able to drive over from a few meters out near the corner after multiple phases following some good scrummaging. The Mavericks had many chances to extend the lead but the backs just couldn't seem to maintain possession with opportunities in front of them. The Griffins weren't mounting much offense either but were able to tie score with 10 minutes left in the half when their scrum half got scrum ball and managed to get past our flanker which was followed by a kick and chase and try. That try gave the Griffins a bit of a spark and with the help of some missed tackles they scored in the corner with 2 minutes left in the half to go up by 5.
Half Time Griffins - 10 Mavericks - 5

With that 14 point wind at their backs the Mavericks looked to play in the Griffin half of the field and came close early on as a Thunder kick from near his own 22 rolled just a little too far and their wing was able to ground it before Kris Minyard could get there for a 22 drop. The Mavericks countered there restart into that strong wind and were quickly inside their 22 where after a handful of phases Phillip Ordonez was able to break through at the 47 minute but Thunder's conversion attempt was wide left so the score remained knotted at 10. The Mavericks continued with pressure in the Griffins end but the knocks and drop kept from finishing with a try but with the forwards were doing well in the scrum a steal and subsequent breakdown infraction let to Thunder slotting one down the middle from 20m out at the 54 minute mark to put the Mavericks back on top by 3. Such a small lead would be hard to hold for 25 minutes even with the Griffins having to go against the wind but the Mavericks were determined to keep them at bay which is what they did as they only managed to get the ball past midfield but a few times. But still the Mavericks could not get another try on the board to provide a little breathing room. That is until Super Sub Bill "If the Wife Calls to Say She's in Labor Tell He To Cross Her Legs" Bynum came in with 10 left as the mucus plug that was preventing the Mavericks from scoring popped and like water breaking the tries started flowing with his cousin Phillip "If Bill Can Have a Kid So Can I" Ordonez getting the first one. The ensuing kick off was taken near the 22 by rookie Devin "I Want to Score so I Can Release the Kraken" Christor who proceeded to run through their pack leaving destruction in his path he came upon their wing near their 22 and instead of running him over he danced around, literally looking for support which was eventually there in Brogan, a prop no less who managed top knock on the pop pass. Fortunately the scrum was still strong which allowed Thunder to score off of it for the bonus point try and what was left was put to rest with Daniel "MVP" Garcia and Minyard each scoring from 50m out in the closing minutes.
Final Score Mavericks - 41 Griffins - 10

Thanks to the Griffins for their hospitality afterwards as we enjoyed much food and drink while watching their D2 side take on Shreveport led by old stalwarts Hal and Bear with his drop kicking boots on.

Tries - Dan 'Thunder" O'Connell (2), Daniel "MVP" Garcia , Phillip Ordonez (2), Kris Minyard
Conversions - Dan 'Thunder" O'Connell (4)

Editor's Notes
Bill and Phillip really are cousins and they have never met a Trojan they liked.
"I Want to Score so I Can Release the Kraken" actually came out of the Rookies mouth.
And Bear actually nailed a drop goal from about 30 meters out.

John K - 12/5/12

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - November 17, 2012

The Mavericks kicked off the 2012-2013 Cup Season by hosting the Dallas Diablos at Prairie Park on a warm November afternoon. The Diablos once again had a good fan support as did the Mavericks. The Diablos did a good job counter rucking early but a few quick tries enabled the Mavericks to settle down a bit.
Half Time Mavericks - 54 Diablos - 0

The Mavericks scored again early in the 2nd half as the Diablos were able to break off a couple of nice runs with some offloads but wete unable to finish them off with a try of their own but were awarded a penalty try near full time for a dangerous tackle by Krazy Kyle that resulted ina red card.
Final Score Mavericks - 94 Diablos - 5

Post match party was a good time and the Mavericks look forward to the return match in March and Boat Races at the Eagle.

Tries - Dan 'Thunder" O'Connell, Ray Greer (2), Jon "Manhead" Morrison, Ronnie Bailey, Bill Bynum (3), Jay O'Meilia, Larry "LBL" Parish, Daniel "MVP" Garcia (2), Chris Lampe, Phillip Ordonez
Conversions - Steve "Pee Wee" Roe (8), Chris Lampe (4)

John K - 12/5/12


Prichard Field Lawton, OK
- March 10, 2012

The Mavericks were making their second visit in as many weeks to the great state of Oklahoma to take on the Fort Sill Gunners at Prichard Field. We beat the rain that was following us up to Lawton but it eventually caught up to us and started raining shortly after kick off.

The Mavericks received the opening kick off and wasted no time in letting the Gunners get on the board as the first pass to the back was dropped which their hooker scooped up the ball about 25m out, broke a few tackles to put the Gunners up by 7 just a minute into the match. The Mavericks had possession in the Gunners half of the field and were applying some pressure until we lost the ball which made it's way to their hooker who went 60m for the try as our fullback and weak side wing were slow in getting over. The Mavericks had a lot of possession with a decent amount of it in the Gunner half but couldn't seem to score as there were multiple opportunities inside their 22 that we could not capitalize on as we either knocked it on or had the ball poached in a tackle. Still considering the way the match started we were still in it even being down by 12 and it looked like that's how we were headed into half time but that was not going to be the case. We were deep inside our own end and had the chance to clear with a kick but a bad pass in goal turned into a 5m scrum which resulted in an 8 man pick up try to end the half.
Half Time Gunners - 17 Mavericks - 0

Even with the score the Mavericks were still in it as they had the majority of the possession and territory advantage int he first half but just couldn't capitalize on any of it and things didn't get any better the first 10 minutes or so of the second half. Following a clearing kick to the middle of the field the Gunner fullback darted through our defense for 25m and after a few phase their big Islander prop was able to score from 10m out. With the Mavericks once again attacking they turned the ball over and once again the Gunners hooker was off and running but this time we were able to prevent the 70m try but did so with a high tackle form 25m out which was slotted to give them up 25 - Nil at the 52 minute mark. The Mavericks were finally able to get on the board when LBL charged down a clearing kick 10m out which he jumped on on goal at the 57 minute mark. The Mavericks continued to apply pressure and following added another score by rookie Erin "Iron Eagle" Engel who was there in support of Thunder who had a nice run to set up the try at the 65 minute mark to pull within 13. With the Mavericks looking to add another score the Gunners replied when their Islander prop rumbled 35m to score as there were too many missed tackles in one phase. The Mavericks to get one last try on the board a full minutes before full time as Eagle had a nice run and found Kris Minyard on the outside who outraced the defense the last 40m.
Final Score Gunners - 32 Mavericks - 19

John K - 3/27/12

River Park Oklahoma City, OK - March 3, 2012

The Mavericks made the first of back to back trips to Oklahoma to take on the OKC Crusaders at River Park in Oklahoma City on a somewhat cold and windy day.

The Mavericks kicked off and quickly gained possession and found themselves ready to get on the scoreboard 2 minutes into the match after multiple off side penalties at the breakdown but Thunders kick from 25m left of the posts hung int he wind a bit and came up short. The Mavericks kept up the pressure and an opportunistic LBL pounced on a loose ball in goal after a 5m lineout at the 4 minute mark to put the Mavericks up by 5. The Mavericks played one of their better halves of the season and kept the pressure on OKC but missed out on several opportunities to extend the lead. With a few minuted left in the half OKC was able to get on the board with a 40m run down the side line aided by some missed tackles.
Half Time Mavericks - 5 OKC - 5

The Mavericks had a knock on right after the kick off and was penalized at the scrum from 35m out which OKC's fullback slotted to put them up by 3. The Mavericks jumped back on top a few minutes later when MVP's kick for touch found the middle of the field (yes it was windy but nothing that would sweep a house away) and was chased by Philip Ordonez who grabbed it just outside the 22 and outraced the defenders for a converted try to go up by 4. OKC responded with a converted try off from 15m out after our defense did not slide over in support. The Mavericks were just down by 3 and playing well and were once again less than 10m but could not manage to come away with any points. OKC was able to add another try at the 53 minute mark to go up by 10 and added to that a few minutes later when their big inside center broke free from 20m out and punched fullback Adam Smith in the nose in the process that everyone but the referee saw. The Mavericks were still playing hard and rookie Bill Bynum was able to score after providing support to ray Greer who made a nice break and pass to cut the deficit to 12 at the 63 minute mark. That would be all the scoring for the Mavericks as they started running out of steam and gave up a few tries in the last 5 minutes of the match.
Final Score OKC - 48 Mavericks - 17

John K - 3/27/12

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - February 25, 2012

The Mavericks who were playing their first cup match in 6 weeks hosted the Frisco Griffins at Prairie Park. There was another small influx of new guys who were looking forward to getting into their first match and try to help the Mavericks sweep the season series with the Griffins.

The Mavericks kicked-off deep and quickly applied pressure resulting in a quick tap penalty by MVP from the 22 and after a few quasi hot potato passes around the 5 Jay O'Meilia got caught up in a maul and as it was being driven over the line he started popping out the top (pretty strange looking and one of those that you had to see) before it collapsed with him grounding the ball for the try that Thunder converted. Jay was the man of the first 9 minutes as he scored again in the corner from 20m out off a pass from Adam "Maurice" Smith following a stolen scrum. The Mavericks put another one on the board as Thunder made a move or two off a scrum to score under the posts from 25m out. Michael T's coaching advice finally paid off as "Maurice" who took a pass off a nice Kris "Two Hands" Minyard run 30m out and had a nice pop kick and chase for a score. Thunder missed the conversion but still had a good day with the boot as he went 7 for 9. Ray Greer added to the scoring when his Dummy Pass off an 8 man pickup finally worked and he outraced the opposition for a 50m try a the 31 minute mark. The Griffins were able to amount an attack shortly after and they had multiple phases from about 10m out but we unsuccessful with coming up with any points. First half scoring was closed out with a 60m try by "Two Hands" after the ball was quickly moved wide by MVP and Erin "Iron eagle" Engel.
Half Time Mavericks - 38 Frisco - 0

The Mavericks got on the board a few minutes into the second half with the help of an Academy Award performance a la Meryl Streep by Thunder who's kick and chase was more like a kick, slight contact and major flop like Kevin Costner's Water World. That got the Mavericks about 10m out and following a few bangers Ray managed to dive over for the try. Ruben Molinar who came on at the half for two try scorer Jay was able to match him by dotting down twice about 5 minutes apart with the second one being what appeared to be a 25m slow motion, serpentine and perplexing run. Latest new guy Zane Holley was determined to score after hearing about this thing they call a Zulu and didn't disappoint himself or the old lady at the bar for that matter as he took a pass at pace from Ronnie Bailey (imagine that, a forward passing to a forward. If that don't beat all) to get his first try. With new potential squeeze on the sideline Ray was determined to break the three-way-two-try-tie so he could score again later and did so with another 8 man pick up. The Mavericks were able to empty the bench which allowed the Fitness Nazi and El Presidente' to get a run in but didn't allow for one Corey "Butterbean" Coogan a.k.a. "Coogey" to call it a day early and his play at the end did not disappoint. The "Coog" scooped up a loose ball in open play from 25m out, no wait it was more like 50m, no that can't be right, he was inside is own 22. Yeah that's the ticket. So he's inside his own 22 and sees a hole and bursts through it leaving the other forwards in the dust. The further he ran the faster he got and it didn't look he would be caught but the full back was in hot pursuit. As "Coogey" looked back over his shoulder the would be tackler had closed in and made a diving attempt which was too late as the "Coog" with the fullback wrapped around his leg (arms weren't long enough to go around both) he stretched out to score the greatest try by a prop in Maverick Rugby history.
Final Score Mavericks - 74 Frisco - 0

Post match was a good time for the most part with Ray getting Man of the Match for his three try effort but that was his only accolade of the night as he chipped his tooth eating pasta which is a real turn off or maybe it wasn't the tooth but that damn nasty white and dingy t-shirt with the yellow arm pit stains he always wears which the chicks dig (sic). Zane who could be the poster boy for Arlington Ink got his wish to show off all of his art work. The MVP did not stay long and disappeared with no Good-byes, Aloha's or Adios'. Rumor has it he was depressed as he didn't score or get Man of the match and was heard mumbling if I would have not passed as much and made all 3 of my conversions I could have gotten Man of the Match as I need one more glass to complete my set. Many thanks to Thunder for helping with the Waste Management issue.

John K - 3/7/12

Midland Freshman HS Midland,TX - January 14, 2012

The Mavericks started the second half of the season with a trip out west to Midland where they were looking to return with their first road win ever against the Mad Dogs. With 21 strong traveling via air or van the Mavericks arrived 2 hours prior to kick off as the Mad Dogs looked like us at home with guys rolling in 30 minutes before kick off.

The Mavericks kicked off and quickly put pressure on the Mad Dogs which resulted in a penalty 10m out in front of the posts. Rather than take the easy points and early lead the Mavericks attempted to run the ball which eventually ended up out wide to Kris Minyard who beat one defender, got into the try zone but somehow managed to lose the ball when trying to ground it when the full back slid over in attempt to hold him up. Another Mad Dog infraction a minute later from 25m out gave the Mavericks a chance to get on the board but Thunder missed the kick even though it appeared to be good as the other touch judge, one Officer Brickett was still on the sidelines and not behind the posts to confer with the other TJ. The Mavericks continued to keep pressure on the Mad Dogs and played most of the first half in their end. The Mavericks were finally able to get on the board at the 7 minute mark when Philip Ordonez took a crap pass off the base of the scrum 30m out that bounced past the flyhalf but broke a tackle, fed Thunder back inside who chose not to pass to the overload outside and was able to weave through for the try that he converted. It was another 7 minutes later when Ray Greer stole a Mad Dog line out from 40m out that was spun wide to Jon "Baby Jesus" Morrison on the wing who outraced the defenders for the try to go up by 14. The Mavericks went 7 (points) for 7 (minutes) again with some nice back line play off a set piece from 40m out that had LBL feeding Philip for the last 15m under the posts. There was a extra 2 minute lull in the scoring from the 7 minute pace but was made up for it with 2 tries in 2 minutes by Minyard who scored from 15m out after a nice move and then went 40m on an intercept to close out the first half scoring and make amends for his missed chance at the start of the match.
Half Time Mavericks - 33 Midland Mad Dogs - 0

The Mavericks looked to add to the tally early as after some nice backline play Daniel "MVP" Garcia made a nice feed to Minyard 50m out near the sideline for what appeared to be a sure try but he ran out of gas and was tackled short by the Mad Dog fullback. The running out of gas started to spread through the rest of the side like a wild fire as there was a lot of walking and panting in the second half. The Mad Dogs took advantage of that when their big Flanker/Center broke a handful of tackles, rambled 50m with support where after a few pick and go's he was able to dive over to get them on the board 10 minutes into the second half. With the Mavericks running on fumes a good part of the second half they didn't manage to take advantage of the time spent in the Midland half of the field. The Mavericks were able to empty the bench as Asa Low got into his first game, Erin "Iron Eagle" Engel had a strong 20 minutes and old timers Michael T., Joe Kelly and El Presidente saw some action as well. The scoring was closed out just prior to full time when Evan Dietz went over form 5m out off a line out play that took a few tries as we couldn't manage to get a good and/or straight throw.
Final Score Mavericks - 38 Midland Mad Dogs - 7

Midland was a great host as the post match festivities were on a loading dock outside of a warehouse/garage across from some oil storage tanks instead of a backyard which allowed us to sing which resulted in watching JoJo and Snots shoot some nasty, mustard filled boots. Midland picked Daniel for Man of the Match. Come on, really. But he did not match the Juicy standard of last year and did not jug his bottle of MD2020. The trip home was a good one but a little too much philosophical talk from the van's second row of Joe, MVP and Snots who managed to kill a Keystone Light 30 Pack. And who said beer doesn't make you smart.

John K - 1/22/12

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - December 10, 2011

The Mavericks hosted the OKC Crusaders in the last Cup Match of the first half of the season at Prairie Park in Grand Prairie. The cold and wet weather moved out and it was a great day for rugby and surprisingly next to no wind at the pitch which is rarity.

The Mavericks received to start the match and had a hard time getting out of their own end but eventually managed to do so. The early stages of the match were played between the 10's or there about with neither side moving the ball much. The Mavericks were the first to get on the board at the 15 minute mark when LBL at inside center jutted up for an interception and went 25m untouched for the try that Thunder converted. The Crusaders answered less than 10 minutes later off a nice darting run and blatant missed call off a 15M lineout. The Crusaders ran their Props and Locks at the Mavericks who more often than not would wait for them at the gain line as opposed to going up hard in defense so it was just a matter of time (31st minute to be exact) until we paid the price. A banger to their big, slow Lock off a Free Kick (Scrum Feed Infraction) from 15M out found no one wanting to tackle him until he was falling over in the corner to put OKC up by 5. OKC closed out the first half scoring when pretty much like before after multiple phases but this time it was their Prop that went over from 15M out.
Half Time OKC - 17 Mavericks - 7

The second half saw the Mavericks start out a bit better and where able to get deep inside OKC territory and the forwards were looking to score from 5m out with pick and drives but they went to the well one time too many times as they lost the ball in the tackle while the backs had a huge overload on the outside. That would pretty much be our only scoring opportunity of the second half as we never managed to amount any sort of continuity. OKC added a try at the 64th minute to put the game away and added one more at 75 minutes for good measure.
Final Score OKC - 27 Mavericks - 7

1st Half Season Recap
We finished the first half of the cup season with a 2-2 record and if it weren't for a 90 second meltdown at the end of the first and start of the second halves against Fort Sill we would be 3-1. We have 6 cup matches left with 4 of them on the road which includes a trip to Midland on January 14th to start 2012 as well as back to back trips to Oklahoma the first two weeks of March. We have played well at times but there aren't enough of "those' times for us to be more successful on a consistent basis. Our team as a whole doesn't take well to getting punched in the face first which normally sets the tone for a match which was evident for us when we were the instigators against Frisco. We have to be a more aggressive bunch in all phases of the game. Defensively our forwards wait at the ruck for the banger and our backs don't come up hard and our tackling leaves a lot to be desired but when we do make tackles we never attempt to poach the ball even when we have tackler-assists which should make it easier. You are going to get hit at the breakdown whether you stand there or go for the ball so you might as well go for the ball and maybe draw a penalty for not releasing. Offensively we work on many things in practice for both the forwards and backs but nothing rarely transpires onto the pitch. Over the past 14 weeks we have had 22 practices and 9 matches so you would think our players would be well versed on what we are trying to accomplish especially with some who have been playing for quite some time. We work on lineouts as well ensuing plays off of them but rarely run them in matches and our scrum is getting pushed around too much the latter of which I take responsibility for and it will be addressed when we start up in January. I can count on one hand how many pass and loops I have seen this season and other than the inside center who pretty much runs crashes I don't recall any of our backs running straight much this season as they tend to drift which allows the defender to easily slide and cover more than one man. We have worked on these and others in practice and there is still more to teach and much more fitness needed but you can only fit so much in two 90 minute sessions a week.

On more positive note we have had a lot of new and for the most part younger guys come out this season from the Tim's (White, Black and T3) to the Molinar brothers to Justin, Chrystal, Brogan and Iron Eagle as well as the return of veterans Pee Wee and Evan. With the amount of players are getting out to practices and matches there is only one thing the club can do and that is get better with a little more commitment. Enjoy the time off and Holiday season and make sure before January 3rd you make a stop in Oz to pick up what you need for the second half of the season.

John K - 12/15/11

Dr Pink Field, Frisco, TX - November 19, 2011

The Mavericks headed up the Dallas North Tollway to take on the Griffins at Dr Pink Field next to Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. After a few friendlies this was the first cup match in almost a month and the club was looking to get over the .500 mark with a win.

The Mavericks received to start the match and were going against a pretty strong wind which along with some good defense early made it hard to get out of the Griffins end of the field. A handful of Griffin infractions at the break down due to a lot of new guys, and the wind momentarily dying down allowed Daniel Garcia to boot a nice 40M clearing kick that found touch near the Griffin 22. Following another Griffin breakdown infraction along with a not 10 on a quick tap, the ball was 15m out in front of the posts where Thunder slotted it through for an early lead at the 10 minute mark. The Mavericks took the ensuing kick of and moved the ball down the field only to turn it over 10m out as we outran our support and were called for holding on. The forwards played pretty well as they ran hard and met the Griffins forwards at the gain line time and time again. Their play paid off as Ronnie Bailey had a nice break through their forwards, offloaded to Ray Greer in support who got to the outside, stiff armed their wing and went untouched the last 15m to put the Mavericks up by 8 at the 22 minute mark. The Griffins got possession after the kick off and put pressure on the Mavericks 5m out but after multiple phases and solid defense their discipline broke down at the break down and were called for hands in the ruck. The forwards not only played well in open play but dominated the scrum as well with a few stolen hooks and a handful of scrums driven back. How do you tell if your scrum is dominant? Have your line out whistled for not straight and the opposing side chooses to take another line out in extremely windy conditions as opposed to a scrum. It was after one of those dominant scrums just inside our 22 where the ball was spun wide, Thunder slid into the back line from Fullback, drew in the their wing and fed Adam Smith who got past their fullback and outraced the cover support the last 60m. The in support out of breath Thunder made the conversion with just over 5 minutes left in the half. The Griffins applied some pressure but couldn't get inside the maverick 22 and another stolen hook and kick (not throw, see Denton match) to touch brought the first half to an end.
Half Time Mavericks - 15 Griffins - 0

With the strong wind out of the southwest pretty much to their backs, the plan was for the Mavericks to play the 2nd half in the Frisco end. One would think that this would not have to be brought up as it's a no brainer, but wait the brain is involved. The kick off however was made to the northwest instead of northeast to maximize the effect of the wind. In a post match conversation with the self anointed Maverick MVP (Most Vain Player) Daniel he said that he didn't trust his boot to kick it that direction. Huhhhh??? Luckily his kick stayed in play but play was stopped at that first breakdown as Evan Dietz took one to the brow whose blood would have stirred the Twighlighters into a Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney frenzy. His replacement, Tim Carr was on the far side of the field playing water boy with Joe Kelly since our other one failed to bring enough of the "Quality H20". He left Joe hanging with the jug and dashed onto the field to chants of Water Boy, only Tim didn't seem as dumb as Bobby Buche. That was until he screamed to the sideline for someone to get his helmet. Helmet? Really? He's probably like those announcers who call any pile up or scuffle in football a scrum. Those aren't scrums and your so called helmet is a scrum cap, Timmy. So with his short bus head gear in place and forwards rucking away in open play, the MVP picked up and went 15m down the sideline to extend the lead to 20 at 46 minutes. Evan was back on from the blood bin shortly after MVP's try and Timmy was back on the bench with a juice box and gold fish. MVP was at it again with a quick tap and an extremely horrible pass to Kris Minyard on the wing which had a "Two Hands Drop" written all over it, but he managed to coral it and raced 25m untouched and the bonus point. Thunder's conversion from out wide left was good as that wind out of the southwest helped him along. With the Mavericks looking to be squarely in control Brent Bonenfant was carded for a late hit/shoulder barge with about 20 minutes left. The Griffins were now inside the Maverick 22 but another good defensive stand and turnover ball, Thunder with that southwest wind behind him booted a 60m clearing kick that found touch after a bounce or two. The Griffins quickly countered and got to the Maverick 15 where an infraction at the breakdown led to a quick tap that was spun wide, which they scored in the corner. During the next Maverick possession the Griffin Fly Half who was the recipient of the late hit earlier tackled the MVP by picking him up parallel to the ground and driving him down which usually results in at least a yellow but since the MVP popped right up and tried to quick tap but the referee blew it up, talked to the offender and gave a regular penalty. We still don't know if he tried to quick tap to hide his pain or he felt the need to run fast and have the wind blow through his hair. I guess we'll never know. Now the Griffins were still getting pinged at the breakdown, the Mavericks were more intent on taps as opposed to kicking for touch to work the line out and maul or call for a scrum since were dominating. And for those who are scratching their head, yes choosing a scrum is an option off a penalty or a free kick (aka short arm) penalty. The Mavericks continued with the pressure in the Griffin end and another tap penalty led to a try by Philip Ordonez from 10m out with 5 minutes to play and at full time Evan charged down a clearing kick at the 5 that Thunder scooped up to close out the scoring. Defensively it was a major improvement over the DARC match from a few weeks earlier, as the tackling was much improved after Michael's lambasting the arm waiving, patty cake tackling. Still too many dropped balls in the back line and don't feel that we used the wind enough in the 2nd half or the other penalty options. Overall we played well and need to play like that and finish strong in our two December matches before the holiday break.
Final Score Mavericks - 41 Griffins - 5
John K. - 11/24/11

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - October 22, 2011

The Mavericks were looking to bounce back from a loss a two weeks earlier and get into the win column as they hosted Denton in a Cup Match at Prairie Park. With the influx of new guys this season with almost all of them having no experience we were counting on the Rookies to give Denton Bloody Hell this windy afternoon.

The Mavericks kicked-off deep which Denton failed to field cleanly allowing the Mavericks to gain possession inside the 22. A handful of phases later found Sway on outside against a wing who he ran over near the goal line but knocked it on when grounding it. That missed opportunity could have set the tone quick but instead it took almost another 20 minutes for the Mavericks to get another opportunity but even then missed out again as Daniel Garcia's penalty kick 10M left of the posts from 22M out was wide left at the 24 minute mark. That didn't deter the rookies as Phillip Ordonez who used the left side of his head to stop a Denton banger. Tim (Black Tim) Wright came in as a Blood Sub until Philip could get patched up and his wound was eventually treated after the match with an application of Cyanoacrylate by Dr. O'Connell. With the blood now rushing through their veins (pun intended? you be the judge) the Mavericks pinned Denton deep where Brent Bonenfant fielded a low line drive clearing kick 20M out and countered to the 5 where after a handful of pick and drives Tim (White Tim) Carr was able to score with just over 10 minutes left in the half just left of the posts but Daniel's kick was once again wide left. With a handful of scoring opportunities missed the Mavericks were able to add a try at the half time hooter as multiphase forward ball freed up Daniel to score on the left from 10m out which he was able to center and make the conversion.
Half Time Mavericks - 12 Denton - 0

As with the start of the second half two weeks ago we failed to field the kick-off which Denton took advantage by gaining possession and camped out on the 5 for the next few minutes but a great defensive stand and Denton's desire to bang rather than spin missed an overload on the outside. They eventually lost possession, which the Mavericks knocked on at the 22. We were then whistled for a wheel at the ensuing scrum which was converted to get Denton on the board at the 44 minute mark. With the wind somewhat at their backs the Mavericks worked to play in Denton's end of the field, which finally paid off as Snots took dirty ball off the back of a Denton 4 man line out on the 5 to score untouched for a converted try to extend the lead to 16 at the 54 minute mark. Not to be outdone by a back, rookie 2nd Row Justin Hayes used all his head to blow up a ruck and keeping with the theme and Halloween approaching it looked like someone took an axe to his head but nothing that 8 staples at Care Now couldn't cure. The Maverick pack had a good day driving the scrum which lead to a few 90 degree restarts and trouble for Denton's 8 and 9. With just over 20 minutes left the scrum work paid off as the ball popped out of a Denton put in that Daniel scooped up 35M out and with flanker Evan Dietz in support decided to not pass to score to extend the lead to 21 as his conversion was no good but he did make good in the 65th minute with a penalty kick from 15m out in front. The Mavericks continued to play hard when shortly after the PK Ray Greer got the ball off the back of a ruck, made a wonderful dummy, ran another 20m, drew in the fullback and made a perfect pass to 2 Hands on the outside.... The Mavericks were able to add 3 tries in the last 10 minutes as Daniel (5M pick up off scrum), Brent (25M off of open play) and 2 Hands (55m run down the sideline) were able to dot down before Denton closed out the scoring with a try in the corner at full time as the Mavericks defense tired, which really shouldn't have been the case based on how much walking was done during the match particularly by the forwards not that the backs weren't offenders at times.
Final Score Mavericks - 46 Denton - 8
John K. - 11/24/11

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - October 8, 2011

The Mavericks started the 2011-2012 Cup Season by hosting the Fort Sill Gunners on yet another windy Saturday at Prairie Park. The players took heed and were kitted up and ready to go when the side was announced at 1:00PM which was great to see with hopes that it would carry over onto the pitch for 80 minutes.

The Mavericks kicked-off against the wind and proceeded to put some good defensive pressure on the Gunners. The Mavericks had some good early possession inside the Fort Sill half of the field and were able to capitalize on it when Thunder made a nice break from 20 out, but was stopped short with the loose ball being scooped by Philip Ordonez from a few meters out for a try at the 11 minute mark. Pee Wee's conversion hung in the wind and never had a chance. The Gunners countered with some good running from their forwards to break into Maverick territory and after an off-sides penalty had a shot for points from just over 40 out but the kick came up short even with the wind. The Mavericks missed out on some good opportunities as there was an abundance of dropped or horrible passes. With just over 10 minutes left in the half, the backs finally got their act together and a nice 40m run and pass sequence by LBL and Philip freed up Adam for the last 10m on the outside to dot it down in the corner. Wee Man's conversion was wide left. The Gunners with their forwards pounding the ball played a good part of the last few minutes of the half in the Mavericks end where the defense was playing well and it looked like we would be heading into the break up by 10. The Mavericks were able to get the ball back around their own 10 but knocked it on and there would be one more scrum before the half time whistle sounded. The Mavericks stole the put and it looked like the 10 point lead would remain intact if it weren't for one of the biggest bone headed plays in Maverick Rugby history. It probably gets Thunder off the hook for not finding touch against Shreveport back in 2002. Eight Man Ray picks up off the back of the scrum and throws, not runs or kicks, but throws the ball out of bounds. To make a short story shorter Posey quick taps, we get called for off-sides, he quick taps again and scores.
Half Time Mavericks - 10 Gunners - 5

If the end of the first half wasn't bad enough the second half sure didn't start any better. We somehow managed not to field the kick off that the Gunners recovered, ran a few phases and aided by two Maverick infractions scored on a set penalty play that was converted to take a 2 point lead less than 2 minutes into the second half. The Mavericks quickly countered by moving the ball 50m or so with some nice back line play only to have it go all for naught with another knock on. With the wind at our back in the second half the coaches plan was to play the game in the Gunners end of the field and capitalize on the pressure defense which had been very good so far but we either didn't kick into the space or kicked directly into touch. The Mavericks kept up the pressure on the Gunners in their end and it eventually paid off. After a stolen scrum Thunder was able to split through a pair of Gunners from 15m out to score under the posts which Pee Wee converted for a 5 point lead at the 57 minute mark. Due to the poor kicking and decisions like skip passes from 10 to the wing (see initial comment about wind) and not one pass and loop all day kept the match pretty much between the 10's for almost he remainder of the match. The Mavericks got a break on a Gunner infraction right smack in the middle of the field with 7 minutes left but rather than kick for touch and pin them in their own end, team captain Daniel decided to quick tap where he picked up about 10 meters or so but lost possession as he had no support because you KICK FOR TOUCH in that situation. The Mavericks kept up the pressure and a high panic kick by Fort Sill took a handful of unlucky bounces until their wing finally scooped it up and raced 50m to score under the posts with less than 5 minutes left to put them up by 2. The Mavericks did not give up and the Gunners were whistled for off-sides at full time. Pee Wee's kick from about 25m out on the 15 was short and wide right but the Gunners clearing kick did not find touch. (Could it be the ghost of Thunder's infamous kick coming back to help us.) The Mavericks attacked over the next couple of minutes but the passing and all let us down and their wing once again managed to find a loose ball to score under the posts. However, we lucked out as they missed the conversion so we walked away with 1 bonus point instead of the 4 or 5 points we should have had.
Final Score Gunners - 24 Mavericks - 17
John K. - 11/24/11

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - December 11, 2010

The Mavericks looking to extend their winning streak to three to end the first half of the season hosted the Fort Sill Gunners at Prairie Park. Due to injuries, red cards and finals at UTA the Mavericks had to resort to some age in the line up with even more age on the bench if needed.

The match started off with a lot of back and forth play. Both sides were were tackling well with neither side getting anywhere near their opponents 22. The Mavericks were finally able to penetrate the Gunner 22 and after a few phases Brent Bonenfant looked to have a sure score in the corner but made a cut back inside where he was met by a very solid goal line tackle. The Gunners got on the board shortly after that at the 20 minute mark off an odd sequence where we had the ball around our 10M line after fielding a clearing kick. Lack of support and some poor cover defense led to their prop coming free from a small maul and rambling 40M untouched to dot down between the posts. The Mavericks answered at the 26 minute mark when Alex Hunt intercepted a pass near midfield, sidestepped the fullback but lost so momentum and passed to Kris Minyard who was in support to run in the last 25M for the score to bring us within 2 as the conversion was missed. The Gunners responded with another try a few minutes later and don't have the details as Michael who was keeping track was patching up Ray Greer's bloody head with a sock and since I waited 6 weeks to do this write up I can't recall the details either.
Half Time Gunner - 12 Mavericks - 5

The Mavericks were first to get on the board in the 2nd half as Daniel Garcia picked up off the back of ruck on our own 5M and proceeded to dodge and weave and break at least half dozen tackles for the greatest 95M try in Maverick Rugby History. Well that's the way Daniel would describe it but if I recall (reference the previous 6 week comment) it was from no more than 20M out to pull within 2 again at the 46 minute mark. The Mavs continued with some solid play but the match was taking it's toll on the 46 year and 358 day old Lock who in that match was approaching the amount of time (60 minutes) he had played the entire season. The Lock found himself across from their Center who did run at the Lock but not within his 3M tackling zone and went untouched from about 30M out at the 57M to score under the posts but fortunately his drop kick conversion was wide left so we remained within a converted try from evening the match up. The Mavs continued with that solid play and were putting constant pressure on the Gunners goal line but could not cross the line as there was good defense by the Gunners as well as some less than stellar play by the Mavs to enable Ft. Sill to withstand the attack. Time was now ticking away as the Mavs continued to work hard which finally paid off at the 76 minute mark due to some great support by the backs. Alex had a terrific break but got caught 20M out where he dished it to Thunder who got the 5 before where he got tackled but was able to offload to LBL for the score that knotted it up at 17 after the conversion. With time running out and chance to take the lead a penalty kick from the far right of the posts from about 30M came up short bouncing near the goal line that we almost recovered before going in goal and being grounded by the Gunners. Following a long 22M drop out there was a Maverick infraction gave the Gunners a shot for the win from 40M. That kick was short as well and when we attempted to run it out of our end we knocked it on. We all assumed that it was now full time but that wasn't the case as the referee stated last play prior to the scrum only to have another scrum or two after for what Michael called "4 more minutes of sphincter puckering play" as it was mostly in our end before the referee finally called it at the 85 minute mark.
Final Score Mavericks - 17 Gunners - 17

- 1/28/11

Lake Highlands Park Dallas, TX - December 4, 2010

The Mavericks who were coming off their first cup win of the season a few weeks prior headed over to Big D to take on the Dallas Diablos at Lake Highlands Park on a yet another windy afternoon. The pitch is known for being rock hard even after a monsoon but it wasn't as bad as in the past but that's not to say it didn't have some hard parts and sprinkler head dips and huge twigs in the in-goal area.

The Mavericks received the opening kick-off but spent the first 5 minutes or so just inside their half of the field as they could not get anything flowing early on but that was to change. Newest Mav, Robert "Thrasher" Thraves took a skip pass near our own 10, made a few moves, got to the outside and fed Adam Smith about 40 meters out who outraced the defenders for the first try of the match at the 8 minute mark. A few minutes later Jay O'Meila fresh off his 2 try performance against Frisco got the ball on the wing 30 meters out but got caught at the 5 where we ended up getting penalized for not rolling away. When asked why he got caught he said the wind was slowing him down which happens when you weigh all of a buck forty. Jay was able to redeem himself shortly after as he took the ball from a defender who had presented the ball straight up near his own goal line to put the Mavs up 10-0 at the 14 minute mark. It looked like the Mavs would put up their third try of the match as Juicy made a nice move or two, broke one tackle but knocked the ball on in the next tackle near the goal line. During the ensuing scrum, Travis Porter stole the put which was one of a handful he had on the day. Ray Greer fed Brent Bonenfant off an 8 Man pick up and dotted it down under posts that Breck Turner converted to go up by 17 a quarter of the way into the match. A lapse in focus allowed the Diablos to pull within 10 at the 24 minute mark when they scored off a quick tap from 20 meters out as backs were turned and tackles were missed. About 5 minutes later good pressure on Diablos as they tried to go wide in their own led to an opportunistic try as LBL scooped up an errant pass and went 30 meters for the score.
Half Time Mavericks - 22 Diablos - 7

The Mavericks wasted no time, literally getting on the board again as Alex Hunt took a pass 40 meters out, flew between two defenders, then juked the fullback to score under the posts less than a minute into the half. His conversion extended the lead to 22. A quick tap penalty and banger by Ray after a Diablos off sides infraction enabled the ball to get out wide wear Thrasher made a few moves to free up Adam on the outside again who scored in the corner from 30 meters out. At the 55 minute mark there was another lapse off a quick tap from 15 meters out with the same results as in the first half. One would think that by then we would have realized that they weren't kicking to touch as they only did it once or twice and that was when they were deep in their own end. The last of the substitutions were made at the 60 minute mark with yours truly getting some game time ("Really Nate, Really") to keep the opponents try tally at a two which is where it stayed. Alex had another try that he converted at the 65 minute mark which was followed with another a few minutes later after some nice passing where Thunder fed Viet down the sideline who got it back into Thunder who went 40 meters for the score. The final score was at the 70 minute mark when Kris Minyard and Alex chased a deep kick that pressured their fullback who was isolated inside the 5 and had the ball poached by Kris who dove over for the try. This was the last score but not the last bit of drama as a heated ruck with less than 10 minutes left led to Will Swain and a Diablo Flanker getting Red Carded for what appeared to be very questionable and a Yellow card at best.
Final Score Mavericks - 53 Diablos - 14

We didn't put up a huge score like other clubs have this season and missed out on a few opportunities but the players listened to what we talked about at practice that week which was to avoid playing Rodeo Rugby and play as a team which is what they did. Once again the Diablos hosted a fabulous post match party at the Dallas Eagle that definitely had it's moments. Zulu Warriors Adam and Brent had the option of the whipping post like last year's warriors or run through the bar and surprisingly both chose the latter. Brent did step up to the whipping post as Man of the Match and took a few good whacks from Daniel "Yellow Under Armor" Garcia's girlfriend. But no post match party would be complete without a Juicy moment and all it took was a "Juicy, Juicy" chant and some prodding from Antoine to get him up on the post as well. A great moment to remember occurred when the Mavericks beat the Diablos in a boat race for the first time ever led by anchor man Ray who along with his carpool of Snots, Juicy and Biko who was sporting them sharp looking brown loafers and rugby socks decided to stay at the bar until 10PM to celebrate the victory or was it that Ray wanted to get the crotch ripped out of his shorts again like last year or BOTH.
John K - 12/7/10

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - November 20, 2010

The Mavericks who were looking to break into the cup win column took on the Frisco Griffins at Prairie Park on a windy afternoon. The wind was out of the south and wasn't a real factor but did play a part big part in the 2nd half. It had been two weeks since the "Midland Meltdown" and given the way two weeks of practice it was anyone's bet on how things would go this day.

The Mavericks received the opening kick-off but turned the ball over quickly and played the early part of the match in their own end. The Griffins scrum was big and dominating and caused problems for most of the match. Travis Porter did well stealing hooks early in the match only to have them drive right back over the ball but on this day the referee went more for a reset than turnover. After a lost ball in the scrum and multiple phases the Griffins were inside the 10 and a banger turned maul was pushed over at the 9 minute mark to put them up by 5. Another lost scrum on our own 22 saw their outside center make a move, break a tackle and score under the posts at the 14 minute mark to put the Griffins up by 12. The backs were up to task tackling and moving the ball to keep the match close as we waited for an opportunity to produce points and that was set up when Jay O'Meilia got the ball wide in our own end, kicked into space and with the chase on their fullback kicked it out the back to set up a 5 meter scrum. Our scrummaging early had not been good and this one was no better but good enough to get the ball out to the backs. After many phases from both the backs and forwards, Jon Morrison took off from the back of the ruck to find Jay wide for a well deserved try in the corner to pull us within 7 with just over 5 minutes left in the half. The ensuing kick off was dropped and the Mavs had to work hard and after a Grffins infraction a kick to touch found us 15 meters out. With the size of the Griffins pack the Mavs were finding it hard to make ground on the bangers and once again shared the phases with the backs. After a Griffins infraction at the breakdown, Thunder quick tapped form 5 meters out and was able to ground the ball for the try that Alex Hunted converted to tie things up with a minute to go in the half.
Half Time Mavericks - 12 Grifins - 12 - 0

By scoring twice in the last 7 minutes of the first half the Mavs had built some momentum and along with the big Griffin pack starting to tire the time was ripe to take the match. A Griffins penalty near their own 10 had the Mavs thinking about a shot at posts for about a nano second before going for touch. Breck Turner's kick for touch against the cross wind hung in the air and came down 5 meters from touch and 5 meters from the goal line. The Griffins full back was there to make the catch with support from their wing but a strong chase led by Alex and Jay produced counter ruck ball that was spun wide to Juicy who broke free and dove over under the posts that Alex converted for the lead at the 53 minute mark. With a chance to increase the lead the Mavs had about 6 phases from inside 10 meters only to turn the ball over a meter out for not coming through the gate at the breakdown. Now with 15 minutes left the Mavs defense never let up and continued to keep the Griffins near the midfield and a few more points would have been nice for some breathing room. Those points finally came with 10 minutes left when near midfield the poached a ball at the break down and Josue Garza broke for a good 20 meter run. With good support and a few more phases the ball got out wide to Alex who drew in a few defenders and got it out to Jay on the 22 who was able to outrace 2 defenders and then weave back after crossing the goal line to dot it down under the posts that Alex converted to close out the scoring and put one in the win column.
Final Score Mavericks - 26 Griffins - 12

Even with the early deficit the Mavs never hung their heads low and the strong first half finish was the changing point in the match. After not playing well in Midland the backs redeemed themselves with solid play, good tackling and all the scoring. Post match party was a bit loud as Plaza Pub had a band playing in the afternoon but once again it was a good time. Cheers to the Griffins prop who hung around to sing with us. Thanks to Diego for the pictures and making sure that any boot shot was filled.
John K - 11/22/10

Midland Freshman High School Midland, TX - November 6, 2010

The Mavericks loaded up two vans and headed west on I-20 to take on Midland for first time in quite a few years. The day did not start as we wanted as the caravan got a little bit of a late start as a handful of players none of which were new guys understood what "We are leaving at 7:00AM sharp". Anyway we still got their on time but that played a part in setting the tone for the day as there was already talk about the fun to be had on the ride home and we hadn't even gotten out of Tarrant County.

The Mavericks received the opening kick-off and retained possession for the first few minutes but ended up getting called for not releasing in a tackle which was turned into 3 points by Midland. The Mavs were looking to score after pinning Midland deep and getting a line out from about 5 meters out but the throw was not straight which killed a great scoring opportunity. The Mavs were playing good defense and had quite a few line breaks by the backs but either lack of support, lack of fundamentals or poor passing resulted in many forward passes and a too many of knock ons. The Mavs were able to skirt a hands in penalty that was missed but an offsides on a lineout by LBL who did no heed the referees direction led to a 35 meter kick to put Midland up by 6 at the 28 minute mark. After a handful of dangerous tackles by both sides the referee put both sides on notice that the bin would be next and he kept his promise. Midland had two players sent off 3 minutes apart near the end of the half but instead of capitalizing on the advantage the Mavs had a melt down to end the half. A Midland lineout from about 10 meters out was tapped back by Ray Greer resulting in loose ball and panic where the clearing kick went about 15 meters to the middle of the field. Most of the forwards were offsides so they were going to come away with at least a kick at posts but their 8 man picked up the loose ball and managed to dive over for a converted try to end the half.
Half Time Midland - 13 Mavericks - 0

The second half started with a few more minutes of the two man advantage but the Mavs were not able to make use it to put any points on the board. The Mavs had their chances but just couldn't seem to capitalize. The Mavs looked ready to score as an 8 man pick up off a scrum from 10 meters and a few phases got us within a meter or so of scoring but it was one phase too many as we ended up losing the ball in the ruck. The Mavs finally got on the board at the 58th minute mark when Will Swain scooped up dirty ball off a Midland line out and dove over from a few meters out to cut the lead to 8. The momentum was starting to switch but the lack of Rugby 101 fundamentals would play pivotal like it had a good part of the match. After a 20 meter break from our own end Juicy flung the ball back as his support was about to ruck leaving the Midland wing alone with the ball 40 meters out who was able to make it the corner and eventually center it when no on contested his path. With 5 minutes left LBL was able to score in the corner that Alex Hunt converted which would end the scoring for the day.
Final Score Midland - 20 Mavericks - 12

Very disappointing coming away on the short side of a match that couldn't get much more winnable if we were truly ready mentally, played fundamental rugby and used all the energy on something other than yelling at each other or complaining about the referee. As for afterward thanks to Midland for the post match party with plenty of food and beer which was in the 8 Man's backyard and not the other guys Grandmother's house like last time we visited so swearing was allowed. A good time was had by all in the vans on the way home and it would have been much sweeter with a win.
John K - 11/22/10

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - October 16, 2010

The Mavericks hosted the Oklahoma City Crusaders in first cup match of the season and things didn't start off to well. The Mavericks received to start the match but turned the ball over after a few phases and following a missed forward pass as well as the lack of tackling OKC broke a 50 meter run to go up 5-0. The lack of tackling, coming up flat and support when we broke the gainline along with OKC's good defense and not over committing at the breakdown made for a long first half.
Half Time OKC - 30 Mavericks - 0

The Mavericks played a much better second half defensively but the offense could never get anything going as OKC kept up their defensive pressure. The Mavericks had a few strong goal line stands and OKC scored eventually scored a pair of crap tries in the last 5 minutes of the match.
Final Score OKC - 42 Mavericks - 0

John K - 11/22/10

Prairie Park Grand Prairie, TX - October 9, 2010

The Mavericks hosted Alliance RFC for one last friendly before the cup season starts. Back to back weeks of 20+ guys being at the pitch 2 hours or so before kick off has given Michael T. lots of afternoon wood to go with the morning wood his donkeys like. Alliance was short some players so Hall of Famers Michael T. and Joe Kelly filled in as well as a few Fort Sill Gunners who had earlier played the Texas Islanders before our match. Some more new faces with Austin getting his first action and the return of Breck who also suited up for Alliance and styling that awful looking scrum cap which was nothing like the one that "Not Shinya" used to wear back in 2004 or so.

The Mavericks took a little time to get going but once they did it was pretty much a runaway train. Just over 10 minutes in Alex was able to score off of recycled ball after a hard run by Sue (pronuonced Suhway or Sway who is not a chick but with a dress would be hit on regularly at the Eagle with Nate) that turned into a one man maul deep inside the 22. It was not very long until Juicy made a nice break to feed Alex inside the 22 who scored again this time converting his own try. At the 22 minute mark Sue scored off a set play from about 10 meters out. A few minutes later Alliance swung the ball wide to Dan Gray of Fort Sill who played with us during the Non Shinya years and went 50 or so meters untouched to pull them within 14. The Mavericks answered quickly as they stole a 5 meter line out that got spun to the backs where Alex fed Juicy for the score. The first half ended with a nice set piece of a 15 meter scrum where Juicy crashed back inside and made their inside center wish he didn't try to tackle him. Boy would Antoine have been proud of him.
Half Time Mavericks - 31 Alliance - 5

The Mavericks didn't waste much time getting on the board in the second half as Shay who was in at Fly broke out his platter to slide free for a 40 meter run which was finished when his pass sailed through Austin's hands to Will who was also in support. Guess it would be one less Zulu on the day. At the 53 minute mark Jay was able to score after some good back line play. A knock interpretation from the referee led to Diego scoring from about 20 meters out after picking up a lose ball as both sides watched him run which is another reason that you play to the whistle. Kenyan Richard scored on a long run at the 72 minute mark and Juicy closed out the scoring with another try a few minutes later.
Final Score Mavericks - 62 Alliance - 5

Another victorious post match party like we ever lose at our pub. The place was packed and singing with the Gunners, invited since the Islanders left them hanging was very entertaining which is what we have come to expect of them even if Chance threw out a totally anatomically incorrect head scratching verse during the "Posey" song that brought it an abrupt halt. Think he owes us a boot or two. Looking forward to the next post match party as rumor has it that Sue will be giving Golden Showers.
John K - 10/15/10

Stonebriar Community Church Frisco, TX - October 2, 2010

The Mavericks started the season by doing their part to fund the NTTA on their way up the Tollway to Frisco to take on the Griffins in a friendly match. Big Nate told everyone to be there by Noon and sure enough we had 20+ on time with the late one being Thunder who got there about 90 minutes before kick-off which is much better than last year when he showed up 15 minutes after kick-off when we were already playing short. There were a lot of new faces out as new guys Adam, Alex, Andrew, Josue and Travis got to play for the time along with the new experienced guys Brent, Daniel, JoJo, Joshua, Mason and Patrick who joined the club this year as well as the return of Snots.

The Mavericks received to start the match and it took some time to get some continuity going. About 5 minutes into the match it looked like the Griffins would score as Daniel's clearing kick from in goal off a 5 meter line out got charged down as he kicked it so low it looked like it hit the Griffin in the shins but luckily in goal was only 5 meters deep as another few inches and it would have been a try. The Mavericks had some nice moments in the first half when Snots broke a long run but lacked support and lungs to finish it off but there were also many times we played hot potato with the ball instead of just running straight into contact. The Griffins back line countered well and our tackling was good but they tended to have numbers as we didn't always slide over to support. Just past half way at the 21 minute mark the Griffins countered from inside our half were we over pursued and let them cut back inside to score a converted try. The remainder of the half went pretty much the same with the exception that there was no more scoring.
Half Time Griffins - 7 Mavericks - 0

The second stanza saw the Mavericks having opportunities early but a dropped ball or two nixed those chances. Chris Kelly seeing his first action with the men did a nice job of annoying Phil Camm at the set pieces and had a few long runs that helped change field position. The Mavericks were finally able to get on the board in the 53rd minute where after some multi phase play deep in Griffin territory a Nate led maul was pushed over and almost held up before he could ground it in the corner. The long conversion was missed so the score was 7-5. The Mavericks played some opportunistic defense and were able to score again less than 10 minutes later when Alex scooped up a lose ball off a hard tackle and sped in from about 30 meters out. His Big Headedness converted to put the Mavs up by 2. The Griffins answered a few minutes later when they got the ball out wide to their pony tail wing from about 50 meters out who broke a tackle to dot it down under the posts. With a chance to take the lead with a conversion the kick was wide left. With about 10 minutes the Mavericks were working the ball out of their own end when Nate got forced into touch near the 22. A scrum breaks out, oh wait that's what those damn football announcers call what would be a scuffle, skirmish, or anything but a scrum. Anyway Nate ends up throwing a punch so it becomes a penalty but no card. Someone said he threw the punch because someone called him fat but it was more like, hey you looked fat in that dress you had on at the Dallas Eagle. The Griffins end up applying some pressure and with a few minutes left they score when we fail to hold up a runner flopping in goal to take the lead by 7. The Mavericks are able to get possession on the last play break out the Daddy Deep Fryer as we go big time hot potato in an effort to score and the game ends inside the Griffin 22 when there were hands in at the break down which was misconstrued as multiple knock ons.
Final Score Griffins 19 - Mavericks - 12

As much as we would have like to come away with a victory it was great to see so many new and young faces who gave it there all which will go along way this season. As always we were victorious at the post match party as we easily had them outnumbered 3-1 at 7:30PM. Thanks to the Griffins for keeping the beer flowing for quite a while as if we were in Denton it would have spit by 5:00PM.
John K - 10/15/10

Burr Field Ausitn, TX - October 24, 2009

The Mavericks traveled down to Austin to take on the UT Grads for the first time since the 2005-2006 season. This match was scheduled to avoid too many consecutive open weekends prior to the start of the cup season as well as some of the newer guys expressing interest in playing a match down there after the good time they had at Bloodfest Sevens this past summer. Well the thought and consideration was a good one but the execution and participation was far from good. We had 19 confirmed Friday night (should have been 20 but when asked I told the "Bean" we had enough and I am still getting lectured by Shay that you never tell a Prop or Lock not to play. NEVER! EVER!) but come Saturday morning we were down to 12. Two dropped out due to injury/illness, one had work, another had his Road Trip pass revoked by his Dad. One was hung-over and actually showed up at the IHOP only to speed away with no explanation. There was another that we still don't know his excuse and lastly there was one who sent a text at 4:00AM stating that he was doubtful only to check in later in the day saying his "Legs were tired" which is Big Head speech for "I got Sand in my Vag", a.k.a SIV. So as part of Maverick Lore these Brave Ruggers will be known as the "Dirty Dozen". This is their story.

We arrived in Austin with plenty of time to spare which was to be used figuring out who would play where during which phases and set pieces of the game. About 20 minutes before kick-off Ray finally shows up. Now here is a guy who spent the night in Austin so one would think he would be on time but that was not the case as he spent the night at Ruhaab's which pretty much explains it all. For those of you not around a few years back the two of them were affectionately known as Cheech and Chong. Ruhaab played with us before transferring from UTA to UT and the Ganja Gods prevented Ray from having the need GPA and doing the same. So with Ruhaab in tow he kits up and we now become the "Half Baked Bakers Dirty Dozen". We sort out the line up and since we were short a Prop, Shay stepped up to fill in at loose on scrums and in the backline during open play and line outs but no longer loves me and you will find out why. OK now this is their story. Really.

Playing two short you knew would be a tough day but you always know that the Referee will keep things in line but boy were we (Mavs and Grads) wrong, terribly wrong. It started with the coin flip which he let the home team call. They called heads, it was tails and then he asked the Grads if they wanted to kick or receive. Once that was hashed out we kicked off to the Grads to get things going. At one of the first breakdowns a Grad didn't release or roll away or left his feet as I don't recall the exact infraction but I do recall what followed. The referee said pointing to his forehead "Do I have Stupid Written Here?" and awarded us a scrum which he did for most infractions as he said this would not turn into a "kicking game". Our defense carried over from Cowtown and following a knock it was our put inside their 22. Charles made a nice break off an 8 man pick up where he dished it off to Shady who went untouched to dot it down between the posts. We yelled for a tee for the conversion but that wasn't happening as we had no one on the sideline except for Jarrod's Twin Peaks girlfriend but it didn't really matter as we didn't have a tee with us anyway. Shady's drop kick conversion attempt from 10 meters out in front of the posts was wide right. A few minutes later we were back in almost the same place on the field when a Grad was Sin Binned for a break down infraction so we were now only playing one down. Following the kick into touch the binned player was called back onto the pitch prior to the lineout for what was the shortest Sin Bin in the history of the game. After winning the lineout the ball moved out wide and following a few phases Charles who had another nice run was able to find Shady who once again went untouched for the try but just like his first conversion it was wide right from the same spot. So the first 20 minutes or so ended up being the Shady Show as he scored again in the corner and considering he couldn't convert from in front of the posts there was no way in hell it was happening from the sideline. As the game progressed Nate took heed to Shay telling him "Fagging out was not an option" and turned into the Great Golden God Graham who was mowing through defenders like Godzilla thru Tokyo and he was tackling the Grads like Asian kids tackle math problems. A big strong run with broken tackles, Grads draped all over and Hot UT Chicks on the sideline calling his name gave him a mild case of H1N1 - White Line Fever but he didn't score on any of those fronts as he ended up just short of the line but the ball got recycled quickly out to the backs where Chris and I don't know if it was his speed and elusive running or Joe Kelly's slightly stained "Size 32 Tighty Whiteys" he was wearing but he was able to weave through to score under the posts. The girls started calling Chris' name until they heard what he had under his shorts. The Shady Kicking Show was cancelled and was replaced with the Vietnamese Kicking Machine Viet who with that Asian knowledge in hand used an ant hill, and there were plenty of them as a tee and easily made the conversion. The Mavericks defense finally caved near the end of the first half as the Grads were about 5 meters out with just about everyone on the right which we had matched but spun it left real quick where Big L and John K had no chance of stopping their wing who touched it down in the corner.
Half Time Mavericks - 22 UT Grads - 5

Prior to the start of the second half the Referee gave a "Rugby Image/Hooligan" speech about cleaning up the game and that he would any penalize F-Bombs which he did once or twice against the Grads in the half. The guys were getting a little tired in the second half. Don't know. Maybe because we were playing with "ONLY 13". But that didn't stop them from finishing what they started in the first half which was Act II of the Shady show who managed to score two more times with assists from Charles as he was very adamant that he had 4 assists on the day which put game out of reach. With more backs than forwards we tried to keep the play within the pack but when the ball did make it out to the backs on offense they played well and were superb in coming up on defense to apply pressure before the forwards could get over to support. The Grads were able to get on the board one again with about 5 minutes left after they were able to take advantage of our numbers. Tohi closed out the scoring with a quick tap from 5 meters out which was converted by Viet who was 4 for 4 on the day with the boot and ant hill tees.
Final Score Mavericks - 43 UT Grads - 10

Even though it appeared it was not going to be a good day due to the numbers it ended up being a hell of a day especially for those who made the trip. Shay stepped up big at prop but he doesn't love me anymore because at the last scrum with a Grad prop in the blood bin some young knucklehead came in way too luck during engage and really messed his back up where he was in so much pain he ended up turning white, really he did. I blamed him by telling him if he were 40lbs lighter he wouldn't have propped. The Grads put out a nice spread of food at Fado's on 4th Street and Stella Artois on tap which ended up being a primer for the road trip home. They had a Zulu and opposed to their previous place where you run across their upstairs patio and back onto 6th Street they now have you run across the street to the gay bar and do a shot which I am surprised hasn't ended up on you Tube as Charles and many others were filming it. The drive home was pretty good with every one in rare form. When Shady wasn't asking me if I was OK, telling us how much he LOVED rugby or pissing in a huge styrofoam cup the only thing you heard was the "Ku-Chuh" sound of him popping another one. We only had to make 6 stops on the way back and I was proud of the guys for making it from Alvarado to Arlington with out stopping. We enjoyed or should I say I endured some hip-hop and rap on the way back and thanks to Charles asking to put on K-LUV we were able to have that Cyndi Lauper "Time after Time" experience and don't know if it was the Tongan harmonizing, Shay's sweet voice or what but we sounded awesome and it wasn't the beer talking as I was sober since I was driving. Quote of the Trip after Shay asked Charles I thought Tongans were Mormons. "Hell no, then we couldn't drink and smoke". Thanks to those who made it the trip and look forward to the next ones during the spring.

"Half Baked Bakers Dirty Dozen"
1) Shay
2) Ray
3) Big L
4) Nate
5) John K
6) Shady
7) Jarrod
8) Charles
9) Joe Kelly
10) Tohi
25) Viet Inside-12/Outside Center-13
18.5) Chris Wing-11/Half Fullback-7.5
21.5) Ruhaab Wing-14/Half Fullback-7.5

John K - 10/30/09

Gateway Rugby Park, Ft. Worth - October 10, 2009

The Mavericks traveled across town to Fort Worth for their first action of the season in the Men?s Open Division of the 23rd Annual Cowtown Tournament. With 3 matches on the slate for Saturday and the potential for another 1 or 2 on Sunday there was going to be more than enough game for everyone as we have a good handful of new players. Saturday's numbers were in excess of 25 but Sunday found us down to 16 due to injury, church, etc. Mother Nature graced us with a cool, over cast day and a wet, lumpy turf field which has taken a beating since it was opened a few years back. Given that it's been a few weeks since the tournament my recollection might be lacking.

First up was a 2:00PM match against DII BARC. The Mavericks started off with early pressure that resulted in multiple infractions by BARC at the breakdown but we came away with no points. Pee Wee was just wide right from 25 meters at the 6 minute mark and then a few minutes later our beloved captain, Shay had him give it a go from just outside the 40 which wasn't even close. The remainder of the half was played between the 22's with neither side being able to get on the board.
Half Time Mavericks ? 0 BARC - 0

The second half for the most part was like the first half with not a lot of scoring chances but BARC was able to get on the board at the 25 minute mark when they converted a penalty from 10 meters after an infraction at the break down. Those repeated infractions would soon turn to Yellow Cards as Shady was sent off at the 34 minute and a BARC forward followed him a few minutes later. So with both sides now down to 14 with 2 minutes to go the Mavericks had BARC inside their own 10 when Tohi came up and laid a huge hit on their inside center where the ball popped back just inside the 22 where Viet, who was up in support scooped it up and carried two players over for the match winning try at full time.
Final Score Mavericks ? 5 BARC ? 3

Next up at 2:00PM were the Houston Mad Dogs who are a newer side consisting of St. Thomas HS Alumni as well as some other men and college players from the Houston area. With this just being the second match of the season the Mavericks were still working on gelling as a team offensively but continued to play solid defense like they did in the first match and with the same result as neither side was able to get any scoring opportunities.
Half Time Mavericks ? 0 Houston Mad Dogs ? 0

The second half only offered one real scoring opportunity when Charles Taufa broke loose and got inside the 22 but was unable to get a pass out to James who was all alone out wide in support. The defense was stingy once again but the inconsistent refereeing never allowed either side to get into any kind of flow or rhythm.
Final Score Mavericks ? 0 Houston Mad Dogs - 0

The last match of the day kicked off at 6:00PM where we faced Old Grey (Texas State Alumni) that had a few whores from the likes of DARC and others. With the defense looking good the Mavericks were looking to get some points on the board this time around. At the 5 minute mark an Old Grey back decided to run out a Maverick kick and chase that ended up in the corner of in-goal rather than dotting down for a 22 drop. He took off diagonally and when he got near the 22 decided to kick instead of running by the sloth like forward, John K and Charles who charged down the kick and pounced on it for an early try. With a few minutes left in the half Shady was able to break through for a nice little run to close out the scoring in the first stanza.
Half Time Mavericks ? 10 Old Grey - 0

The second half saw the lead extended a few minutes in when new, young and fast wing Chris Hennard broke free for a 50+ meter run where he was able to break through their fullback's tackle near the goal line to score in the corner. The defense continued it's dominance and was looking to go the day without allowing a try until the Thunder Blunder. With just over 10 minutes left Thunder fields an Old Grey clearing kick deep and near the sideline as two opponents converge on him. He must have been suffering from a temporary loss of hearing as he didn't hear everyone on the field or sidelines and in the parking lot or port-a-johns yelling "KICK IT, KICK IT YOU IDIOT". Needless to say he tried to get by them but got tackled, had the ball poached and after the conversion it's a game as we are only up by 8. Fortunately for him that would be the only chance they had as the scoring was closed out a little before full time when James (Prop) broke loose from inside the 22 where the only thing between him and a try was DARC's little, fast mouthy wing who made the stop near the goal line but James was able to unload to Shady for the try.
Final Score Mavericks ? 20 Old Grey - 7

A Saturday record of 2-0-1 had us in the Semi-Finals on Sunday for a 12:00PM kick-off against the Woodlands Geezers. Our numbers were nothing like Saturday and even with 30 minutes halves we were not about to take on whores to pad our subs like the Geezers did as they had plenty of numbers with many familiar DARC and Fort Worth faces booting up for them.

The Mavericks got the board quickly as new but now departed guy, Carl Rogers (heading to Washington State to go to back school and run youth rugby) intercepted a pass inside the 22 for the score and conversion with the match less than a minute old. Well that start lasted about 10 minutes after which the Geezers were able to score 3 tries on long runs (40 - 50 meters) over the next 10 minutes.
Half Time Woodland Geezers - 19 Mavericks ? 7

The second half saw the Geezers lead extended to 15 with a penalty kick at the 35 minute mark which the Mavericks answered 5 minutes later when Chris scored his second try of the tournament with a nice 30 meter run to trim the deficit back to 8 again. The Mavericks played much better defense in the second half and had the chance to cut the lead to 5 with a long penalty kick with 10 minutes left but was unsuccessful. The Geezers scored one more try with 2 minutes to put the match away but the Mavericks never stopped pressing and another intercept by Carl who was able to get the ball to Viet who was once again in support closed out the scoring at full time.
Final Score Woodlands Geezers ? 29 Mavericks - 21

There was to be a 3rd place match with the Houston Mad Dogs who lost their Semi-Final to whore infested Shreveport but neither side was up for it so we were to have a boat race to to settle it but when they realized that they could not field a legal side due to the TABC the race was scrapped. This was one of our best showings in quite a few years at this tournament and with the defense we were playing and the offense beginning to come together late Saturday it would have been nice to see how well would could have done with a full squad on Sunday. All in all we got a lot of new guys playing time and if we keep with the numbers we should have a successful cup season.
John K - 10/28/09

High Point Park Plano, TX - March 22, 2008

The Mavericks took on DARC in their last cup match of the season. The match was to be played at Lake Highlands Park in Dallas but because it's in somewhat of a flood plain and with all of the rain Dallas Parks and Rec decided on Friday afternoon that it would be closed so the match was played at their practice pitch, High Point Park in Plano. The pitch was a little below minimum requirements but it did have fancy blue striping. Given the change in locale we still managed to get 20 plus players notified and out to the pitch

The Mavericks received and started off slow which was right on par with how their pre-game preparation went as they were never able to get any consistency going. A knock at the DARC 22 appeared to stop a scoring chance but the Mavericks were able to steal the put and on the second phase Michael T. was able to get the ball to JP who got it out to Stephen Marino who made a few of his stop on the dime jukes and break through for a try in the corner at the 8 minute mark. DARC countered a few minutes later and after an offsides penalty inside our 22 went for points but the worm burner kick never had a chance. Over the next 15 minutes the Mavericks had a few good opportunities to put points on the board but came away empty. DARC misplayed a bad kick and grounded the ball after they were called for diving over. The ensuing scrum lead to a maul that was held up and the 5 meter scrum was turned into a penalty for DARC due to dissent towards the referee. A deep kick after another DARC infraction found us with a line out 15 meters out which was won but the ball was lost in the next phase. At the 24 minute mark DARC was called for yet another infraction and the kick to touch put us just outside the 22 but the throw in was not straight. DARC spun it wide off of the scrum and their speedy winger went untouched the last 50 meters to dot it down between the posts for a 2 point lead. The set pieces were a thorn in our side as we probably only won half our scrums and line outs. With less than 5 minutes left in the half we were actually able to steal a DARC line out inside the 22 and looked like we were going to score but we got called for not releasing about 5 meters out. With half time approaching there were 2 quick taps off of DARC infractions that led to Thunder being stopped short of the goal line and the ball becoming unplayable ending the half.
Half Time Score: DARC - 7 Mavericks - 5

The Mavericks had 3 good chances to start but weren't able to capitalize. Minutes into the second half DARC was called for offsides on a clearing kick and the choice of a scrum up put us about 10 meters out but we lost the scrum. Shortly after that two more DARC penalties for offsides and dissent resulted in a quick tap 15 meters out but the ball was knocked on in the tackle. At the 50 minute mark DARC was generous once again with an obstruction call inside their 22. After a toe and go and few phases Ryan broke through from about 15 meters out and crossed the line to the right of the posts but had trouble getting the ball off his hip. A DARC defender never gave up, tackled him about 5 meters deep and it appeared that the ball was or in the process of being grounded when the referee blew his whistle. The Mavericks were finally able to capitalize when DARC dropped a clearing kick about 30 meters out and the good coverage produced quick ball with JP getting it out wide and two passes later Stephen was able to score near the corner for a second time and a 3 point lead at the 62 minute mark. With the Maverick clinging to the lead DARC got the ball inside the 10 with a good run from their Prop, Gonzo but the ball was stolen but the clearing kick never found touch and their quick, young fullback who had a good match countered getting the ball out wide where they were able to score in the corner with about 7 minutes left. The Mavericks were never able to get anything else going to get back the lead as the many missed opportunities and decision to pass up points ended up haunting them in the long run.
Final Score: DARC - 12 Mavericks - 10
John K. - 3/26/08

Lawton, OK - March 8, 2008

The Mavericks traveled up to Lawton, OK to take on the Fort Sill Gunners in another important cup match. Due to injuries, work, school and other commitments there were only 16 players available to make the trip and we were lucky all of them made it before or right at kick-off. We had two who were almost an hour late to the IHOP. A handful that called asking for directions because the website was down. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get a map. Another got lost and was on his way to visit Dorothy and Toto but manned up, blamed his wife and made it to the pitch by kick-off (that's to the pitch and not actually on it). Throw in the three that decided to play battle shits at the commissary a 1/2 mile away 10 minutes before kick-off instead of using the port-a-john at the pitch and to say the club was not prepared at the start would be an extremely huge understatement.

The Mavericks kicked off with 14 players to start the match and the Gunners didn't waste much time as after a few phases they broke free for a long 50 meter for the first points of the match and followed that with another try at the 6 minute mark for a quick 12-0 lead. With the Mavericks now at full strength they were looking to get things rolling and were inside the Gunners 22. A retaliation by their prop got him binned and Thunder slotted the penalty to cut the deficit to 9. The Mavericks were not able to capitalize on the man advantage like Fort Sill did to start the match. With possession going back and forth the Gunners were able to break free for another 50 meter run at the 28 minute mark to extend their lead to 16. The Mavericks still could not get things going and Sill's young fast wing went 40 meters a few minutes later which didn't look good for our playoff chances.
Half Time Score: Fort Sill - 26 Mavericks - 3

The Mavericks took the second half kick-off and don't know if it was Shay's half time talk or what but we came out firing and after a few runs and phases Tate banged over from 10 meters out less than a minute into the half cutting the lead to 18 as Thunder missed the conversion. The Mavericks continued with that opening second half intensity with good pack play that got them inside the Gunners 22. After another couple of phases Brian Stauffer was able to slip through for a converted try to pull us to within 11. The Gunners attempted to mount some pressure of their own but the improved tackling and poaching gave possession back to the Mavericks just outside the 22. After a few phases a hard run by Reggie Parker found him in the sin bin as the referee didn't care for the stiff arm in the face. It took about 5 minutes for the Gunners to put the man advantage to use as they broke free for another long try that put them back up by 18 with just over 20 minutes to play. With their backs against the wall, season in the balance and any other cliche you can think of it was time to play to the strength of the club and that was bangers, mauls and pick-n-go's by not just the pack but some of the backs as well. It was almost like a 12 man maul at times with everyone running hard and determined. A majority of the remainder of the match was played in the Gunners half and after many phases Shay was able to dive over from a few meters out at the 63 minute mark that Thunder converted to cut the lead to 11 again. There was plenty of time left to score 2 more tries needed to pull out the victory but it almost slipped away. With 12 minutes left and the Gunners having possession near midfield their hard running outside center, Marcus was able to break free to the outside with just Thunder in his way of putting the match away when Tate who was also in pursuit made a diving ankle tap tackle that resulted in a knock when he went to deck and squelching the last scoring chance the Gunners would have this day. The Mavericks moved the ball back into the Fort Sill half of the field with a few timely runs after which the hard running and mauling enabled Tate to break a few tackles and carry a Gunner or two over from 15 meters out with 6 minutes left closing the lead to 6 with Thunder looking to cut it to 4 with a very makeable conversion which didn't manage to split the posts but the match was still there to be won. The Mavericks kept up the pressure in the Fort Sill 22 but the Gunners weren't ready to fold and pushed the Mavericks back outside the 22. A Gunner infraction gave the Mavericks the ball about 30 meters out but we were at full time so we would have to run the ball rather than kick to touch. The Gunners were stacking up for a run by the forwards so the ball was spun out to the backs but the ball was held up in the wind (oh yeah forgot to mention but it was a pretty windy day) and Shay knocked it on with Fort Sill gaining possession and ran a few phases as we tried to steal ball when one of the Gunners realizing we were at full time yelled kick the ball. That would be the right thing to do unless you are a forward particularly in the tight five. Well their prop, Gonzo who made the long drive up from Fort Hood to play attempted the kick which he pooched right down the middle of the field where we got possession just inside the 10 meter line. The counter attack and multi phases got he ball back near the 22 and was spun out to the left where Tate fed Thunder who outraced one Gunner and while getting tackled by another was able to dot it down a meter or two from the 5 meter line. Now being down by one it was up to the Thunder to make the conversion to cap an improbable and greatest comeback in Maverick Rugby history. Thunder thought about having Pee Wee kick since he was trying to regroup himself after the run and chalk on his face after getting it driven onto the goal line as he scored but decided against it as the referee said he had a minute to kick. The wind was still blowing as he lined it up and the kick was a not so pretty line drive that perfectly split the posts for the win and becoming part of Maverick Lore.
Final Score: Mavericks - 34 Fort Sill - 33
John K. - 3/17/08

Prairie Park, Grand Prairie - February 23, 2008

The Mavericks hosted Denton in the last home cup match of the season of the season Prairie Park in Grand Prairie. The Mavericks were looking for their first season sweep against Denton since the 2002-2003 season as well as not letting them get their first cup match victory of the season.

The Mavericks started off receiving against the wind but that did not deter them from plan at hand which was to use the pack to pound the ball before giving to the back who better not piss it off. With the coaching staff suited up in the backline the ball was taken care of which resulted in minimal bitching from the forwards. Watching Shay "Bum Knee" Flowers and Michael "Iron Hips" Twaddell pass, dip, and loop it made it look like we were running touch out at River Legacy. After some nifty ball handling Chance was fed the ball from about 25 meters out and went untouched for the first points of the match at the 13 minute mark. The game plan never changed as the pack did a good job of retaining possession and keeping the pressure on Denton deep in their own end. The Mavericks were poised to score but an unlucky knock by Will "Hit That Shit" in goal squashed that opportunity. But after the 22 drop the pack found themselves back inside their 22 where Shay was able to score off a penalty to the right of the posts that Thunder somehow managed to miss when trying to convert. With about 10 minutes left in the half some more good pack play led to Tate crashing over which Thunder did convert this time. Take away a few handling errors and a few more tries could have been scored.
Half Time Score: Mavericks - 19 Denton - 0

Needing a bonus point to help in their hunt for a play-off spot the Mavericks were looking to put at least one more try on the board which appeared to happen early in the half as Chance dove over from the back of the ruck only to have the referee blow it up just prior to that since he lost site of the ball. Denton had trouble getting the ball out of their 22 and a Maverick counter attack found the pack doing it's thing again and this time were able to feed the backs where Shay found Thunder crashing from fullback for a try that he converted himself. There were other opportunities to put points on the board but the Mavericks were never able to capitalize on them like they did in the first half.
Final Score: Mavericks - 26 Denton - 0

John K. - 3/12/08

Prairie Park, Grand Prairie - February 9, 2008

The Mavericks hosted Fort Worth for a cup match at Prairie Park in Grand Prairie. This match once again again would have play-off implications as every match now to the end of the season will especially since we are behind the eight ball due to our close and tough 12-7 loss to them in December.

The first half saw quite a few knocks and handling errors by both clubs with a lot of the possession for both sides being in between the 22's. After a Fort Worth player was yellow carded for punching Greg Puklicz, imagine that Thunder was able to convert the penalty from 25 meters out. Another Fort Worth infraction led to another Thunder kick which amounted to the only scoring of the first half.
Half Time Score: Mavericks - 6 Fort Worth - 0

Two penalty kicks weren't going to be enough and the Mavericks came out in the second half looking to add to the lead. Some early pressure inside the Fort Worth 22 could not be capitalized on as ball was either knocked on or lost in the ruck. Fort Worth countered when their 8 man rolled off the back of a maul with a little obstructed help and dove over for a converted try giving them a 1 point lead. Fort Worth kept the pressure up and one of their locks broke over after a short run but decided to head to the posts to ground the ball where he encountered Thunder who made the tackle and forcing him to knock on. With about 10 minutes left the were able to score an unconverted try in pretty much the same manner as the blown try to extend the lead. The Mavericks tried to work the ball downfield in the closing minutes but could only manage to get to their 22 before full time.
Final Score: Fort Worth - 12 Mavericks - 6
John K. - 3/12/08

Burr Field Austin, TX - February 2, 2008

The Mavericks traveled down to Austin for a cup match against Midland as part of the DIII Ruggerfest where all 12 clubs converged on Burr Field which this year had free parking. The weather was great but Midland's numbers weren't as they only had 10 able to make the trip but were able to borrow some players from Denton who had played earlier so game could be had by all. We would have lent them a few but we only traveled with 1 or 2 extra.

In the past when told the match would be a played forfeit the focus and effort would not always be there which would be reflected in our level of play but that wouldn't be the case this time around. The pack started strong and didn't waste any time as Tate was able to crash over for an early lead. The Maverick forwards kept the pressure on with a combination of mauls and pick and goes which kept Midland on . That pressure resulted in Ryan McGough breaking through for a 20 meter score. Later in the half the referee stopped play and administered a warning to Ryan for get this, "Running Too Hard". This has to be a first but the point he was trying to make was stop using your damn head to lead the way. Scoring was closed out when Tate was able to bang over once again.
Half Time Score: Mavericks - 19 Midland - 0

Second half was a lot like the first with the pack playing well which resulted in yet another Tate try. At about midpoint of the second half Patrick Ungu who was stuck playing wing got the ball on the outside from about 30 meters out and started his "One Handed Plaxico Burress" impersonation as he headed toward the corner with the goal line in reach but for some reason cut inside and got tackled. He did manage to provide ball quickly and Ryan who was following the play scooped up the ball and dove over from a few meters out. With a big deficit Midland never gave up and looked like they had a score when their scrum half took off from the back of the ruck inside his own 10 and went 60 meters before being chased down by Stephen Marino just shy off the goal line to stop that scoring opportunity. With a few minutes left a few missed tackles led to a Midland try from about 20 meters out to close out the scoring.
Final Score: Mavericks - 31 Midland - 5
John K. - 3/12/08

Oklahoma City, OK - January 19, 2008

The Mavericks made the drive North up I-35 to Oklahoma City to take on the Crusaders in a match that would have future play-off implications. The Mavericks traveled with sixteen not including our dynamic duo coaching staff. The cold weather we were having in the DFW area was much colder in OKC as it was blustery with a kick-off temperature a little above freezing.

. The Crusaders game plan was to play in the Maverick end of the field with their big fly half kicking high and deep which paid off as one of those high kicks took an unlucky bounce sideward into their hands for a try about 5 minutes in. During the pre-game talk the referee said that he was not going to tolerate repeated infringements and did his best to keep to his word by handing out 5 yellow cards in the match as well as a red to Thunder for a questionable dangerous tackle and we could have easily been playing 10's by the end of the match but that was not the reason it would be a long day. OKC was able to tack on two more tries and a penalty to take a commanding lead into the break.
Half Time Score: OKC - 24 Mavericks - 0

Second half was not going to bode well as we were unable to get more than a phase or two going part of that is OKC's penchant to counter ruck which resulted in too much lost ball. The Crusaders would score another 3 tries in the half as the Mavericks still were unable to mount any sort of offense.
Final Score: OKC - 43 Mavericks - 0
John K. - 3/10/08

Prairie Park, Grand Prairie - January 12, 2008

The Mavericks took on Alliance for the first match at our new pitch, Prairie Park on Main Street in Grand Prairie. How nice it was to have all grass and no trash to deal with. Thanks to all of those who came out the weeks prior to get the posts up and the field ready. The U19 side opened up the day with a scrimmage (half each) against Allen and Alliance. They came out on top 26-0 against Allen and were up 7-5 against Alliance but a converted try at full time denied the boys a second victory.

Alliance were a few short and borrowed Karl Grassl who was supposed to ref the match as well as one or two others including the World's Greatest Puerto Rican Rugby Player/Coach, Orlando Reyes. Due to the numbers and many being rusty from the holidays it was decided to play four 20 minute halves so we could insure that those mavericks playing for Alliance could also get playing time with their own team. As expected there was a lot of tries scored but we didn't get caught up in the I want my "Try" and played well as a team. Scoring consisted of three tries from Stephen Marino and a pair from Mulder, Chance and Tate with converting 7 of the 9 tries. A couple of casualties were encountered.
Final Score: Mavericks - 59 Alliance - 5
John K. - 3/10/08

Cottonwood/McFalls Park, Grand Prairie - December 8, 2007

The Mavericks hosted the DARC in the final cup match of the first half of the season for our last game at McFalls/Cottonwood Park in Grand Prairie as we will be moving to Prairie Park in January. There is no doubt that no one on the Mavericks or our opponents for that matter who will miss the lovely half grass, half weed, half dirt field littered with it's share of trash. I apologize for this and forthcoming write-ups up to and including the Denton match as I dropped he ball a bit and when Michael started playing again I didn't have the specific scoring details.

The match started off slow with no real chances for either side but the Maverick pack was doing well with keeping possession which eventually paid. With the pack inside the 22 continued pressure found them a few meters out when Mexican Mike Martinez was able to dive over at the 20 minute mark which Thunder converted for a 7-0 lead. The half was played pretty much the same way and Mulder was able to score again after a nice pass off of a set piece from Chance at the 35 minute mark to extend the lead to 14. With a few minutes left in the half a Maverick infraction gave DARC a shot at goal from 25 meters out which was wide left and there was no other scoring in the half.=
Half Time Score: Mavericks - 14 DARC - 0

The second half started with some early pressure and shot at goal after a DARC penalty but Thunder couldn't split the posts. Your Mavericks kept some pressure on but was unable to capitalize that into points due to knock-ons and over anxious play at the breakdowns. With a 14 point lead a victory looked very well in hand until DARC was able to score a converted try at the 68 minute mark and erasing any breathing room. But that lapse in letting DARC score increased the Maverick pressure which resulted in another DARC infraction which Thunder slotted at the 70 minute mark to extend the lead to 10. That increases pressure kept DARC at bay and resulted in Skale scoring at full time to close out the scoring.
Final Score: Mavericks - 24 DARC - 7
John K. - 3/10/08

Gateway Rugby Park, Ft. Worth - December 1, 2007

The Mavericks made the short drive down I-30 to the land of Cow to take on Fort Worth in a cup match at Gateway Park. What a difference two months makes as far as the weather goes. The 90 temperature was 30 degrees cooler and the sticky humidity was replaced by a nice strong wind out of the south. Throw in that nice and soft regulation turf pitch and it was going to be a good day for rugby.

The Mavericks kicked off into the wind to start the match which saw possession traded back and forth between the 22's for the first few minutes. A Fort Worth quick tap 15 meters out after a Maverick infraction (one of many to be called on the day by the Kiwi Referee) for diving over found them just a few meters out and quick ball enabled a huge over lap out wide which they took advantage of to score a converted try to the right of the posts at the 8 minute mark. Shortly after the restart a Fort Worth penalty at the 22 provided a scoring chance but the kick missed wide. The Mavericks kept the pressure up and were able to get back inside the Fort Worth 22 with some good forward play which got inside of 10 meters but the ball was lost on an errant pass to the backs. The rest of the half was a lot like the start of the match played being played between the 22's. A Fort Worth infraction at full time gave Thunder a chance to kick from 30 meters out but as luck would have it the wind really picked up during the kick and he came up just short.
Half Time Score: Fort Worth - 7 Mavericks - 0

With the wind at our backs the plan was to kick and make Fort Worth fight the wind but they did a good job running as opposed to kicking to clear the ball out of their own end. The Maverick put pressure on Fort Worth in the first 10 minutes of the half and were meters out when the forward caught a case of the dreaded "White Line Fever" and turned the ball over in the tackle squandering a great scoring opportunity. The pressure however paid off and a Fort Worth clearing pass was intercepted by Skale who ran 25 meters untouched to dot down between the posts which Thunder converted to tie the score. Shortly after that around the 60 minute mark later Fort Worth was looking to score when their somewhat speedy winger, Jacoby a.k.a. "You Suck Jacoby" per the sideline chants broke free on the outside for what was surely going to be a try but the aging and we thought slowing Thunder was able to catch him and with another appearance out of no where by Chance they were able to force him out the side of in goal before he could ground the ball. The Mavericks kept to put the ball into the Fort Worth end who continued to run it out. With the ball just inside their own 22 they spun it wide once again and with a broken tackle and a few good passes later they were 10 meters out and after which the ball got spun back the other way to a 300+ lb Prop who was on 150lb dripping wet Rookie Stephen Marino. Stephen made a good effort but he bounced off when trying to get his arms around that girth and he rumbled on in. The conversion was missed so a victory could still be had with less than 10 minutes remaining. Well that little time was not going to be enough as the ball pretty much stayed between the 10's for the last few minutes as there were no good scoring chances left.
Final Score: Fort Worth - 12 Maverick - 7
John K. - 3/10/08

Cottonwood/McFalls Park, Grand Prairie - November 17, 2007

The Mavericks hosted the Gunners from Fort Sill in a cup match at McFalls/Cottonwood Park in Grand Prairie on yet another unseasonably warm Saturday. The pitch was looking a tad bit greener as some of the winter rye we put down back in September had started to take but still has a ways to go. Fort Sill traveled with a few over 15 while the Mavericks had more than the full 22 along with a nice fan base on the sidelines in attendance to give their support to the club.

. The Mavericks kicked off into the wind to start the match and the Gunners countered with some hard running to make their way into the Maverick half of the field. Their hard running was matched by their hard hitting which kept the Mavericks from mounting an sort of attack resulting in a handful of clearing kicks. Around the 10 minute mark a Maverick clearing kick failed to find touch and the Gunners counter attack resulted in an overload on the outside. It appeared that they would score for sure but some great pursuit by Chance Snow, who came out of nowhere made the try saving tackle to keep the match scoreless. The Mavericks continued to play in a somewhat lethargic state from a physical standpoint which they would end up paying for. A banger off an infraction near midfield found their big, strong and fast center break a few tackles (most of the arm variety) for an unconverted try with 19 minutes to play in the half. The Mavericks had some good multi-phase rugby and got into the Gunner's end of the field but somehow managed to lose the ball after mauling a lineout from inside their 22. Fort Sill's passes amongst the backline was inconsistent but the Mavericks didn't pounce on the opportunity to put them under more pressure which along with a few missed tackled resulted in a converted try at the 31 minute mark to put the Gunners up by twelve. The Mavericks fought off any other efforts by Fort Sill to score and headed into half time knowing that they were not playing up to their abilities. Would the Mavericks lose their second home match of the season or would it be a tale of two halves like last week.
Half Time Score: Fort Sill - 12 Mavericks - 0

After a few substitutions and a chewing of sorts from Coach Flowers and Captain Mexican Mike "Mulder" Martinez the Mavericks took the kick and wind and didn't waste any time in attacking the Gunners. After an infraction 3 minutes in Thunder was able to get the Mavericks on the board with a penalty kick from 25 meters out. The Mavericks continued the pressure and spent a good portion of the second stanza in the Gunners half of the field. Half time sub Skale, had some good runs out at wing and came within a last gasp shirt grab from scoring but those runs helped to get a good flow going which is what was needed. At the 58 minute mark Skale took a pass from 30 meters out where he split the defense, broke a tackle and outraced the remaining defender to score to the left of the posts. Thunder converted the try to pull the Mavericks to within two. The Mavericks kept up the pressure as the forwards began to wear down the Fort Sill pack and their backline appeared to be losing a step as well. After another multi-phase attack by the pack, the backs were able to capitalize when the ball was spun out wide to Rookie Stephen Marino (former Cedar Hill HS player and current Bull Rider) who used his quick feet to break through a hole where he sped untouched from 25 meters out to dot it down between the posts for the first lead of the day with 8 minutes to play. Thunder converted to extend the lead to five. There was still plenty of time left for Fort Sill to mount a counter attack where a converted try would give them the lead but that would not be the case today. The forwards continued their second half dominance and with a minute left mauled a five meter lineout over for what appeared to be a try but the ball was not visible to the referee. A few phases after the scrum found Rookie Brian Stauffer banging over to close out the scoring and the match. This like the Denton match was a tale of two halves and we will need to put those two halves together for our next match against Fort Worth as well as the rest of the season.
Final Score: Mavericks - 24 Fort Sill - 12
John K. - 3/10/08

North Lakes Park, Denton - November 10, 2007

The Mavericks made the short drive up to North Lakes Park in Denton to take on their hated rivals, to say the least for a cup match where both sides were looking to break into the win column. The trash talking on the Open Forum was running rampant as it always does the week of this match and now it was time to see who would Walk the Walk. You would think with the anticipation and 20+ at practice this week the numbers would be good but for some reason we only had 16 not including our 1 man coaching staff for this week while Denton had a full side of players but their sideline supporters numbers were down considerably from the numbers we have grown accustomed to seeing in the past.

. The Mavericks, with Mexican Mike "Mulder" Martinez captaining the side kicked into the wind to start the match. After trading a few kicks the Mavericks had a lineout near midfield which they mauled 15 meters downfield before giving the ball out to the backs. From there Jason Petras skipped a pass to Thunder who found a hole and raced through two defenders for a try that he converted 3 minutes into the match. A few minutes later Denton got into the Maverick side of the field and an offsides infraction gave them a shot at goal from 35 meters out which with the slight cross wind was wide left. Another trade of kicks after the 22 drop gave Denton a lineout near midfield which they tried to maul but were stopped and when their hooker tried to make a break off it he was stopped by Mulder who ripped the ball and with good support was able to move the ball to the 22 before Denton was called for not rolling away at the same time one of the twins, Brian went off with a nice head gash after knocking heads. All the blood and assurances from Shay that it would take at least 20 stitches to mend must have confused him as he didn't send in our one sub in for a blood bin and we played short for a good 15 minutes. Thanks Shay....So with a man down and a penalty in hand the other twin, Ryan took the banger and made some good ground and after a crash back in by Jason, Denton was called for another penalty from 10 meters out. Ryan took the ball once again and with good support made it to with inches (literally) of the line where Corey rucked two out of the way and El Presidente' picked up the ball and fell/flopped in a try that Thunder converted. After the restart Denton's fullback who had a good game pooch kicked into our 22 and after a good bounce had what was going to be a 3 on 2 advantage but Thunder and Nate the "Baby Eater" held strong and caused a Denton knock on to thwart the threat. Denton attempted to maul off a midfield lineout again where the ball was stolen and resulting scrum started some good multi-phase rugby. A pop kick by Jason and some good runs found the Mavericks 5 meters out where Mulder picked up off the back of a ruck to break through for a converted try right around the 20 minute mark. The Mavericks continued to keep Denton at bay and had a handful of opportunities inside Denton's 22 and closer but knocks, lost balls in the ruck kept them from capitalizing. An infraction gave Denton a penalty at midfield with no time left and decided to run their Genuflect Offense (for you non-religious sports types that ""Taking a Knee") and kick into touch to end the half.
Half Time Score: Mavericks - 21 Denton - 0

The Mavericks received to start the second half with Will Swain taking the kick to control possession which we didn't have an abundance of in the second half. With Denton bringing on some new players in the pack they did a good job of controlling the set pieces as they were able to drive back the old and tired Maverick pack. A little bit of Denton pressure and lack of discipline in our 22 found Corey getting sent off for being the last one to be called for offsides at a ruck from 10 meters out. It seemed like we spent a good 10-15 minutes turning and facing on our try line as Denton ran banger after banger to no avail. They also didn't help themselves by giving the ball to their backs who either had ill advised kicks or ran East to West which made it easier for our backs who led by Viet and Stirling were tackling machines. An unplayable ball gave Denton a 10 meter scrum with the Bean in the Bin. We were going to go uncontested with Shay coming in to prop and Ray who was at #8 going out. Shay must have still been thinking about blood when he said that as you can't sub and still go uncontested so he we went contested and were able to stop Denton from their attempt to walk in a try. We were still in our own end when the ball got spun back out to one of their young forwards and only thing between him and the corner was Big L. who got his 56 year old body over in time to drive him into touch a meter shy of the corner. With the exception of a Denton kick and chase in the Maverick corner a little later on there were no other real good scoring opportunities for either side.
Final Score: Mavericks - 21 Denton - 0
John K. - 3/10/08

Wichita Falls - November 3, 2007

The Mavericks made the 2 hour trek Northwest to Wichita Falls to take on Midwestern State University in a friendly match. Numbers for last week's friendly seemed huge compared to this day. We left the IHOP with 8 but the confirmed headcount or at least we thought it was confirmed was going to be at least 14. Well that confirmation was off a bit. The great 8 of Corey, Thunder, Will, Ray, Big L, Sterling, John K. and Stedman, yes Stedman at #9 no less arrived at 12:30PM and found that MSU already had about 15. Reggie showed up shortly after that but 9 wasn't going to cut it. We checked on the status of Larry, Moe and Curly (Richie, Ryan and the Baby Eater) and apparently they didn't leave Chance's until 12:00PM (sounds like a fine all the way around). The yahoos finally arrived and we kicked off about 20 minutes late with our coaches, Michael T. and Shay lacing them up to give us 14. During this whole time the youngen's from MSU were licking there chops knowing they would be going up against a shorthanded and some what old side.

The Mavericks received to start the match and the plan was to keep the ball in the middle of the field since we were only playing with one winger. That strategy worked for the first 10 minutes until MSU finally got the ball outside for an overlap where their speedy winger was able to outrace the back 2 and dot down in the corner which was converted by the big boot of their Foreign Exchange Outside Center from Denmark via Min-Uh -Sode-Uh. First thought was that this could be a long day playing down a man and MSU looking to take advantage of their speed on the outside. MSU's threats were thwarted by Michael "Titanium Hips" Twaddell, Thunder, Nate and every one else who gave chase with the exception of me and Corey. The Mavericks spent a good amount of time in the MSU half and on a few occasions were about 10 meters out but were never able to convert those chances into points. With the Canadian Referee signaling this would be the last set play of the half the Mavericks won the scrum and drove the ball to about 10 meters out when MSU was called for an infraction at the ruck. A quick tap was thwarted but after another MSU infraction at the breakdown the decision was made to go for points which Thunder was able to slot through.
Half Time: MSU - 7 Mavericks - 3

The Mavericks started the second half going into the sun and down to 13 as the Bean suffered a calf injury during the last phase of the first half and since there was no Crown on the sideline his return didn't look promising. The lineup was readjusted where Stedman went from nine to one and all the backs and loose forwards covered the rest. Now being 2 men short you would have thought for sure they would do nothing but spin the ball wide but they had a hard time of getting good possession as Maverick pack did a good job retaining ball. A nice kick for touch by Thunder off a MSU penalty set up a lineout from 5 meters out where Ryan a.k.a. "Killface" off a nice play was able to break through two tackles to score an unconverted Zulu try in the corner for a 1 point lead around the 50 minute mark. About 10 minutes later (times are estimated since Michael T. didn't have a pen and pad in his pocket) after some good ball movement and gain line breaks they were able to score a converted ty in the corner to go back up on top by 6. The match was anybody's with about a quarter left and the Mavericks kept to their game plan and boots of Michael and Thunder found open space to help keep MSU in their end which eventually paid off when a return MSU kick was shanked for a lineout inside their 22. It was at this time when the Bean, with no one on the sideline to stop him became the modern day Willis Reed and came back in on a bum leg. After multiple phases scrumhalf Shay, bum knee and all was able to break through from 5 meters out for a try that Thunder converted to give the Mavericks a 1 point lead again. The Mavericks kept the pressure up in the MSU end. The Mavericks drove a maul from 10 meters out and after we were 3 meters over the try line with Reggie clutching the ball Shay tackled him for his Zulu try with 12 minutes left. The Mavericks were able to control the ball and keep MSU from mounting any other threats. Thanks to the 14 who made the trip and to Rod Puentes and MSU for their hospitality at the Iron Horse Pub afterwards.
Final Score: Mavericks - 20 MSU - 14

John K. - 3/10/08

Lake Highlands Park, Dallas - October 27, 2007

The Mavericks headed over to Big "D" to take on the Dallas Reds Second Side in a friendly match at Lake Highlands Park. The Reds who are also fielding a third side at times this season had plenty of players to rotate in while your Mavericks started the match with an even 15 which tends to be the case for us with friendlies. Those numbers in included a handful of our new players including Brian Stauffer, who playing in his first match after only two practices was all over the field and played a hell of a game. Shortly before kick-off with still having only 14, the Irish Leprechaun Joe Kelly magically appeared giving us a full 15. Our line up was a little make shift as Wing Richie "Cunningham" Pennington made his debut as Hooker as well as having to jump in the lineouts where he was dominant which helps when the guys lifting are both 6 Foot 5.

The game started with the Mavericks receiving against the wind but that didn't deter them from moving the ball quickly into the Reds end. After a few phases the ball was spun out where Skale broke a few tackles to touch down for his first of two tries on the day which Thunder converted. The Mavericks young and enthusiastic players (i.e. chest bumpers) played a big part in keeping the Reds from mounting any consistence attacks. The next 10 minutes or so went back and forth with most of the play being in the middle of the field until the Mavericks started to put pressure on the Reds. After one of his many breaks, flyhalf Jason Petras was able to get the ball out to Viet Tran who scored the first of his two tries. The Reds were held in check for the next 10 minutes until they were finally able to break through the Mavericks defense for an unconverted try to pull within 7 with 14 minutes left in the half. The Mavericks defense tightened up and the looked to get back the points that they had just surrendered. They succeeded in keeping the Reds of the board but the offense only managed 3 points off a penalty kick by Thunder from 20 meters out shortly before half time.
Half Time Mavericks - 15 Dallas Reds - 5

With the wind for the second half the plan was to make the Reds play out of their own end which ended up being very successful. Jason and Thunder great kicks into open space and Viet's chases the Reds were kept at bay in their own end for most of the half. After an infraction from less than 10 meters out Skale quick tapped to drive through to extend the lead at the 46 minute mark. The Mavericks missed some scoring opportunities, white line fever again, due to a forward pass and a few knock-ons. But with the pressure never letting up after about 8 phases the ball was spun out to Viet who was able to snake through for a converted try at the 61st minute. The scoring was closed out 7 minutes later when the Leprechaun pulled out one of his moves we've seen a thousand times playing touch that left the defense flat footed for an easy try. Considering the numbers and experience discrepancies between the two sides we knew it would be a tough to stay with them but with the rookies not knowing that they went out and played a great game. From Ryan McGough being all over the field to Reggie Parker in the lineouts, Patrick Ungu (Ryan's Chest Bumping buddy) at the break downs and Baby Eating Addict, Nate doing whatever backs do.
Final Score Mavericks - 34 Dallas Reds - 5

John K. - 3/10/08

Cottonwood/McFalls Park, Grand Prairie - October 13, 2007

The Mavericks kicked off the 2007-2008 Cup season by hosting the Oklahoma City Crusaders RFC who are in their first season in the TRU after playing with Fort Sill last year. The club moved from the East to West Field at McFalls/Cottonwood Park and did some work on last month but you would have never known as none of the seed took but it still had less dirt than the other field. I was not in attendance for this match and Maverick P.I. failed in obtaining details from those who were there so it won't have much more than the referee's short write up and what I was able to obtain from conversations later at the bar. STRR Referee Greg Varnell's comments - "Match was much more competitive and entertaining than the score suggests. Both teams played well but had trouble scoring. Both teams were extremely disciplined and a real joy to ref."

The first 20 minutes were scorless with the Mavericks doing a good job of containing the hard running, juiced up Boozer who finally broke through for a long unconverted try at the 22 minute mark. Shortly before the half the Mavericks got on the board with a penalty kick by Thunder.
Half Time Oklahoma City - 7 Maverick - 3

The second half was a lot of the first half from a scoring perspective and it was in the 76th minute when OKC converted a penalty after another Boozer run to extend the lead to 10. The Mavericks didn't fold and worked there way back in the OKC half and were within meters of scoring the tieing try when the final whistle sounded. It was a disappointing loss especially since we were missing a few players and played a lot of young guys who showed some great potential. We did manage a bonus point, yeah I said it, "Bonus Point", for losing by 7 points. you never know that 1 point might be the difference between making the playoffs or starting to play touch in April.
Final Score Oklahoma City - 10 Mavericks - 3

John K. - 3/10/08

Gateway Rugby Park, Ft. Worth - October 6, 2007

The Mavericks traveled across town to Fort Worth to participate in the Men?s Open Division of the 22nd Cowtown Tournament. With 3 matches on the slate there would be plenty of game for all players. This was the club's first visit to the renovated Gateway Park with the new IRB approved artificial turf fields which compared to Cottonwood it was like playing on pillows. Only bad thing was the combination of the turf, humidity and 90 degree temperature made for a very warm and long day. With this being the first write up of the season the details are a bit sketchy. Guess the heat, waiting almost two weeks as well as plenty of beer my memory didn't serve me well.

First up was a 9:50AM match against the Austin Huns. The Maverick pack picked up where they left off from last year's play off loss to Alamo City with early ball control and pressure inside the Huns 22. After a knock due to white line fever possession was regained and Tate was able to bang it over to the right of the posts at the 6 minute mark but the conversion was unsuccessful. The Huns answered with an unconverted try of their own at the 12 minute which were the last points of the half.
Half Time Mavericks ? 5 Huns - 5

The second half continued with the same possession retention and pressure which resulted in Mike Martinez scoring a converted try 2 minutes in. But just like in the first half the Huns answered a few minutes later. An overload on the outside gave their outside center a beeline to the corner who was tackled while attempting to ground the ball. Since this isn't the RWC there was no TMO to confer with but the foreign TJ was Johnny on the spot as he should be and ruled the ball was properly grounded which lead to Canada Sucks rumblings. The conversion was missed leaving the Mavericks with a 2 point lead with under 15 minutes to play. The majority of the next 10 minutes was played in the Huns half of the field but the Mavericks couldn't manage to put any points on the board. With 4 minutes left an infraction at the ruck enabled the Huns to convert a 25 meter kick giving them their first lead of the match. After the restart the Mavericks couldn't get good possession back and yet after another infraction at full time the Huns quick tapped in from about 10 meters out as there was no Turn and Face support.
Final Score Austin ? 18 Mavericks ? 12

Next up at 11:30AM was our long time rival DARC who were playing their first match of the tournament. Don't know if it was because we had just played or they were fresh but it didn't take long for them to get on the board as they were able to score an unconverted try 3 minutes in. The Mavericks got on the board a few minutes later when Thunder slotted a penalty kick from 20 meters out. The match had it's share of calls and it was DARC that adapted their play to the referee's style while you Mavericks went into "Complain Mode". Learning to shut up and play will only provide positive results going forward. DARC kept up the pressure with some good running by their young flanker who broke the gain line just about every time he touched the ball. Those advances helped the score one more unconverted try a few minutes before the half.
Half Time DARC ? 10 Mavericks ? 3

The second half started pretty much the same way as the first half except for Mexican Mike taking a blow to the head and bleeding like a stuck piglet. I took him over to the medical tent and missed the second half so there won't be a whole lot to say. DARC scored an unconverted try 2 minutes in which was answered by a converted Skale try at the 25 minute mark to pull the Mavericks within 5 points. That gap was widened to 10 a few minutes later and the scoring was closed out with another unconverted try by DARC at the 23 minute mark.
Final Score DARC ? 25 Mavericks ? 10

Last match was against Texas Wesleyan School of Law who we had faced at last years tournament. The kick off was scheduled for 4:30PM but was delayed until almost 5:00PM as we didn't have a referee (Could this be effects of the STTR-TRU battle). I can tell you this much. Sitting around for almost 4 hours definitely took it's toll on some of us mainly me. But at least I didn't use the Thunder excuse of I am going home to dry the extremely wet jerseys which translated to I am going to nap in the A/C and return with them damp. TWU's college graduate intellect paired with the Mavericks GED mentality gave them the advantage early on. Some good running by their backs (think it was their backs - like I said it's been two weeks) resulted in an unconverted try in the corner at the 9 minute mark. The Mavericks answered quickly when Rookie Nate Sudderman in good support took a pass and went in untouched from 20 meters out to dot down his first try under the posts. Thunder fresh off his nap was able to convert for the lead. By now my dehydration headache was kicking into full gear so I don't recall a whole lot from the rest of the half but I do know there was no further scoring.
Half Time Mavericks ? 7 TWU - 5

The second half started off quick when Mike Martinez in his tooth ache attire picked off the back of a ruck and dove over for a try 2 minutes in. Thunder's conversion attempt failed to traverse through the uprights. My focus being on the sidelines in the second half was that a beer right now would do wonders for my dehydration which it eventually did. Some of the others on the sidelines were looking forward to Nate's Zulu. There was no more scoring so we'll end it with that.
Final Score Mavericks ? 12 TWU - 5

Once again we were able to get some of our new guys some valuable playing time. Nate finally did his Zulu on the pitch, Ryan was all over the pitch and Patrick showed some real enthusiasm which was displayed when he thanked the referee with a chest bump rather than the customary handshake. This experience for these new players will help us as we get ready for the start of the Cup Season.
John K. - 10/18/07

Cottonwood/McFalls Park, Grand Prairie - April 21, 2007

Your Maverick Brethren, young and old came out on a warm and sunny afternoon to take part in the Annual Alumni match at Cottonwood Park in Grand Prairie to celebrate the Club's 25th Anniversary. As with just about every match we have probably ever played many were late so kick off was delayed 30 minutes or so as if that was a surprise. We started off playing 10's with a few subs and 15 minute quarters and by the end it was just about 15 a side.

The young, fast, fat and slow were divided into two teams with Buzz Marconi captaining the Blue Team, a.k.a. Team Good Fellas which consisted of the Bean, Grassl, JP, Little Bobby Godbee, Chance, Red, Ray Hawkins, All-Star, Eric Minyard - Alliance Wing. Taylor - Alliance Prop, Brandon, James Crowley and Stedman (Pre-Yellow Card). Joe Kelly lead the way for the White Team, a.k.a. the Geezers which had Pena, Crazy, Big L, Jesse, John K. Thunder, Adam, Ferrari, Al Clarke, Dan (Russian/Eastern European Dude), John Lemke, Pee Wee, JC, and Stedman (Post Yellow Card).

Things started off slow but that would not keep this match from being a high scoring affair. Since the MSFL didn't keep track of times and scoring the accuracy of who scored and when they scored might not be very accurate. At the first stoppage the Blue Team took accused the White Team of cheating as they said we had too many players on the field. I don't know how this could have been since they never took their boots off to use their toes to count past 10. Besides with the line up we had we didn't need to cheat....much. The Geezers got on the board first when Al Clarke dummied the Blue center and went in untouched from 50 meters out. Al hadn't played in 14 years had his son out to prove to him that yes, he did play. His son volunteered to run touch without ever seeing the game before but with the guidance of Bob Godbee he did an outstanding job and turned down the offers from the White team to keep the game "Fair". The Blue team answered shortly after that when Little Godbee took a pass on his shoe tops an dotted down in the corner which JP converted into a pretty stiff wind to tie it up at 7. The Blue took the lead when Eric Minyard chased down a long kick in goal and applied questionable pressure but the Greek, uhh Ref awarded the try. The White tied it knotted it up at 12 on a try and missed conversion by someone other than me which was followed by a Blue try and conversion by someone other than Brandon (See previous note about the MSFL shirking his responsibilities). Not sure if it was now half time but we'll call it that.
Half Time: Good Fellas (Blue) - 19 Geezers (White) - 12

During half time most took the opportunity to replenish fluids with water or other nectars of the gods with the exception of Crazy who spent his time getting Little Max out of a tree and was ready to start the second half in his socks since he hasn't mastered the art of tree climbing while wearing boots. The Good Fellas started off the second stanza with some good pressure pinning the Geezers deep in their own end. With the ball won off a ruck Pee Wee's clearing kick from 5 meters out landed in goal. Helluva kick huh, 95 meters. NOT.. The kicked traveled 5 meters backward and JP pounced on it to extend their lead to 12. In Pee Wee's defense it was pretty damn windy but come on, a net average of -5 meters. The Blue team didn't stop there as all of Stedman's pushing the limits of the law envelope paid off as he was able to squirm over from a few meters out to give the Good Fellas a what appeared to be comfortable 31-12 lead. But the White Team was not done yet which was seen as Thunder out raced the Blue on a bum ankle for a long try to close the gap back to 12 but also knocking him from the match. Even without the speed and leadership from Thunder the Geezers were poised to make the game interesting but a break down in defense allowed Chance to go untouched from 40 meters out to push their lead to 19. With one more quarter to play we played all skate with no more subs. Prior to the match the O/U for when Ferrari would get hurt was at 7 minutes but he was not the one who would get knocked out. Infamous 8 Man, John Lemke entering the match late didn't like his own looks and proceeded to smash his nose into a knee an bleed all over the Cottonwood dirt and put the White Team down a man but that would be evened very soon. After his umpteenth infraction Stedman finally got yellowed carded. While being sin binned he joined the White team which inspired them to mount a comeback and make the match's end as exciting as last years. The Blue looking to put the game away once and for all was inside the White's half of the field when Big Jesse intercepted a pass and raced untouched which is probably because no one chased him. He converted his own try to pull the White to within 12 once again. It was now time for the captain of the Geezers to step up his game and his nifty passing and running broke him free from 30 meters out and looking to score until he was chased down by Chance and quasi high tackled into the left post but managed to get the ball back to Crazy who was great in support all day and was able to touch it down. With Joe laying there, holding his shoulder in pain a concerned Chance held him as to not make matters worse but it looked more like cuddling if you ask me. During this spooning, Karl of the Good Fellas who was a Geezer at heart kicked the conversion for the White to pull them within 5. With 2 minutes left the White team's mouths were watering with the thought of pulling off one of the comebacks in maverick Rugby history. With the Greek ready to blow the whistle at the next stoppage because he had the Good Fellas -4 it was time for Pee Wee to go from Goat to Hero after his kicking woes from earlier. He broke free with the goal line in sight but lost the ball forward in the tackle when trying to pass to Crazy who earlier had the experienced a case of the dreaded "Skale Hands" when a try was imminent. The final whistle sounded with the Blue Team holding on for victory.
Final Score: Good Fellas (Blue) - 36 Geezers (White) - 31

Thanks to everyone who came out to play and support the club. The after match party at Mavericks had a great showing with many Alumni, friends and family members covering many generations. Shay used his coaching techniques to sell quite a few cards (10,9,8,7....) to raise funds for hte club. Thunder's soon to be ex-girlfirend, Danielle was a real sport in allowing us to crown her Rugby Queen and be serenaded to a PG-13 version of Alouette due to the mixed company, i.e. kids. Look forward to doing it again next season and hope to see you all at the Annual Awards Banquet on May 19th.
John K. - 5/3/07

San Antonio, TX - March 31, 2007

The Mavericks made their longest road trip of the season down to San Antonio to take on Alamo City in a DIII Quarter-final match and at stake a berth in the TRU Championships. The traveling squad of 17 which included our two subs, Larry "Big L" Pecena and Karl "15 Minutes of Fury" Grassl whose combined age is over 100 was smaller and almost as old as the one when we played them in February in Austin. We arrived earlier and they were still mowing the field and putting down ant killer given all of the rain that had hit most of Texas that week but the field itself wasn't bad in terms of mud which would have been nice.

Your Mavericks took the opening kick off and moved the ball down field with the pack setting the tone with good ball retention that keep the Alamo City pack on their heals leading to an offsides call which resulted in a Pee Wee Penalty from 20 meters out at the 6 minute mark. The Mavericks kept to their game plan to keep the ball with the forwards which was very successful as long as we kept possession. It seemed like every time we lost possession Alamo City would turn it into points which they did with two quick, long tries at the 14 and 17 minute marks. The forwards continued with the pick and go and mauling game plan which resulted in Jason Petras banging over from a few meters out to pull the Mavericks within 6 with 7 minutes left in the half. With time running out in the half and possession in the Alamo City half of the field the ball was lost in a maul which was spun out quickly resulting in a 60 meter try.

Half Time: Alamo City - 19 Mavericks - 8

The start of the second half was not the way we wanted it to start as Alamo City's fast and elusive outside center took the opening kick off and weaved 70 meters for the score. This is starting to sound like a broken record as the forwards continued their dominance resulting in an Alamo City infraction and another Pee Wee Penalty at the 53 minute mark to trim the lead to 13 but was extended back 18 at the 57 minute mark when Alamo City ran in another long try. Your Mavericks never gave up and kept possession but could never capitalize and Alamo City closed out the scoring at the 33 minute mark with a 4 on 1 overload from 25 meters out. The game plan to keep the ball with the forwards worked as we had possession for about 60 minutes but we failed to finish putting pressure on our backs due to their speed.

Final Score: Alamo City - 34 Mavericks - 11

Final Thoughts: Yeah we have quite a bit of age and joke about us being an Old Boys side which to a certain extent is true. But without those who stepped up this year we would not have been able to have the season we did. Big L, Karl, Lari Licon and Joe Kelly stepped up when we needed them and there commitment to the club is appreciated.

Like most if not all of us did on the long drive home I started thinking about the season and ran the whole gamut of what ifs through my head. What if I was more fit, what if so and so was available, what if we had 20 at practice and so on. There were plenty of posts the days following the match. Some expressed disappointment, some were complaints, others put things into a life perspective, and one nailed it right on the head with what you can do for the club if you so choose.

I'll end this with two things from a conversation I had with Shay that night after the match at Mavericks. The Thursday before the second Denton match we changed up lineouts which was very successful in that match and against Fort Sill where we lost only a few line outs and none in last Alamo City match. The Thursday before our last match we worked on mauling and controlled the ball for 3/4 of the match. If we were able to do that in short time imagine if we could have worked on it from the start.

Thanks to everyone who came out this season. Looking forward to another Summer Social Season before we get geared up to improve on this past season in the Fall.
John K. - 4/25/07

Cottonwood/McFalls Park, Grand Prairie - March 10, 2007

The Mavericks hosted Fort Sill in their final cup match of the season on the constantly hardening pitch of Cottonwood Park in Grand Prairie. I sure hope that we can work out something with the City to get some more grass out there and keep the soccer pukes off the pitch so we don't have to wait until the summer for all of the scabs to fall off. The start time was pushed out almost 2 hours as the Gunners had a Memorial service to attend for a fallen soldier that morning and we obliged their request.

One would have thought with the delayed kick off where the Mavericks were sitting around waiting and Fort Sill rushing to get ready the start would have been somewhat flat but that was not the case. The intensity was there and the hitting was hard and the Maverick pack worked to retain possession early which was very fruitful when Sione was able to bang over from a few meters out at the 5 minute mark for the early lead. Fort Sill wasn't about to lie down that easily as they used the hard and what would end up being the over aggressively running of their outside center to pull with 2 with a try of their own at the 10 minute mark. The Mavericks were able to gain possession after the kick off and a Gunner infraction resulted in a penalty that Thunder converted from 25 meters out to extend the lead to 5. The Gunners kept running plays to through their outside center who constantly made it past the gain line for nice runs only to be run down time and time again. The Mavericks weren't able to put pressure on the Gunners but could never seem to capitalize when approaching the 22. Fort Sill was finally able to capitalize on the hard running to score under the posts with 5 minutes left in the half but the kicker pulled a Florida State and was wide right on the conversion attempt. Not to be outdone the Mavericks gained possession again and were looking for points before halftime as they were less than 10 meters out when Fort Sill was called for being offsides at the ruck. A quick tap by Tate and questionable NOT-10 not being called resulted a turnover which the Gunners were able to clear. With the referee informing both sides that this was the last play of the half the Mavericks won the ensuing lineout, started moving the ball which resulted in a Fort Sill infraction from about 30 meters out. Thunder attempted the penalty kick which looked like it had enough leg until the cross bar got in the way but Steve Mattingly who was following the kick took the rebound but got held up in goal when trying to score.Half Time: Mavericks - 10 Fort Sill - 10

The second half was much like the first half with a lot of hard runs, hitting and the Maverick defense tightening up. At the 45 minute mark the Mavericks tried to convert on one of many Gunner infractions of the second half but Thunder's kick from 20 meters was wide left. The Mavericks kept up the pressure up and Thunder was able to convert two of those infractions at the 54 and 61 minute marks to extend the lead to 6. With the lead still within reach the Gunners never folded and with about 10 minutes left their outside center made another string run off a Springbok play (Not a back so I don't know all the plays but that's what Shay kept yelling out should I say screaming at the backs that they were running) who broke past and looked like he might score only to be chased down from behind by Ray "Cheech" Greer to thwart that scoring attempt. With there still being a lot of time left given the score the Mavericks took over moving the ball downfield resulting in a Tate try at the 75 minute mark which sealed the match. A good match with a decent size crowd out to cheer us on. Thanks once again to the old guys who kitted up and were ready to go if needed.Final Score: Mavericks - 23 Fort Sill - 10
John K. - 3/21/07

Burr Field Austin, TX - February 24, 2007

The Mavericks traveled down to Burr Field in Austin to take on Alamo City as part of the DIII Festival that had 14 of the 16 teams playing along with a High School match and an Austin DI - DII match up. All in all there were 10 matches played on the 3 fields 2 of which were lined, flagged and roped off. Guess which one your Mavericks played on. We shouldn't bitch too much as the shitters weren't duct taped shut like they were a few weeks back when we faced the Huns there. Maybe that's what our $2.00 Parking Fee went to because they didn't spend it on paint or Port-a-John's.

Just like when we played a few weeks back our numbers weren't what we would have like so we had to call on the old guys again. Including Joe Kelly this time out along with the group from the Diablo match the age of the six of us combined was more than the rest of the team combined. The match started off with the Mavericks going against a very strong wind and early possession inside of the Alamo City 22 twice only to lose possession on penalties fo the ball carrier rolling over the ball with the second one about 5 meters out. These were the only two of this nature called all day. Alamo City cleared with a big kick aided by the wind and the Maverick return kick was fielded from about 40 meters out and nice switch/scissor move enabled them to score in the corner at the 6 minute mark. A few minutes later Alamo City spun the ball wide from a ruck and an overlap and speed led to the first of a handful of long tries. The pack eventually was able to work the ball down the field where Tate Huni was able to bang over from a few meters out at the 18 minute mark to pull within 7. It only took a few minutes for Alamo City to extend their lead back to 12 with another long try that was followed by two more over the next 10 minutes. The Mavericks finished off the half strong with Tate banging over at full time to pull the Mavericks within 19 and looking forward to having the wind in the second half. Half Time: Alamo City - 31 Mavericks - 12

The second half saw the Mavericks start off strong once again pressuring Alamo City resulting in a penalty inside the 22 and with looking to get points the kick was attempted but the wind wasn't kind even with it at our backs. The Mavericks tried capitalize on the wind for better field position but it wasn't met to be as we couldn't score when we were two men up as Alamo City's captain got a yellow for talking back to the referee and their scrum half saw a red card after stomping on Chance's pretty face which resulted in a short by their February 10th rulings of a two month April 21st) suspension. Alamo City added penalty kick and two more long tries late in the half to close out the scoring. All in all our pack outplayed theirs but it was the speed of their backs that played the biggest part in their victory. With rugby to watch on all three pitches afterward, well that and beer let us put that game behind us and hopefully not make the three hour drive home seem so long unless Joe Kelly rode with you. He's blaming it on the Whataburger Onion Rings and not the 12 pack or so he drank at the field for spewing all over the side of my van while doing 75 MPH. Got more than Kolaches at the Czech Stop as Joe filled my tank (true, true, very true) but didn't help me and Tyler squeegy his vile from the van. Final Score: Alamo City - 46 Mavericks - 12
John K. - 3/8/07

Lake Highlands Park, Dallas - February 10, 2007

The Mavericks traveled to the Big City to take on the Dallas Diablos at Lake Highlands Park for the second time this season. As with last Diablo write up where I only witnessed the last 3 minutes of the match this one could be more interesting as I didn't even make it out due to a previous commitment. The scoring details were provided by Michael T. and a handful of you provided a few match but many of the post match drink up details.

With a number of players unavailable due to work, injury, other commitments and one with a rare case of colpitis your Mavericks still managed to field a side with lots of experience which translates to a bunch of old guys lead by Big L, Lari "L Factor" Licon, Karl Grassl and Mr. Offsides, Dan Stedman who found the perfect ref in Peanut for his style of game, i.e. cheating where he didn't have a single penalty called against him. It didn't take long to get on the board as Skale scored the first of his 5 tries at the 3 minute mark. Thunder made the conversion and the question would be will his kicking and overall play enable him to get back-to-back-to-back Man of the Match awards. Only time would tell. That score was followed with Robert "Red" Brooks scoring the first of his 4 tries at the 11 minute mark which was the first of consecutive conversions missed which said adios to Man of the Match for him. The Diablos had a game plan to keep Tate from scoring 6 tries as he did the last time they played and it worked as he only managed to score one time at the 15 minute mark but as in the last match got his shoulder dinged again. The last 20 minutes or so of the half your Mavericks scoring 6 more times with 2 tries from Skale, and one each from Red, Mexican Mike Martinez, Jason Petras and the return of Sione who was making his return after not playing since the 2003 TRU Championship Season, teamed up with his brother Skale to form the Tongan Tornado which resulted in him scoring at full time. Half Time Mavericks - 59 Diablos - 0

The second half saw our beloved coach, Shay lace them up which had everyone cringing on the sidelines whenever he tried to run as we might have witnessed the final disintegration of his knee. Good luck when you go under the knife in a few weeks. The Mavericks scored 6 times in the second half with Red and Skale scoring 2 each and Will and Lari Licon adding one a piece. Even with the numbers and age out there the Mavericks played a good match and were able to work on a few things. Asian Dave and the Old Guys has good games and Thunder's Man of the Match streak was broken as Red's play where he was all over the field and always moving the ball forward enable him to score four times and receive the award. With 15 tries scored you would have thought tat Richie the Rookie would have scored but he said that he intentionally didn't score a try because he was afraid to Zulu at Woodys. Given the post game party a Zulu would have been nothing as it was very entertaining. With the mood set Michael and Shay shared their food plate together like a married couple. Richie had a chance to redeem himself by leading us to victory in the boat race but he didn't understand the rules even though they were explained to him just seconds earlier. How the hell do you not understand "Chug Beer". The real highlight of the post match party were the parting gifts of c*ck rings, m*sturbation cream and Boybutter. Thunder fell for the rookie mistake of responding "It's too small" when asked to try out his c*ck ring which was followed by a chorus of "Prove it! Prove it!" to which he didn't comply. Final Score Mavericks - 97 Diablos - 0
John K. - 2/19/07

Cottonwood/McFalls Park, Grand Prairie - February 3, 2007

Your Mavericks hosted Denton at Cottonwood Park looking to position themselves for a run at the TRU DIII North Title. After rain and 40 degrees two weeks ago and sunny and 70 last week the weather was perfectly in between with a sunny 50 degrees which brought a good crowd of about 75 out to watch the match.

The match started off with Denton applying pressure that the Mavericks withstood. At the 15 minute mark good ball movement by the backs freed up Pee Wee for a run that came up just short resulting in a 5 meter lineout to Denton who were unable to clear out of their own end resulting in a lineout to the Mavericks from about 7 meters out. The lineout was won and the pack put together a nice driving maul that resulted in scrumhalf Mike Martinez diving over from less than a meter out which Thunder converted. After the restart Denton regained possession and move the ball deep into the Maverick end. An attempt by the Denton scrumhalf to dive over off a ruck from a meter out was held up resulting a 5 meter scrum. Denton won the scrum, spun the ball out and their inside center was able to break tackle and dive over between the posts at the 20 minute mark. The remainder of the half saw a lot of hard running and tackling by both sides with not many scoring opportunities for either side. Half Time - 12 Mavericks - 7 Denton - 7

The second half was much like the first half with neither side getting many scoring opportunities which lead to some boots, punches and hot heads as the match began to heat up. Given how evenly played the match had been so far it looked like one more score for either side would be enough to earn the victory and that was indeed the case. With the Mavericks having the throw in at their own 22 they called the long toss to the fly half coming up that went awry which Denton kicked into the corner and out raced the Maverick defense for an unconverted try at the 60 minute mark. The Mavericks still had a few chances to score inside Denton's half of the field but came up short in their efforts.Final Score Denton - 12 Mavericks - 7

The Mavericks played a hard game but got away from the forward play that had worked so well the past two weeks and the tight five wasn't as strong in the scrums as well. Many thanks to all of the supporters from both sides that came out to watch this exciting match. Won't be suprised if these two sides face off against one another at TRU's in April.
John K. - 2/8/07

Burr Field Austin, TX - January 27, 2007

Your Mavericks traveled down to Austin to take on the Huns in the first of four matches that were being held at Burr Field on a warm and sunny afternoon which seemed like Summer after last weekend. Due to the slate of matches kick off was scheduled for 12:30PM which translates to an early departure from IHOP and crossed fingers that the not so bright would remember the early time. Considering the earlier start time we only had a few late ones but we all arrived in Austin in plenty of time.

The match started with the Mavericks receiving and going against a rather nice wind but that didn?t keep them from spending quite a bit a time in the Huns half of the field. The pack started off strong with good support and scrummaging which they did well all afternoon. After a Huns infraction 10 meters out, Tate Huni who was back at Inside Center after a stellar performance at Tight Head last week took the quick tap and plowed through two defenders for the try. With the wind at their backs and an offside call the Huns were able to cut the lead to 4 with a 30 meter penalty kick at the 15 minute mark which was answered by Thunder a few minutes later extending the lead back to 7. With the sustained pressure the backs were able to capitalize with quick ball off a ruck that was spun out to Steve Roe who outraced the defender 30 meters to dot it down beneath the posts. For those who are wondering Steve Roe is Pee Wee?s given Christian/Jewish name. Another Maverick offsides at the 35 minute mark enabled the Huns to add another 3 points to close out the first half scoring. < b> HALF: MAVERICKS ? 17 HUNS ? 6

With the wind at the backs the Mavericks once again were able to spend a lot of time on the Huns half of the field. Young Scrumhalf Mike Martinez had a strong game with good runs and hard tackles which brought back memories of the days when Sean Petras was roaming the field. His hard work paid off when after multiple phases inside the 22 he was able to bang over off the base of a ruck extending the lead to 16. Not much later near the 50 minute mark Tate had a strong run breaking multiple tackles and before going down was able to pop to Robert ?Red? Brooks who was following in support and scored his second try in as many games. Following a Thunder penalty kick the Mavericks took the ensuing kick off and moved it quickly down field ending with Thunder scoring near the right corner for a 35-6 lead. The Huns were able to get a try on the board when an ill advised tap pass by Jason Petras on a pop kick went awry and their full back out raced two forwards (OK it really wasn?t a race as they weren?t loose forwards) for the score. The Mavericks were not done scoring as Will Swain was able to bang over from a few meters out and with full time approaching Jason was able to redeem himself when he took a pass and fended off 13 Huns to feed Thunder for one last try under the posts. This was a very good showing by the Mavericks and Chance was able to break the Burr Field Balsa Boy Jinx and leave the field unscathed for the first time ever. FINAL: MAVERICKS ? 47 HUNS ? 13
John K. - 1/30/07

Cottonwood/McFalls Park, Grand Prairie - January 20, 2007

After an onslaught of wintry weather to hit the Metroplex over the past week resulting in one postponed game, your Mavericks took on their cross town rival, DARC at Cottonwood Park. With a high of 40 degrees and a field that was half grass, half mud and half water it turned out to be one of the Muddiest games in the history of Maverick Rugby.

Considering the conditions you would have thought that the game would start off slow but that was not the case as your Mavericks underestimated the youth of DARC who applied early pressure. About 10 minutes in (that time as well as all others in this write up are approximate as our MSFL didn?t keep tabs on time because it was TOO cold) DARC was able to covert a Maverick infraction into 3 points. The Mavericks regrouped and began playing a solid, sound forward style of play that would carry well given the conditions. The pack stayed tight and new tight head prop, Tate Huni was able to bang one over after multiple phases around the 17 minute mark (see previous accuracy note) that Thunder converted for a 7-3 lead. Don?t know if it was the weather, mud, water or just a lack of discipline but multiple infractions led to another DARC penalty kick which pulled them within one. But once again your Mavericks bounced back and the forwards were able to produce points once again. A strong run by Tate with great forward support was finished off when Robert ?Red? Brooks picked up off the ruck and dove over giving the Mavericks an 8 point lead shortly before the half. HALF: MAVERICKS ? 14 DARC ? 6

We all know half time?s are short but in this case short would have been 30 seconds as the 3 ? 4 minutes seemed like an eternity as it didn?t take long for the bodies to start cooling down and extremities becoming even more numb after the number of lineouts in 6 inches of water as well as those who got tackled numerous times in Great Lakes of Grand Prairie (and that?s NO exaggeration). The Maverick pack picked up where it left off in the first half and was able to keep possession while still moving the ball down field. With the pack applying pressure Red was going for his second try but while doing a half gainer into the wading pool created by the soccer pukes in front of the try line he lost possession resulting in a 5 meter scrum (Half gainer score was a 8.75 and would have been a 9.75 if he had scored.) DARC was able to move the ball out about 10 meters but another knock resulted in yet another mud bath, a.k.a. scrum. The ball squirted out from the scrum that Jason Petras was able to scoop up and slither over for the try and extend the lead to 15. DARC was able to answer with an unconverted try with about 15 minutes left to pull within 10 but that was all they would get as the pack continued with their control and dominance resulting in Tate banging over another try converted by Thunder who ended a perfect day of kicking which has to be the "ONLY" reason why DARC picked him as Man of the Match or maybe it was him buying a handful of their guys a round of shots. DARC was looking to put one more score on the board in the last minute and were inside the Maverick 22. After a knock by the Mavericks the referee indicated the scrum would be the last play and a simple clearing kick would end the game. DARC won their scrum but lost the ball in the tackle and instead of feeding the ball back our #8 Extraordinaire, Chance decided to kick for touch himself. The kick was low but hard and would have found touch if Curtis Maples ?Testicles? weren?t in the way. If anyone has seen Curtis? left one let him know. Thanks to the 10 or so fans who braved the weather to watch the match and support the club. FINAL: MAVERICKS ? 28 DARC ? 11

John K. - 1/28/07

Cottonwood/McFalls Park, Grand Prairie - December 9, 2006

Your Mavericks closed out the Fall portion of their schedule with a Friendly match against Alliance RFC at Cottonwood Park. Alliance was a little short on numbers so we helped fill out their side so we could play a match with a full fifteen as it had been three weeks since our last match.

The pitch was in pristine condition and the weather was perfect for rugby with a slight wind coming out of the south. With Blobby, Bryant, Stedman and Asian Dave donning Alliances kit they kicked off to the Mavericks who took the opening kick and moved it to midfield before turning the ball over. Alliance countered with good ball movement started by their savvy 18 year old scrum half that led to a Maverick infraction at the ruck at the 4 minute mark from 25 meters out that Alliance was unable to convert. Two minutes later with a few Mavericks offside at the ruck Alliance were still unable to capitalize. The first 10-15 minutes had mixed results as the pack did well in controlling the ball but lack of support on the later phases led to loss of possession as Alliance poached well when support was late. The Mavericks finally got on the board at the 17 minute mark when Thunder was able to break through off a set piece play to go untouched from 30 meters out which he converted. After taking the ensuing kick and playing controlled rugby again, Chance Snow was able to break two tackles off a banger and even without his aerodynamic tights he had on during pregame he was still able to out race the defense for a 65 meter converted try at the 20 minute mark. The remainder of the half had it's share of knocks and infractions and this time as opposed to the Fort Worth match the Mavericks were ready for the quick taps and was able to keep Alliance at bay. HALF: MAVERICKS - 14 ALLIANCE - 0.

The second half has a few more switches with Cheech, Durtis and yours truly switching sides and giving Alliance the spark they needed (well at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it) to put some points on the board. The Mavericks kicked off and regained possession quickly and with the ball being spun out wide Skale was able to break a tackle, juke another defender to score a converted try. A deflected Alliance clearing kick was recovered by Skale who did an impersonation of his first try for another one at the 50 minute mark. Alliance was able to mount some pressure inside the Maverick 10 which led to their Lock (no, not me) diving over from a few meters out for a converted try at the 57 minute mark. The try turned out to be costly to the Mavericks as Blobby who was making his return since the infamous "Crying" match at Fort Sill got rucked into the posts by his brother, Durtis and hosed up his knee again. Coming soon to a Dump near you - MFC II (Maples Fight Championship Two). There was no scoring until the Bean, doing an Earl Campbell - UT bare midriff/run 'em over impression by taking a banger from 15 meters out and run over, through and drag defenders across the line at the 74th minute. On the ensuing restart the Mavericks had won the ruck but careless feet caused it to pop out where their other Lock (yes, me) scooped it up, turned on the jets, spun it wide and watched as Thunder and Skale couldn't decide who should tackle the wing who ran right between them. With time winding down Alliance lost possession after the restart and Skale was able to score one more time at the 78 minute mark. FINAL: MAVERICKS - 40 ALLIANCE - 12
John K. - 12/10/06

Lake Highlands Park, Dallas - November 18, 2006

Your Mavericks renewed their rivalry with DARC with a Cup match in Dallas. It was another unseasonably warm and dry day that left the pitch at Lake Highlands Park a little on the extra firm side which made North Lake Park in Denton seem soft in comparison. I have drank a lot of beer since took place almost two weeks ago so excuse me if I am missing some details.

Kick-off was delayed as DARC's kit hadn't arrived in time so they donned our B-side Hawaiin jerseys which seemed a bit strange on the eyes the first few minutes. DARC fielded a young side and determined side who played a strong game. The match started with the game in DARC's end of the field and the pressure led to an infraction and penalty kick from 20 meters out by Thunder at the 6 minute mark. The next 15 minutes was still played in the DARC end for the most part until our defense and tackling let us down as "Z" got the ball near his own goal line, zigged and zagged for 40 meters and outraced the rest of the purcuit for the last 50 meters to dot down a try under the posts at the 23 minute mark. The conversion was missed which would come back to haunt DARC. You Mavericks kept up the pressure but an array of knocks, forward passes and lack of support at rucks kept them from putting any more points on the board. HALF TIME: DARC - 5 MAVERICKS - 3

The second half started with DARC now wearing their blue and gold hoops which we had grown so accustomed to seeing over the years. As in the first half the Mavericks continued with their pressure but just couldn't manage to put together enough phases to punch one across. The pressure and level of experience of DARC's younger players resulted in a handful of infractions early in the half. At the 9 minute mark Thunders attempt at a 25 meter penalty kicked never had a chance as it was close to being a worm burner but he was able to redeem himself by slotting one at the 20 minute mark to give the Mavericks a 1 point lead. DARC's Wing had a few nice breaks but the Mavericks defense was up to task and was able to kep him from doing too much damage. While the Mavericks were clinging to the smallest of leads, James Swain who was playing in his first match in 2-7 years depending on who you talk to was able to capatilze on some nice loops and passing to score and uncoverted try in the corner at the 37 minute mark. A 6 point lead with 3 minutes to go left the Mavericks feeling good and the game was in the bag until Michael Twaddell jinxed a clearing kick that their flyhalf moved to back into Maverick territory and about 35 meters out with a minute left. The ball got hung up and on the ensuing scrum DARC used an 8 man pick to the weak left side for the first time all game and somehow we managed to not tackle him until he was at the goal line and scored about 10 meters to the left of the posts at full time to pull DARC within 1. As the young kid was lining p the kick his teammates insisted to keep telling him that if he makes the kick they win. Needless to say the pressure got to him and his kick wasn't even close. FINAL SCORE: MAVERICKS - 11 DARC - 10

The game came down to the last play but on this day it shouldn't have. Credit is certainly due to DARC who played a good game with a younger side but if your Mavericks can stop giving up the long tries and the forwards provide more consistent support and show some more patience in loose play the outcome would never have been in jeopardy.
John K. - 11/29/06

Lake Highlands Park, Dallas - November 18, 2006

John K. - 11/29/06

Rolling Hills Park, Fort Worth - November 11, 2006

After a few weeks off your Mavericks headed down the road a few miles to take on Fort Worth in a Friendly at Rolling Hills Park. Injuries amongst other things resulted in only 14 players dressing out and we were loaned an Old Boy to make it a full 15. Very disappointing numbers with a cup match just a week away but since I caught anonymous crap for ranting in the Denton write up I'll refrain and keep to the match.

The Mavericks started with good possession and control by the pack, lead by Will Swain who had a great game, spent most of the first 10 minutes on Fort Worth's side of the field. After pressuring to within meters of scoring a try a penalty turned the ball over to Fort Worth who caught your Mavericks slow to turn and face and quick tapped for long try after some missed tackles at the 14 minute mark, After the restart the Maverick pack provided the same pressure getting inside the 22 but with the same result. Penalty and quick tap for a long try at the 17 minute mark. You would have thought after the first time we wouldn't let that happen again but we were probably subconsciously thinking about the "Poor Discipline" hat trick and as we let them run in one more quick tap from about 60 meters 10 minutes later. I think the Fitness Czar will be having his way with us at practice this week. As with most of the half the pressure of playing a good part of it in Fort Worth's end finally paid off. A Fort Worth clear pass hit the cross bar and Experienced Wing Forward Extraordinaire Karl Grassl was able to do the old catch and flop for a try at the 36 minute mark which Thunder converted. HALF TIME: FORT WORTH - 15 MAVERICKS - 7

The second half started with Maverick pressuring Fort Worth in their end that resulted in a penalty inside the 22 by Thunder at the 47 minute mark. A breakdown after the restart allowed Fort Worth to score a converted try. After the restart the Mavericks regained possession and the pack continued their strong play with multi-phase rugby that led to Midget Mexican Mike Martinez Mulder (5M) a.k.a. MOJITO picking up from a ruck and crashing through 2 Fort Worth defenders at the 55 minute mark. Thunder's conversion brought the score to 22-17. With 25 minutes left this match was far from over but with quite a few players shuffled around due to numbers it finally started to catch up to the Mavericks as we somehow forgot how to tackle and Fort Worth added 3 more tries. FULL TIME: FORT WORTH - 39 MAVERICKS - 17

John K. - 11/15/06

North Lakes Park, Denton - October 21, 2006

Doing a write up after any loss bites but having to do one after a loss to a team that we don?t care for really sucks especially when we didn?t play the way we can. So this is going to be short and sweet as we all know what happened. We were down 14-7 at the half and 17-7 with about 20 minutes left in the match after which we let any chance of winning get away.

Not everyone checks out other clubs websites but for those of you who don?t this is what thye had to say about the match. ?Denton blasts Arlington in season opener.? Denton Men's Rugby started their season with a critical 36-7 win against division rival Arlington on Saturday. Game play began quickly with Denton demonstrating their experience in both set and loose play. Flanker Henry Blair scored two key tries early to place Denton ahead by 14. Arlington fought back with quick passing to place the game 14-7 by half. The second half saw nearly complete domination by Denton.

. It?s time to put this loss behind us as there is still a lot of rugby left and a Cup match against DARC in two weeks but that is easier said than done. We know what we need to do but it?s not going to happen without commitment. We suffer our first loss of the season leaving a bad taste in our mouths but it must not have been too bad for most as it showed in the turnout or lack of it for practice this past week.

I am not like the Thunder?s, Red?s and Jason?s of this club who get fired up as they try to inspire the best out of all of us but I can say I?m very disappointed by the lack of commitment this past week. Three weeks in between matches is a long stretch but also the perfect time to work on the things we need to improve on but not with the numbers that came out. There were 6 out on Tuesday and was doubled with 13 on Thursday, 5 of which were there on Tuesday.

At the end of Thursdays practice we talked about commitment from those in attendance as to whether we want to play Competitive or Social Rugby. The players there, now known as Thunder?s Dozen DON?T want to hear the word ?Social? when talking rugby and are committed to the season. Question now is are the other dozen or so of you who weren?t there ready to do the same. I know that a lot of us have family and/or work commitments that prevent us from making both practices and we understand that and we would never ask you to choose between the two. But I am talking about when it?s a cold and wet or you had a crappy day at work and you would rather stay home and knock back a few or just want to veg on your couch being a bum and don?t bother to show. You are not the only one who has those as I?ll be the first to admit that I feel like that from time to time but that is when you need to make the commitment. Your couch, beer and whatever else will still be there when you get home.

As Shay said earlier he doesn?t expect us to be playing our best rugby until February but that can?t happen if we don?t start working on it now. I not only made a commitment to the club from an officers standpoint but to the team as a player as well and I hope you all do the same because this might sound corny but a TEAM is Together Everyone Achieving More. See you all Tuesday.
John K. - 10/30/06

Cottonwood/McFalls Park, Grand Prairie - October 14, 2006

The Mavericks hosted the Dallas Diablos for their first home match of the season at our new home pitch for the upcoming season, Cottonwood Park or as Grand Prairie now refers to it, McFalls Park. Calling it a pitch is a somewhat generous unless a the definition of a pitch is dirt, weeds and holes. Many thanks go to Corey, Thunder, Chance, Red and whoever else it was who went out on Friday with dirt and paint in hand to get the field lined and playable by filling in the cracks ands holes.

This write up might be lacking since I got to the pitch with 3 minutes left in the match due to a previous committment which I will not go into for fear of having to listen to another round of Coach Flowers long winded, animated ball busting. I did receive comments and feedback from some as to the events of the game and will do my best to present them.

The rain might have stopped shortly before kick off but the Mavericks started their own storm by raining tries all afternoon. Tate "Hopewell" Huni picked up where he left off against Fort Sill in our first cup match and scored the first 3 tries within 14 minutes with Dan "Thunder" O'Connell converting the 1st and 3rd. 5 Minutes later Robert "Red" Brooks took dirty ball off a Diablo lineout and went untouched for a 50 meter try. Don't really know how long it was as Red told me he was suprised that there was no opposition so it was probably more like 5 meters. Skale scored shortly after that which was followed by a Thunder try at the 26 minute mark. The Maverick storm dried up as they were suprisingly unable to score for the next 13 minutes. Don't know why as I wasn't there but I would bet that Coach Flowersvwas not happy at all with that drought. The half ended with Thunder kicking penalty. WTFO - We had already scored 6 tries and we kick a friggin' penalty instead of running? Half Time Mavericks - 43 Diablos - 0

The second half was pretty much the same as the first half with exception of no 13 minute droughts or penalty kicks. Jason Petras started the half with a try he converted at the 44 minute mark. That was followed by a pair of tries by Rookie Scrum Half and Zulu Warrior Mike Martinez who was joined by Viet Tran at the Post Game Party which is another funny story in itself as Viet did his Zulu last year against the Grads on 6th Street (literally on the street) but since it was his birthday he was told he had to do it again and he did. Don't know if it was the Jager-Bombs and Tequila or the fact that a handful of hte Diablos were still at the bar. Perhaps it was both. And to think that he going to be a Doctor. Obviously he won't be a Brain Surgeon. The scoring continuesd with a Jerry Melchor (Hi my name is All Star) try sandwiched by a pair of scores by Tate. OK that sounded somewhat lame but hey when you only see 3 minutes of the match you gotta get creative. At the 35 minute mark Thunder scored a try that he converted to give the Mavericks 88 points. At practice on Thursday Coach Flowers made joking comments about hanging 100 on them but of course with the varying IQ level not everyone understood that so there was 5 minutes left to score twice to hit that mark which is about the time I finally made it to the pitch. There was some good rucking by the pack who are just totally awesome. Well at least that's who Tate's giving the credit to for him being able to score 6 times this day. From the 10 meters out Big Jesse got the ball off a banger and plowed through for a converted try with 1 minute left. After the kick-off and ensuing penalty against the Diablos the ball was spun wide from about midfield and was finished off by Tate in the corner who completed his Double Hat Trick of tries. Final Score Mavericks - 100 Diablos - 0

John K. - 10/18/06

Fort Worth, TX - October 7, 2006

The Mavericks traveled across town with 20+ players to Fort Worth to participate in the Men?s Open Division of the 21st Cowtown Tournament. With 3 matches on the slate there would be plenty of game for all players.

First up was a 10:00AM match against Texas Wesleyan Law School. What a difference a week makes as temperature at kick-off was easily 20 degrees cooler than it was last week in Lawton. The Mavericks did well with maintaining possession early in the game and after 10 phases by the pack, Chance Snow was able to dive over from the back of the ruck meters from the goal line at the 6 minute mark which was converted by Thunder. The Mavericks did well with keeping pressure on TWU in the first half which resulted in an unsuccessful penalty kick and nothing else. Halftime Mavericks ? 7 TWU ? 0.

The second half continued with the same possession retention and pressure but the Mavericks just couldn?t seem to turn that into points. Another TWU infraction provided another unsuccessful penalty kick from in front of the posts because according to Thunder it was too straight. At 36 minutes Red Brooks was able to bang one over near the corner that Thunder converted because it was from a tough angle and not straight on like his previous kicks. Final Score Mavericks ? 14 TWU ? 0.

After a too long of a wait of over 3 hours in between matches next up was a 2:00PM kick-off against the Quins Old Boys who had quite a few funny talkers and a couple hundred years of experience. The game was played within the 22?s most of the half and the Quins took the lead at 7 minutes by slotting a penalty on one of the many infractions called around the ruck all day. A chase down of a Maverick clearing kick by newcomer Devario Johnson looked to have 5 points written all over it as the ball took a good bounce but he was unable to get by the last defender after his long run. The long run resulted in him spewing but you have to give him some credit as he waited until he got to the sideline until launching his projectiles. Half Time Quins ? 3 Mavericks ? 0.

The second half was a lot of the same as in the first half with another Maverick ruck infraction resulting in a successful penalty kick at 26 minutes for the Quins. The Mavericks started to apply pressure and a long run by Skale deep inside the 22 was thwarted by yet another ruck infraction. The Mavericks kept up some decent pressure but were never able to capitalize on the speed advantage in the back line and put a try on the board. Final Score Quins ? 6 Mavericks ? 0.

A 1-1 record put the Mavericks in the 3rd Place Match against rival Denton who earned the other spot with the same record by beating DARC and losing to San Antonio in pool play. Both sides came out hitting hard as what has come to be expected when these two clubs meet. Denton applied pressure early in the match and tried to use their big pack to maul over a try but could not budge the Maverick pack on numerous attempts. At the 12 minute mark Denton was able to score an unconverted try by their wing from 30 meters out after some quick ball movement to the outside. Half time Denton ? 5 Mavericks ? 0.

The Mavericks came out strong in the second half and 3 minutes in with some good support and multi-phase rugby from the forwards, All-Star, who was questionable during warm ups due to cramping (he said something about it being that time of the month for him) was able to bang over for a try that Thunder converted. Knowing a 2 point lead would be tough to hold the Mavericks continued to apply the pressure and attack. At the 31 minute mark the ball was spun to Devario Johnson on the wing about 35 meters out and a pound lighter from his earlier hurling episode and he outraced the Denton defenders for a try in the corner which was Thunder?s only missed angle conversion of the day. But at least he didn?t drop any kicks this day. With Denton knowing a converted try would knot things up at 12 they started to put more pressure on the Mavericks and with 4 minutes left appeared to be heading for that try. A 2 on 1 on the outside with Thunder being the lone defender who was in the process of being obstructed had try written all over until out of nowhere comes Big Jesse McClure who makes a diving try saving tackle. Denton kept up the pressure inside the Maverick 22 with running their Big Hot Dog Neck Prop on a banger that was thwarted by Rookie Ryan Hales who came up and stopped in him cold. The Mavericks were able gain possession and after a shaky clearing kick by rookie scrum half Mike Martinez that almost had Acting Coach Michael Twadell crap himself the Mavericks reversed the pressure to gain possession to end the game. Final Score Mavericks ? 12 Denton ? 5.

All in all it was a good tournament as valuable playing time was provided to the new players which will help them as we continue on with our Cup Schedule.
John K. - 10/9/06

Lawton, OK - September 30, 2006

The Mavericks made the 3 hour drive north to Oklahoma to start their 2006-2007 Cup Season with a match against a Fort Sill side that has combined with OKC for the season. Even though it was the last day of September you would have thought that it was mid-August with the temperature approaching triple digits by kick-off which would eventually take it?s toll on both sides.

The match started with the Mavericks receiving and after several phases and good, hard running from inside center, Tate Huni and support from the pack, Red Brooks was able to score an unconverted try from 5 meters out at the 2 minute mark. The Mavericks continued to apply pressure with good hard running and support but handling errors and unlucky tactical kicking provided Fort Sill an opportunity which they capitalized on with an unconverted try at the 18 minute mark to tie the score at 5 all. The Mavericks kept applying the pressure with resulted in a try by Skale at 21 minutes that Thunder converted. A Maverick infraction at the 25 minute mark gave Fort Sill the chance to pull within 4 but their kick from 25 meters was wide left. After another infraction minutes later from about the same distance Fort Sill decided to run the ball rather than go for points. They tapped to their version of the ?Bean? who was met head on and stopped by Blobby Maples but not before his knee buckled and the ear piercing screams began. As he lay there CRYING our Fudge-Sicle Coach, Shay (It has nothing to do with skin color) thought about calling for an ambulance until Blobby started complaining that the ?Sun? was in his eyes as he was laying there supposedly in pain and asked him to shield his eyes.

Doctor Appointment Co-Pay - $20
Bottle of Ibuprofen 200mg - $5
Endless Blobby Abuse ? PRICELESS

The Mavericks continued with controlling the ball as they did most of the half which resulted in some nifty running by Thunder who converted his own try at the 30 minute mark. Half Time Mavericks ? 19 Fort Sill ? 5.

The second half started with Fort Sill receiving but they were not able to make any ground and kicked away possession which the Mavericks were able to capitalize on. Just as in the first half Tate continued with his hard running was able to drag a few defenders over from a few meters out at the 43 minute mark for an unconverted try. About 10 minutes later it was Tate once again bowling his way through for a converted try. After a Forward?s favorite, scrum on one side of the field and the backs lose it all the way on the other side it appeared we would be scrumming again but Skale did his Pele impersonation and chased his worm burner about for meters for the try at the 57 minute mark. Just past the mid-way point of the half a poor clearing kick was fielded at near our 10 meter line by the Fort Sill fullback who some say didn?t have speed or moves but managed to elude 6 or 7 Mavericks on his way to scoring the last points for Fort Sill. The scoring was closed out as Tate score once more at full time.

The Mavericks controlled their own scrums and lineouts and were successful in spoiling their opponents. The rucking and support was good in the first half but the heat and lack of fitness took it toll in the second half and prevented the Mavericks from playing the type of rugby that made us successful.. It was a good start to the season but we know what needs to be done to improve on last season. Final Score Mavericks ? 43 Fort Sill ? 10.

John K. - 10/4/06

Burr Field Austin, TX - April 2, 2006

It was a cloudy and humid morning with what was an early kick-off at least mentally due to the time change. Your Mavericks took on McAllen for the TRU Championship and the Number 3 seed in the Western RFU Championships in Fort Worth the end of April.

The first half of the game was played evenly for the most part but the Mavericks mouths, lack of discipline, and poor tackling led two converted McAllen tries. Going into this game the Mavericks had only give up two tries during the Spring Season so it was a little shocking but not something we couldn?t overcome. The Mavericks kept pressing but were unlucky with some opportunities and McAllen added a well deserved try shortly before the half. Half Time: McAllen ? 19 Maverick ? 0.

Starting the second half in any match down against any opponent by 19 points is a tough task at hand that your Mavericks were unable to overcome. The Mavericks played a much better game offensively in the second half and were able pull to within 29-19 with about 10 minutes to play but with a late try with a Maverick in the Sin Bin squelched any chances of a Maverick comeback. Final Score: McAllen ? 34 Maverick ? 19.

Congratulations to McAllen on a well played game and Championship and we look forward to the possibility of playing them again in Westerns. Thanks to all Maverick players, fans, family and supporters who were there this weekend as well as all season. We look forward to seeing you and all of out supporters and alumni on the sidelines at Westerns.
John K. - 4/3/06

Bur Field, Austin - April 1, 2006

Your Mavericks traveled down to Burr Field in Austin to take on the Number 1 seed from the TRU South, Alamo City in the first of two DIII Semi-Finals. The sun was hot and the field was green but hard and the Mavericks were ready for the challenge. Jason Petras? pre-game talk regarding ?Remember the Alamo? and the fighting off ?10,000 Mexicans? except for All-Star? confused the educated Mavericks but inspired the rest of the lot.

The Mavericks were against the wind the first half but it didn?t become as big a deterrent as anticipated since Alamo City didn?t use the wind as expected and Thunder did a good job with his clearing kicks when they did try to pin us deep. The Mavericks had some opportunities early but couldn?t capitalize. Alamo City also provide some early pressure from about 10 meters out but we were able to hold them out. About halfway thru the first half Jason Petras took an inside scissor and went untouched for a converted try. Half Time: Mavericks ? 7 Alamo City ? 0.

The Mavericks used the wind to their advantage with Thunder kicking well to pin Alamo City in their own end. The second half turned into another Skale Tackling Highlight Reel as he punished every ball carrier that was near him causing three stoppages in play with two of them having to leave the pitch. At the halfway mark Thunder nailed a penalty kick from about 25 meters out for a 10-point lead. Not long after that around the 70-minute mark Steve Mattingly was able to break through from about 20 meters out or a converted try. Final Score: Mavericks ? Alamo City ? 0.

The victory secured a spot in the Western RFU Championships later this month and a meeting with McAllen, the South Number 2 seed who beat Midland in the other Semi-Final.
John K. - 4/3/06

Parr Park - Grapevine, TX - March 18, 2006

The onslaught of rain in the area this weekend resulted in the match being moved from Corsair Park to Parr Park in Grapevine which your Mavericks hadn?t graced in quite some time. The rain let up before kick-off and the sun showed signs of trying to break through but never did. The rain did hold off for most of the match but it had already done its damage leaving a very wet field and quite a few puddles.

It was our first game in 3 weeks and a playoff spot on the line but as in our last game against the Huns our opponent came out harder and more determined and this time with aspirations of knocking the Mavericks out of a spot in the TRU?s. After the 10 minutes the Mavericks got their heads on straight and started applying pressure in the Diablos end. The wet field definitely played it?s part with controlling the ball in hand as the Mavericks knocked on many chances in the first half and ended up with only 2 converted tries for all of that hard work. Halftime - Mavericks 14 Diablos 0

With a halftime score closer than expected the Mavericks came out much more determined than the start of the match and continued to put the pressure on the Diablos that they were able to capitalize on. The Mavericks were able to score a few quick tries to start the half that gave them some breathing room. Jason Petras was man of the match with 4 tries. Excuse me ? This the Wireless Voice Mail Operator with a correction - That was 3 tries as he GAVE the 4th one to Red ?I?m Not Done Playing Yet? Brooks who was very deserving as he was all over the field supporting the pack as well as the back. Final Score ? Mavericks 47 Diablos 0

After starting the season 2-3 your Mavericks finished strong to close the season with a 9-3 record and a date in the TRU playoffs April 1st against Alamo City RFC. Thanks to all who have made this a successful cup season and we look forward to making a long run into the playoffs.
John K. - 3/19/06

Burr Field - Austin, TX - February 25, 2006

The Mavericks traveled down to Austin looking to extend their winning streak to six and keep their play off hopes alive. With all of the rain in the area the past few days the match was moved from Zilker Park to Burr Field, which has been our home away from home this year. Since a High School match was already scheduled on the second pitch we landed on third pitch which didn?t have much in the way of grass when we started and even less when it was all over.

The Huns came out hitting hard and pressured early catching the Mavericks a bit surprised as perhaps we were a little too confident at the start. The first part of the half was played between the 22?s and around the midway mark the Huns were able to score a converted try after pressure off a clearing kick led to an interception and 30 meter run. The Huns were not done applying pressure and came close to scoring shortly after their try but the Mavericks were able to ward of the attack and get the ball out of their own end. The thought of going down by two tries brought some life in the Mavericks who started mounted pressure of their own. There were a handful of opportunities from about 10 meters out but a combination of the pack being over anxious and lack of support and loosing ball in the ruck saw those chances go by the way side. Half Time Huns ? 7 Mavericks ? 0.

With a pep talk or two and inspiration and determination from Red and Will the pack came out much stronger in the second half and provided more support to the backs which was lacking in the first half. About ten minutes into the second half the Huns were inside their own 22 and pressure from our backs resulted in the Mavericks stealing the ball where Steve Mattingly eluded a would be tackler from about 10 meters out and drug another one over to dot it down near the corner which Thunder converted. With the Mavericks confidence starting to build again they kept the pressure on and about 10 minutes later the Huns were called for an infraction about 25 meters out to the right of the posts. The Mavericks passed twice in the first half at posts as the footing wasn?t good but couldn?t pass up the opportunity to take the lead this time. Thunder?s kick was wide left but the Huns decided to run it out of in-goal and made it about 10 meters before contact and losing the ball. After another Huns infraction and series of bangers Jason Petras crashed through two Huns and the referee for an unconverted try. The Mavericks kept up the pressure, causing the Huns to kick away possession, which eventually cost them with about 15 minutes to play. The pack kept up the pressure inside the Huns half with bangers at their backs and an overload was created on the right. Some quick ball movement out to Snots on the wing who made a nice grab of the pass, dished it back into Jason who went the last 20 meters untouched to score under the posts. The rest of the game was spent in the midfield area with the Huns still kicking away possession trying to pin the Mavericks deep but were unsuccessful as Thunder?s clearing kicks were on the money at the end.

This was a very hard fought game even with the handful of injuries sustained your Mavericks kept on fighting and made the long, wet trip worthwhile. Final Score Mavericks ? 19 Huns ?7.
John K. - 2/26/06

Wichita Falls, TX - February 11, 2006

Mavericks 22, MSU 5 The Mavericks extended their winning streak to five games and tagged MSU with their second loss of the season. MSU?s first loss was also to the Mavericks and marked the beginning of our streak.

Arlington actually suited up more players than MSU, which shouldn?t be surprising considering that we have 437 CIPP'd players. Oh sorry, that?s Austin. The weather was sunny cool and would have been a perfect rugby day were it not for the bitterly cold 30-MPH wind blowing straight into the southeast corner of the field.

MSU got the wind in the first half but due to a combination of weak-footed backs on their side and good coverage by Thunder, Mattingly and Jesse/Viet/Not Shinya on our side they could not take advantage. A good chunk of first-half play stayed between Arlington?s 22-meter line and midfield, but MSU rarely put any serious pressure on the Mavericks try line.

Arlington got on the board first with some sweet back-line play. The ball moved all the way out to the right to Jesse/Viet/NS with some room to run. Mattingly came all the way across in support from the weak side wing position and passed off to Thunder who touched down in the corner of the try zone and a 5-0 lead. Midland got back in the game with a lot of banging in the pack. Their #4 was both very big and very athletic and caused more problems in the Maverick defense than any other MSU player. MSU moved the ball down the field almost entirely in the pack and scored to even the game at 5-5 before halftime.

The second half was all Mavericks. Deft kicking by everyone except Will Swain kept Arlington in MSU?s end for nearly the entire half. (To Will?s credit, he did very well at all the things an 8-man is actually supposed to do.) Excellent lineout work in tough conditions between Superstar and Jenda kept Arlington in possession. Thunder converted a penalty kick from about 18 meters to give the Mavericks the lead. Corey Coogan created an opening by threatening to infect the entire MSU pack with his death cough and scored Arlington?s second try of the game. Thunder converted this one for a 15-5 lead. Later in the half MSU got called twice in a row for pulling down a maul. On the second one Thunder ended up with the ball in his hands and the entire MSU team within five meters of the penalty mark. He quick tapped and started running through the defense. As they moved in for the tackle the very competent but politically incorrect referee ordered MSU to ?get away from that Mick? until he had gone 10 meters. He got through the defense and into the try zone once again and converted to push the score to 22-5. Arlington tried desperately for that fourth try that would have given us a bonus point in the standings but could not push another one over.
Pee Wee Cub Reporter - 2/17/06

Cottonwood Park - January 28, 2006

Midland Game We finally got the rain the area has needed but it caused Corsair Park to be unplayable but with the help of Thunder ?The Metric Geek? and Balsa Boy and their infrared vision we were able to get Cottonwood Park ready for what was another important cup match against Midland. The sun started to break through just before kick off and it turned out to be an excellent day for rugby. The pre-game pep talk was inspirational as this was Angry Dan Boyd?s last game as the Amy is sending him off for a three year Octoberfest and the Mavericks were determined to make sure his last game as a Maverick ended in victory. The game started with the Mavericks putting good pressure on the Midland pack, which eventually resulted in an infraction at a ruck and a Thunder penalty kick from about 20 meters out at the 10 minute mark. The Mavericks kept up the pressure and another Midland infraction led to a Thunder penalty kick from just outside the 22 at the 14 minute mark. The Mavericks spent a good part of the first half on Midlands?s side of the 50 but were only able to put one try on the board. In what looked like the backs imitating the aggressiveness of the pack so far, from about 12 meters out Sean Petras picked up off a ruck and with the support of the back line they formed what would be classified as a driving maul of sorts which ended with Steve Mattingly touching down between the posts at the 28 minute mark which Thunder converted. There was no further scoring but you could see that Midland began to get a little frustrated; as this wasn?t the same Maverick team they faced in October. Halftime Score - Mavericks 13 Midland 0. The second half started with a few substitutions and the one with the most impact was Skale and all I have to say is, ?Thank God He Plays For Us?. He had a handful of hits that made you cringe. There were some complaints that he wasn?t wrapping but that wasn?t the case. He was hitting so hard that the player he hit bounced off him so fast that he couldn?t get his arms around him. After a Maverick infraction at the breakdown by a forward, not sure which one but it was probably Will, don?t know for sure if it was Will but he said he didn?t get enough love in the UT Grad write up so we?ll blame it on him. Midland?s baby faced flyhalf slotted the posts from 25 meters out at the 48 minute mark. It was at this time that the Tongan Tackle Highlight Reel began filming. With Midland looking to get back into the game Skale hit the Midland wing at around their own 10 so hard that the ball nearly traveled to the 22 where Mattingly grubbed it further that Skale chased down for the try at the 60 minute mark that Thunder converted. Throughout the second half things were getting heated that lead to a handful of scuffles and a few punches but no cards were issued. The Mavericks put another try on the board from a kick and chase by Mattingly at the 70 minute mark that Thunder converted. With the Mavericks looking for that 4th try and bonus point, Midland turned up the pressure and spent the last few minutes inside our 22 but were unable to put one across before time expired. Another good game played by the Mavericks with the forwards and backs doing a good job of supporting each other in open play. Some stupid penalties due to self control, common rugby sense and not knowing when to be quiet might have cost them the chance to get that 4th try. The Mavericks got an important win and were able to send a great friend and rugby player off with one last victory. Take care Dan, we?ll miss you. Final Score ? Mavericks 27 Midland 3
John K. - 1/29/06

Corsair Park - January 21, 2006

On a nice cool and as usual, windy day at Corsair Park the Arlington Mavericks took on the UT Grads looking to avenge last October?s loss and get back in the race in the TRU North Division. The Mavericks kicked off and after an infraction by the Grads 2:00 minutes in Thunder converted a penalty from 20 meters out. Arlington took the kick off and moved the ball down field where Don Weatherby had a nice 20 meter run that was capped off with what one could call a driving maul of sorts from a few meters out that Jason Petras scored under the posts at the 5:00 minute mark which Thunder converted. The next few minutes were played around midfield when a kick to touch after a Maverick infraction gave them a lineout at the 5 meter line. But as would be the case all day the Maverick defense stood the test pushing the Grads back to the 22 where at the 10:00 minute mark Jason intercepted a pass and was looking to go the distance but came up limping just before midfield but he had great support from Adam ?New Daddy? Ellis who outraced two defenders to dot it down under the posts which Thunder converted. In the first half the Maverick pack was not consistent winning their own scrums which cost us when at the 15:00 minute mark the Grads speedy fly half got ball on his own 10 and found a hole or two and raced untouched for 60 meters for an unconverted try in the corner. The Mavericks had 2 additional scoring opportunities in the first half but Thunder missed a pair of penalty kicks, one 30 meters that was just short and wide out just as that unpredictable Corsair wind started to pick up again just as he was kicking. The other was from just inside the 22 and we?ll blame the wind on that because you can?t on the ones from the second half. Halftime Score - Mavericks 17 UT Grads 5.

The second half started quick like the first half did with the Mavericks taking the kick off and moving it down the field quickly with some nice open play form the pack. At the 42:00 minute mark from about 25 meters out Angry Dan Boyd broke a few tackles and had only a small, undersized, lightweight fullback between him and the posts standing at the 5 meter line. As he was running you could hear the crowd yelling run him over Dan, run him over. Well to everyone?s amazement that didn?t happen and the fullback made a nice tackle but as with almost all of the game the Maverick support was there and Dan popped the ball up to Shay Flowers who dotted it down under the posts to complete the ?Chocolate? try which Thunder converted for the last time. Even with a 19 point deficit the Grads kept pounding away only to be denied time and time again from inside the Maverick 22. The second half also saw the Mavericks scrumming much better and stealing over half of the Grads puts. At the 60:00 minute mark the Mavericks were awarded penalty outside the Grads 22 and elected to run it to get that 4th try and bonus and so they did. The pack ran a few phases after which Jason broke through from 20 meters out to score it just right of the posts and when I say just right I mean his shoulder nearly hit the pad. Thunder pulled a Vanderjagt on the conversion and missed it wide left. The Mavericks made a handful of substations for the last 20 minutes but the intensity never changed and any thoughts of the Grads scoring were squelched. The final score came at the 78:00 minute mark when Jerry ?Superstar? Melchor was rewarded for his work at stealing the Grads puts and providing support when he scored to the left of the posts from about 7 meters out after some great multiphase work from the pack. Thunder?s conversion attempt, yeah you guessed it, sailed wide right. But his play at fullback overshadowed his kicking as he was superb counter attacking the Grads attempts to pin the Mavericks with their kicking game. All in all the Mavericks played what was probably their best game of the season so far as they worked as a cohesive unit and didn?t commit many mistakes or foolish penalties. Final Score ? Mavericks 34 UT Grads 5

John "Even I'm Better Than Pee Wee" Kurylas - 1/25/06

Burr Field, Austin - January 7, 2006

The Austin Lonestars came out tougher than expected. The Mavs countered with moans and complaints earmarked for the referee for much of the first half. The ref countered with a plethora of penalties accompanied by tireless criticism of the state of affairs. At one point the ref was said to have commented that the players were like ?a bunch of old women?, and I guess he was right. Some on the field were kinda old and some were kinda women.

Chance Snow made a highlight reel tackle on the opening kick resulting in a penalty. He then took himself out of the game after once again experiencing the curse of Burr Field. Heard mumbling ?First the shits and now this,? he headed for the hospital where doctors once again determined that his bones were in fact made of balsa wood.

At the end of the half the score was fairly close. This author drink heavily and can no longer recall the score. During the second half some rugby was played. The heavier Maverick pack was dominant and fed their backs plenty of ball which resulted in several tries. When the final beers were consumed the six remaining Mavs noticed the average age of those remaining was close to 45. This matched the final score 45-0.

The first half was marred by moaning and complaining to such a degree that this referee had to appeal to the better senses of the players by suggesting that they sounded more like a bunch of old women than rugby players, and reminding them that it is a rough contact sport.

Seemed to work as the second half was much better and the teams settled down to play the game. Indeed there was one period when there was continuous play for 4 or 5 minutes with no whistle. The heavier Maverick pack was dominant and fed their backs plenty of ball which resulted in several tries.

Karl "Better Than Pee Wee" Grassl - 1/25/06

Corsair Park - December 10, 2005

For the second week in a row we caught a nice break, getting cold non-practice weather during the week and a warm, sunny Saturday. The Old Boys turned out in full force for a chance to relive the glory days. Since many of the Maverick regulars qualify for Old Boy status, SLOB was nearly left short-handed. Participation by Godbee the Younger, two others from Alliance (both of whom played quite well on the wings) and outside center Randy, who could be joining the Mavs in the near future, gave SLOB a full side with a sub.

SLOB took an early lead when Thunder (who was originally supposed to play as an Old Boy) got in against an overloaded back line. He reached the try zone again later in the first half but passed off to Godbee the Younger for the touch. The Old Boys scored to cut into the SLOB lead before halftime.

The Old Boys, who may have sandbagged SLOB with claims of poor fitness, scored twice in the second half, including once on a maul against no less than three SLOB backs. SLOB's only try of the second half came on a long run on a counter attack. Jenda, in excellent support from his flanker position, was rewarded with the try.

With the Old Boys leading 19-17, a penalty late in the game, right in front of the goal post, gave SLOB a golden chance to win the game with a kick. However, the consensus was that a penalty would be a chicken-shit way to win a friendly match, and if we couldn't run it in for the try then we didn't deserve to win. Well, we couldn't and therefore didn't.

The highlight of the game goes to Orlando for his impersonation of Bo Jackson's 90-yard touchdown run through the end zone and out the players' tunnel against Seattle in 1988.

A hearty thanks and congratulations to the Old Boys for turning out in good numbers and for a well-played game. Cheers to Tony for refereeing. And cheers to Greg and Carolyn for hosting a great Christmas party. Excuse me, holiday party, so as not to offend any Jews or half-Jews on the team.

Old Boys in attendance included the once famous Eddie Farmer, Jack Graves, Omar the Magnificent, Dave "Too Tall" Hill, John "Left Turn" Lemke, Blob Godbee (and son), Don "Hamstrung" Weatherbee, Lari "Where's the couch?" Licon, and the usual assortment of active Old Boys that would much rather get the crap beat out of them then spend time with their families on a Saturday afternoon.

Pee Wee attempting to redeem myself - 1/25/06

MBMW - 28, PEE WEE - 0
Maverick Open Forum - November 6, 2005

Pee Wee is fired! MBMW (Mavs for Better Match Writeups) dismiss Pee Wee for incompetence. You will note the score is listed as a forfeiture. You may review the evidence here. Please do not fall asleep.
Mav Journalistic Insurgent #2 - 12/9/05

Corsair Park - December 3, 2005

Great day, great (small) field, great match. The young guys from Wichita Falls were not intemidated by the men from Arlington and gave them all they could handle. Arlington was dominating in the scrums and set pieces, but Wichita Falls made them pay for their mistakes utilizing their speed in the backs. It was a nail-biter. We were ahead by 9 with about 6 minutes to play. MSU was pretty much in our end for the final minutes. Pee Wee was money as far as kicking goes, making all 4 conversions, the last conversion was from a very hard angle, and missing just 1 penalty kick. Will may have also saved the game after one of our clearing kicks didn't make touch and the winger counter-attacked. The winger got outside of our defence and would surley have scored if Will didn't hustle across the field and push the winger into touch at the 5 meter. After 3 or 4 minutes they eventually scored a try, but there was no time left. The 2nd side game was a bunch of Ft. Worth 2nd siders with about 5 of our guys filling in. Dan Stedman played scrum half - Yikes!!! Hard to be offsides when you're a scrum half.
Griagel TwadVarnell - 12/6/05

Corsair Park - November 12, 2005

The two third division clubs could not have played a better more productive rugby match. As the score line indicates this was an evenly played match throughout. The Huns scored first 5 minutes into the match when they punched through a ground kick. The Huns fly-half chased and out ran the retreating Maverick defense to touch-down just inside the in-goal on a very athletic play. The Mavericks answered immediately attacking the Huns defense with runs by Shay, their fly-half and captain, and Dan playing inside center. Shay finally broke through the Huns? line and dished to the out-side center for a try between the posts with 30 minutes left in the half. After a few more minutes of back and forth play, myself, Shay and Stan, the Huns? captain, had a heart to heart meeting to get the guys settled down and playing rugby again. It worked. The Huns? added two penalty kicks to end the half up 11-7. The second half continued the seesaw battle with both teams having opportunities and probing their opponent?s line. The Mavericks were able to score 2 tries. The second try was scored 22 minutes into the half when from a scrum just outside the 22 metre-line the #8 picked up and broke through the initial defense and dished to the scrum-half in support. The scrum-half held on just long enough and was able to dish off to the fly-half, Shay who scored in the corner. The nicely executed try made the score 17-11. The Huns continued the attack. They managed to control most of the ball for the next 14 minutes and even though the Huns played against the wind they continually kicked the ball deep into the right corner of the pitch. Finally, Arlington gave away a penalty. The Huns kicked into the right corner setting up a 5-metre lineout. A nicely staged maul carried the Huns to within a foot of the try line when their scrum-half grab the ball spun out a tackle and dotted down for the try halfway between the post and the touch line. The conversion just squeaked pasted the right upright for the conversion. With 4 minutes to play and down by a point Arlington pressed the Huns but were unsuccessful in their attempt to cross the goal-line or draw a penalty. Fun Match. The party, not so fabulous.
Joe DeFina - 12/6/05

Lake Highlands, Dallas - November 19, 2005

Maverick reporter (Pee Wee), you're fired. Here is a summary of the last cup match. Mavericks score 9 times, 3 of which were converted. Diablos tried but did not score. No Mavs were converted. Zing!!! Weather good, light breeze, dry field. Arlington were technically superior resulting in the majority of possession and greater success with that possession, which led to the lopsided score. Diablos had several very inexperienced players that led to very choppy, inconsistent play, and many opportunities for Arlington. From my vantage point it appeared that the phase of play with the largest disparity in organization was at the tackle itself. This, coupled with Diablos frustration at their inability to take of advantage of what ball they had, led to many infractions at the breakdowns, as well as frequent disagreement with the referee`s calls by the Diablos #8. For the most part the match was played in good spirit and sportsmanship. As in most matches with large scoring disparities, in the last few minutes there were a few altercations, one resulting in the caution and temporary suspension of Arlington`s #7, 5 minutes from full time, for what was presumably a retaliatory punch at the bottom of a ruck (I didn`t see the act that he was retaliating for). The player was apologetic after the incident. The punch itself was not malicious enough to warrant a red card. With five minutes to play in the second half Arlington Mavericks #7 was on the ground at the bottom of the ruck with another player. I was on the opposite side of the ruck and came around in time to see the #7 give a kiss to a Diablos player. It appeared to be a retaliatory kiss, but I didn`t see what led to the retaliation. At the time the match was very lopsided in score (in Mavericks favor) the kiss was sending a message to an opposing player, warranting the yellow, rather than red card. Karl left the party early the party early when their wing, his opponent, got to wear that pretty robe after slamming the beer. The party was just fabulous!
New Mav Reporter - 12/6/05

Midland, TX - October 22, 2005

The Mavericks let a winnable game slip away in Midland. We fell behind 8-0 at halftime while playing against the breeze and let a chance to get back into the game slip away just before the end of the half. All total, we had the ball inside the Midland 5-meter line three times and lost all three chances with knock-ons or penalties.

The Mavericks dominated the set pieces, but the loose play cost us. Midland scored three or four tries by moving the ball across the field faster than our defense could cover. This loss was due to a lack of fitness and/or numbers, so get to practice.

Thanks to the Mad Dogs for throwing a good party, even though it ended with the Mavericks losing the boat race and leaving stomach contents in that dude?s mom?s yard.
Pee Wee - Ace Reporter - 10/28/05

Burr Field, Austin TX - October 15, 2005

GMAT scores notwithstanding, the Mavericks played flat for most of the game with the exception of a few brief stretches of good play interspersed. The Grads did an excellent job of getting overloads in the back line and either scoring around the outside or kicking through. UT took a 12-0 lead in the first half, but some of Arlington?s best rugby, with tries from Chance and Birthday Boy/Man of the Match Dan Boyd brought the game back to 12-12 with five minutes left in the half. Defensive lapses allowed the Grads to score twice in the last few minutes for a 26-12 halftime lead. Back line kicking helped the Grads to two more second-half tries, while the Mavericks managed only two penalties for a 36-18 final. The score was closer this time than it was at Cowtown despite being 30 minutes longer. Improvement is starting to show, but we all have plenty of work to do.
Pee Wee - Ace Reporter - 10/19/05

Corsair Park - October 8, 2005

The Mavericks earned their first Cup win in three years last Saturday at Corsair Park against the Austin Lonestars. The scoring consisted of nine tries, five converted, and plenty of scoring from both the pack and the backs. The 8-man pickup out of the scrum accounted for three tries (two by Will Swain, one by Chance), despite taking a play intended for the weak side and running it to the strong side. What the hell though, points is points, right? Defensively, the Maverick forwards had no trouble controlling the scrums and set pieces, and the backs rarely allowed more than one pass before making a tackle. The Lonetars, with several rookies on the field and only one sub available, played spirited rugby for 80 minutes (sound familiar?) but lacked size and/or experience in key areas.

The second side match allowed the Mavericks to get some more rookies and a new scrum half some much-needed playing time and some players tired from the first game some much-unwanted playing time. Fort Worth brought out a very experienced side that was neither as old or as slow as advertised. They moved the ball very quickly out of tackles and into the next phase. This is what we should aspire to do. Fort Worth won handily, but on the bright side Jesse-Viet scored his Zulu try when he chased down a crafty kick from Karl Grassl in the try zone. Jesse?s ?initiation? will be this weekend following the game against the UT Grads.
Pee Wee - Ace Reporter - 10/13/05

Ft. Worth - October 1, 2005

The Mavericks earned their first win since, well, Cowtown 2004, a 6-5 win over the TWU/Fort Worth side. Some good phase play by the forwards led to two easy penalty conversions and a 6-0 halftime lead. The defense allowed a try late in the second half when TWU got an overload on a penalty. A missed conversion kept your heroes on top.

The Mavericks got their only try of the day in the early game when Chance picked up the ball from a scrum and scored from five meters against the UT Grads. The Mavericks received a penalty on the first play of the game against DARC, which was converted for a brief 3-0 lead. Z and co. quickly came back to end the Mavericks? day at 1-2.

Thanks to all the rookies (and veterans) who came out, played hard and got some valuable game experience. The games that matter begin now.
Pee Wee (cub reporter) - 10/11/05

San Antonio, TX - April 24, 2004

As a distant observer of this tournament...here is the following account according to Big L. Thanks to all who were able to travel... "That was a winnable tournament. We went 4-2-2 with our motley crew. 2 wins -2 losses (1 by 3 pts and 1 by 5 pts. as I remember) and 2 forfeits. Dan Gray, Dan Boyd, George from London, Mark, Big L, Tyler, 3 Ft Hood Guys (Cole, Rock, and Bill) and a UT Grad student, TJ." Thanks again to those who went and got our 7's season off to a good start. Next 7's tournament - May 22, 2004 at the Dallas 7's at Lake Highlands Park. Get out to practice and get a run on.
Breck, Distant Observer - 4/27/04

2003-2004 SEASON
As far as Baton Rouge & Not as Long as Last Season -

This will be updated very soon!!!!!
Breck - 4/27/04

Glenco Park, Dallas - November 22, 2003

Your Mavericks traveled to a neutral site to play a cup match against Alliance RFC. Mavericks win by forfeit. A match against the Harlequins broke out.
Bean - 12/29/03

Houston, TX - November 15, 2003

Arlington traveled down to Houston for our first Cup Match of the season. We all arrived on the pitch on time ready to go...the weather loomed over us...gray skies, that eventually lead to some rain off and on during the first match, and a whole lot of rain during the 2nd match...as kickoff loomed, we were given a nice surprise of having a ref from Scotland ref our game. After the IRB strip search, we finally were ready to play...we took the wind in our face the first half and played pretty well, considering...Bay Area had some breaks through our line, but never crossed the try line...however, their kicker did have an off day, and missed 3 first half penalty kicks...Arlington kept hurting ourselves, by making unnecessary mistakes (knock ons, losing our rucks, silly penalties, etc...) However, at half time the score stood 0-0. We switched sides and had the proverbial 20-point wind at our back, we spent most of the half going back and forth with Bay Area, with no one sniffing the try line, then with about 15 minutes left, Bay Area spun the ball wide and their winger scored on the left side of the posts (conversion made), so your Mavericks regrouped, kicked off, regained possession and drove down and Adam Ellis scored the 5 points for us, off a great pass from Thunder. The conversion was made to knot the score at 7-7. With about 4 minutes left, Bay Area again spun it wide and scored in left corner of the try zone (conversion missed). For the last part of the game, we could not retain possession and with the ref's watch beeping full time Bay Area kicked into touch for full time. Final results: 7 - 12, a Bay Area victory. Our B-side, had a played forfeit against Bay Area, in what can only be described as a monsoon...very sloopy play with a very slick ball...play went back and forth and it was a good opportunity for the new guy and the boys from Ft. Hood that made the trip to get some playing time. Overall, the weekend did not go as we had hoped or planned...we know what we need to work on and I hope to see each and everyone of us at practice so we can prepare for our next Cup Match vs. Alliance RFC. Thanks to all those who made the trip to Houston and competed against Bay Area.
Breck Turner - Captain - 11/18/03

Zilker Park, Austin - June 21, 2003

Your Arlington Mavericks traveled to Austin this weekend for the Austin Bloodfest 7?s hosted by the Austin Huns RFC. We played in the Open Division and in our pool were matched up against B.D. Reiley?s Pub (Huns Old Boys), Southwest Texas College, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio II. Well, the 1st game of the day started against Reiley?s Pub. It was clear early that we had the advantage in speed, and we used that advantage to cruise to a 38-0 victory (tries by: Mark, Adam, Jerry, Avery, Breck [2])?our next match was against San Antonio II, who had yet to play a game that morning. This team looked a lot different than the 1st team we played?this game went back and forth, we were up at half time and then in the 2nd half, San Antonio pulled ahead, but in the final minutes of the game, we put ourselves in the lead, final score 26-19 (tries by: Dan, Jerry, Mark, Adam)?in the 3rd game of the day, we faced the Corpus Christi Crabs, and this game was very similar to our game against S.A. CCRFC gave us a run for our money and again in the end, Arlington scored with no time left on the clock to win 17-12 (tries by: Brian, Jathan, Josh)?in the last game in pool play we faced SWT College and these boys had some speed, but by this point Arlington was ready to move on to the playoffs and we easily dispatched them 26-0 (tries by: Adam, Jathan, Brian, Dan)?So after pool play we sat at 4-0 (one of only 2 teams that went 4-0 in their pools) and had put up 107 points on the day, while only giving up 31. We were the #2 seed in the open semi-finals and drew the Austin Beavers II side?this game was a very evenly played game, both teams were a little beaten down by playing all day in 100 degree weather, but at half Beavers led 14-0, at halftime we realized that it was time to play and the whole 2nd half we were playing in their end, and after a nice pick off by Jerry, we only trailed 14-7?as time was running down, we had Austin pinned at their 5 meter line and Brian put a hit on Austin and they dropped the ball and Jerry picked it up and set the pill down in the try zone?however, the ref decided to call Brian offsides, even though there was no tackle, ruck or maul set to create an offsides line, so the ref took our try away, awarded the penalty to Austin, who kicked to touch and the ref blew the whistle for full time?so in the end, we came up a bit short and lost 14-7 (try by: Jerry). Overall, the day was a great day for Arlington and we seem to just roll and when faced with a little adversity, we stepped up and took it to the other team. Your Bloodfest 7?s roster was: Avery Ford, Dan Gray, Adam Ellis, Jathan Tucker, Josh Tucker, Jerry Hargraves, Mark Larson, Brian Rosatelli, Breck Turner, and a brief appearance by Big L. I want to thank all the friends and family that made the trip to Austin to support the Mavericks, it was a good weekend had by all! Next stop: College Station for the Hotter than Hell A&M 7?s.
Breck Turner - 6/24/03

Norman, OK - June 14, 2003

This past weekend your Arlington Mavericks traveled VERY lightly to Norman for the 2003 Tornado Alley 7’s Tournament. With only 7 players, we traveled north to make the 8:00am Cpts. Mtg. and begin a great day of rugby. 12 Teams showed for the tourney (Arlington RFC, Denver Barbos [2002 Nat’l 7’s Champs], Boulder (CO) RFC, KC Alumni, Ole Arkansas, Oklahoma State U., OKC, Midwestern State Univ., John Brown Univ., Tulsa RFC, and 2 OU sides). We drew pool C with OU I, Midwestern State and Ole Arkansas. Pool play started well for us…we beat Arkansas 26-12, with some great running and support by the whole team. After the 1st match we only had 10 minutes of rest before our next match against Midwestern State Univ. (who by the way have purchased the South G.P. HS jerseys from Pat)…anyway, with MWSU, having a bit more rest than us, they beat us 21-7. We then had a 30 minute rest before we had to finish our pool play and play OU I. OU looked quite a bit different than the OU team we beat in the Dallas 7’s. Arlington lost that game 41 – 5. So after pool play, your Mavs sat at 1-2 for the day and qualified for the Bowl Bracket for the playoffs. In the playoffs, we were matched up against OKC. OKC was quite a young team, as indicated by their 9th grade flyhalf…yes boys a Freshman in HS!!!! Anyway, we easily dispatched them 9 tries to 1, and secured a place in the Bowl Finals against John Brown University. After a 30 delay for inclement weather, the tournament resumed and we took the field…It appeared that us Mavericks, decided to wait until the last match to play our best rugby of the day…we kept attacking their zone, but couldn’t break through…so I decided to take things in to my own hands, I kicked a grubber down the field to an open spot, during the chase and securing of the ball, I was knocked out cold with a knee to the back of the head, so my day was done, but that sparked your gritty Mavericks on, and with the assistance of a KC Alumni player (in for me), Arlington rolled in the finals to the tune of 43-10 against JBU. So by final tally your Mavericks ended up 3-2 on the day and 2003 Tornado Alley Bowl Champions, and have hardware to prove it. I want to thank those 7 weary and tired players that made this weekend so much fun and played through some tough adversity. The Magnificent Seven Maverick Lineup was: Brian Rosatelli, Jathan Tucker, Josh Tucker, Breck Turner, Avery Ford, Mark Larson, and Jerry the Scoring Machine. Everybody found the try zone during the day and a special recognition goes to Jathan Tucker, who dislocated his finger in the 2nd game and continued to play great all day and even had the final try of the day against JBU. Also a special thanks to friends and family that came out to support the Magnificent Seven…It was a great weekend…see you in Austin, Cheers!!!
Breck Turner, Captain - 6/17/03

Lake Highlands, Dallas, Texas - June 7, 2003

This past weekend the Maverick?s 7?s side took the field in an early morning match against University of Oklahoma and after a close game, we pulled out the victory in the last minute with some good support. Mavericks 14 ? OU 7. Our next match was against our old friendly foes from next door?Shreveport. It was not Shreveport?s day as they met a Maverick side that was just waiting to put points on the board?we took the match 38-12. After those two victories, Arlington took their pool with a 2-0 record and qualified for the Cup Bracket. During Cup play, we drew the Austin Beavers 1st side. This was a team that had speed, and a few funny-talkers. After a close 1st half (7-0), Arlington pushed deep into their territory, but unfortunately gravity got the better of Mark our speedy winger and possession went back to the Beavers for the remainder of the game. At final whistle, it was Beavers ? 5 tries, Mavericks ? nil. I want to thank all of the guys who came out and played for us and got our 7?s season off on the right foot. Various lineups included: Avery Ford, Dan Gray, Steve Mattingly, Adam Ellis, Shinya Sato, Orlando Reyes (ask him about his try), Dan Stedman, Breck Turner, Scott Girling, Jathan Tucker, Mark Larson, Brian (Coach), Jerry (Mark?s friend). Also, thanks to all those that showed up to support your Mavericks. I was a good day in Dallas for us?a good start for us and we are going to build upon this weekend, next weekend in Norman, Oklahoma at the Tornado Alley 7?s Tourney, details to follow.
Breck Turner - 6/9/03

Westerns - Ft Worth Texas - April 25, 2003

Your TRU champion Arlington Mavericks defeated the # 6 seeded County Sundogs, by a 32-15 margin, to take the first of three Western RFU contests slated for the weekend. The game was not one of the better played matches in recent memory, however, total domination by the forward pack in the set pieces and a lethal maul, were enough to earn the victory. Possession and territory were earned early by the Mavericks, but in the first ten minutes of the match, the pack kept shooting themselves in the foot with every sort of penalty imaginable, until Sean Petras finally scored the first try off sustained pressure that for a while, at least, was penalty free. Two penalty kicks by Sean, in addition to the conversion, saw him personally score 13 points in the half, representing all of the Maverick points, leading his much older brother Jason to question if anyone else was going to join in the fun. The Sundogs got on the board when the referee forgot how to signal a penalty, drawing the Maverick offense in place, then allowing the Sundogs to go 65 metres for a try. The Sundogs were game, and at the beginning of the second half, a clearing kick from the tryzone was wiffed, and a County player fell on the ball, and suddenly, the score was 13-10, with County feeling up to the challenge. It was at this point, that the pack took over and came together to retain possession and work the ball. The Mavericks were able to execute a 40 metre maul in to the try zone that got trapped and no try was awarded. The Mavericks were awarded a 5 metre scrum and scored a push over try - backing the County boys in to the try zone, where 8 man Taloa Foliaki fell on the pill for the try. Jason finally made good on his pledge and took a nice run up field and was supported nicely by Robert Hill, who dished off to Adam for the try. Another try from Crazy brought the Maverick tally to 32 points. The Sundogs continued to work hard and scored a late try to narrow the gap - but the result was never in doubt at this point. The Maverick game will need to solidify to advance further. 1. Pena (70)/Robert Brooks (10), 2. Robert Hill, 3. Richard
Greg - 4/25/03

TRU Championship Finals - Corpus Christi, TX - March 30, 2003

The TRU finals, ended up a battle of #2 seeds, as an impressive Baton Rouge side dismantled DARC in a 47-5 lopsided affair. Watching Baton Rouge dismember a talented DARC side, provided some clue as to the difficult task at hand. Baton Rouge possess talented and speedy wings, and a dangerous 8 man who plays back in to a strong and mobile pack. The game opened with probing runs and play from both sides, with neither team able to secure an appreciable advantage. The wheeling pack of Baton Rouge was held by the Maverick pack, and the inside crash of the Baton Rouge 8 man, was neutralized. The Mavericks were wary of the strong kicking game and heeded Coach Tony?s warnings not to give up penalties in such a close match. It was Baton Rouge, who committed the early infraction, however, normally money Sean Petras kick sailed wide. The Mavericks continued to attack, and worked the ball down to the 10 metre mark, where Baton Rouge was pinged for hands in. Greg took the ball and set the ruck at the 5, hoping for the finish from Taloa. But hands in again by Baton Rouge reset the play. A fake to Greg crashing left was swung by Sean to Taloa crashing right, and the first blood belonged to Arlington. The Maverick?s gained confidence with the score and continued the pressure with a nice run from replacement inside center Dan Boyd who willed his way to the try line dishing off to TeShay, resulting in another Maverick score. At the half, the Mavericks were up by a 20-3 margin, but knew the job was not finished. Baton Rouge came out strong, and were quickly able to secure ball and territory mostly from outside play, as their back three ran hard. The Mavericks contained with hard tackles from Skale, Sione and Greg inside, but Baton Rouge worked the edges to gain advantage. The Mavericks when possession allowed, ran strong with the ball, and showed a strong kicking game to back up Baton Rouge, but strong counters forced the Mavericks on their heels. An errant line out was quickly worked to the other side of the field and Baton Rouge scored to bring the score within striking distance at 20-10. A penalty to Baton Rouge saw a kick bounce off the cross bar and in, to close the gap further. With 15 minutes remaining, Baton Rouge pinned the Mavericks down inside the 22-metre line and began to methodically work the ball probing for an opening to score the tying try. The goal line stand that ensued will be the talk of Maverick old boys for years to come (perhaps surpassing the vaunted JC pop kick of 1978) as Baton Rouge was stuffed on the line on three separate occasions then, finally penalized for a diving over, and the clearing kick found touch. As the Mavericks countered attacked, TeShay was caught up in a pile, severely turning his ankle. Breck came in at stand off and filled in nicely, directing the back line. Baton Rouge was not done, however, as they spread the field and attacked the strong side, as the tired pack tried to keep up with the play ? a few breakouts kept the Maverick faithful on the sideline riveted to the action and a few game saving open field tackles were sufficient to burn the clock, and your Mavericks prevailed as Texas Rugby Union STATE CHAMPIONS! Your State Championship Line Up ? 1. Richard Langatau/Corey Coogan, 2. Robert Hill, 3. Luis Pena, 4. Greg Puklicz, 5. Sione Finau, 6. Eric Estes, 7. Epokifou Vailpulu, 8. Taloa Foliaki, 9. Sean Petras, 10. TeShay Flowers/Breck Turner,12. Dan Boyd, 13. Jason Petras, 14. Skale Finau, 11. Steve Mattingly, 15. Thunder Dan O?Connell �. Certainly, the success of the weekend belongs not only to the players on the pitch, but to all of those on the 28-man roster, any of whom could have filled in without a loss of talent or enthusiasm. The success also stems from the guidance of Coach Tony Williams and his efforts through the season, pushing, cajoling and challenging us in training. The success also belongs to Maverick legend Michael Twaddell who has been an inspiration in his coaching and administrative support. The support comes from our old boys and past presidents like Orlando Reyes and JC who made the trip, to be a part of Maverick history. Thanks to Dr. Dave who kept the Maverick machine maintained and running. And most of all - the success belongs to you - the many active members, alumni and wives/girlfriends who support the madness that is Maverick Rugby.
Greg - 4/3/03

TRU Semi Finals - Corpus Christi, TX - March 29, 2003

On a warm and very windy day, your Arlington Mavericks, holding the #2 seed in the TRU North, were faced with the daunting task of taking on the previously undefeated Austin Huns, who held the South #1 seed. The Huns had previously beaten the Mavericks in Austin at the start of the season by a 14-10 score, and were confident that a TRU championship was in the making. Inspiration, in the form of Thunder Dan?s impassioned rendition of General George S. Patton?s address to his troops, fired up the Maverick side to a near frenzy. In the beginning, the mighty Huns came out strong with aggressive rucking and organized mauls intended to suck in the Maverick pack and create room for their backline. The first 10 minutes of the game belonged to the Huns. With a heavy wind at their back, they pressured the stingy Maverick defense, who held firm. As the first half progressed, the Mavericks were content to put the ball in the hands of it?s large and mobile back row comprised of Poki and Taloa, supported by Eric at flank, and cleaned up by Greg and Dan B at lock - as well as penetrating the middle of the field with center crash, from Eugene Ervin (who played his last game for the Mavericks ? for a little while at least as he has joined the Army). The onslaught gradually took it?s toll on the Huns, as breakthroughs became more regular and penetrations deeper over the course of the half. The scoring followed as the Huns found themselves on their back foot often and the half ended with the Mavericks up by a score of 8-0, which easily could have been 20 points for the Mavericks, had not two sure tries been knocked on at the line. In the second frame, with the wind at their backs now, the Mavericks continued to apply pressure and added two quick scores to go up 22-0. Thereafter, the Mavericks were content to use the wind and pin the Huns back with a methodical kicking game to maintain a territorial advantage. With 20 minutes left, and the result in hand, the Mavericks were able to use maximum substitutions, to make use of the strong 28 man roster that made the trip to Corpus Christi. The Huns continued to work hard and were rewarded with late points, and the game ended with a resounding victory to the Mavericks. Keys to success were the very hard running from everyone who handled the ball, and the avalanche rucking that maintained Maverick possession. Breakthroughs and massive yardage were piled up by strong attacks ? and the score could have been higher, had the Mavericks finished a few more opportunities that were either knocked on or snuffed out. Man of the Match ? Eugene Ervin. 1. Richard L/Coogan, 2. Robert H/Crazy, 3. Pena, 4. Greg/Sione, 5. Dan B., 6. Eric, 7. Poki/Robert H., 8. Tony Foliaki, 9. Sean P, 10. TeShay/Breck, 12. Eugene E., 13. Jason P/Adam E., 14. Steve M/Shinya, 11. Skale, 15. Thunder Dan �.
Greg - 4/3/03

Shreveport, LA - March 8, 2003

In a must win situation for both teams to secure a berth in the TRU Championships, your Mavericks poured it on in the second half to put away a depleted but determined Shreveport side by a 20-8 score. After a relaxing bus ride, the Mavericks came out hard, but lacked the cohesion shown in the previous match against DARC and seemed to be a fraction off in scrums, lineouts, back line attacks and especially in the loose, as Shreveport seemed to always have the first step. Shreveport scored early with a walk in try on the wing and pressured the Mavericks, only to lose the ball to penalties, otherwise, they could have done more. A penalty kick late in the first half brought the home side up to a 8-0 halftime advantage, and the Mavericks were forced to regroup, focus, and assess the damage. A few halftime adjustments, and a change in attitude dispensed by the Mavericks captain, Thunder Dan, created a renewed sense of energy as the pack suddenly came together and played as a unit, pushing the Shreveport pack and gaining ball in both the set piece and the loose. With Shreveport having a lineout on their own 5 metre line, Tony Foliaki stole the errant throw and alertly charged five metres in to put the Mavericks on the board. The try was converted by Sean Petras, who ended up going 4 from 5 for the day, and the Mavericks were back in it. The Mavericks attacked hard with well supported crash ball from Eugene and Jason and gained territory and possession on Shreveport, who was put on their back foot. A 40 metre penalty kick by Sean Petras put the Mavericks up 10-8 for the first time in the game. About 15 minutes into the half, TeShay Flowers, pulled out the platter and weaseled his way through the Shreveport backline, dishing to Eric Estes in support who dotted down under the posts, converted, putting the Mavericks up 17-8. Pressure continued and another penalty put the Mavericks up 20-8. With 14 minutes left, Shreveport turned it up, and attacked the Maverick line, but breakthroughs were quickly snuffed out, as Maverick defenders held ground and played for the loose ball, with any Shreveport foray in to Maverick territory quickly turned away with counter runs and a nice clearing kick game. A great come from behind effort by a determined and dedicated group of ruggers, who earned a sweep against Shreveport in who knows how long - and ended Shreveports string of knocking the Mavericks down and out of the TRU playoffs. Man of the match honours to Sean Petras, whose foot accounted for 10 points, and leadership on the field, inspired all. Good play on the day as well from Dan Boyd. 1. Red (half)/Corey Coogan, 2. Crazy, 3. Pena, 4. Greg P, 5. Dan Boyd, 6. Eric E, 7. Robert H (62 minutes)/James Crowley, 8. Taloa Foliaki, 9. Sean P, 10. TeShay, 11. Steve M, 12. Eugene E., 13. Jason Petras, 14. Adam Ellis (half)/Skale, 15. Thunder Dan (c). In the second side game, the Mavericks came out strong, but ended up outplayed by what ended up being two-thirds of the first side for Shreveport coming back in. Nice play especially from Richard at prop (who earned Man of the Match honours) and a number of the rookies who obviously were in awe of the return of JC, at break. Did he tell you about the pop kick of 78? Shreveport, as usual, put on a good post game party, where we all enjoyed Jathan's multiple zulus and Richard's loving looks and we feared that Richard would turn Jathan in to his love slave in the back of the bus. But the Shreveport hospitality took it's toll on the large and gentle Richard, as he slept almost all the way home - and no one wanted to shave his eyebrows! The ride home was uneventful - even coach Tony slept - knocked out by a painkiller and beer cocktail, as Mr. Manner's advise was apparently heeded. The sight of Corey with the beer box hat couldn't rile up Eric - I guess we should have dragged Robbie out of retirement to liven things up. In the end, Michael Twaddell could be found agreeing that another bus ride could be in his future.
Greg - 3/10/03

Glencoe Park, Dallas - March 1, 2003

Like a heavyweight fight, with both contenders landing heavy blow after heavy blow, the result was a split decision to DARC on this cool and muddy day. Both teams came in with one defeat and your Mavericks were looking for a measure of redemption over a very poor effort that resulted in a 12-5 loss in the first meeting of the year. DARC, however, had been improving steadily, and after a big win against Shreveport, were installed as 4.5 point favourites. The pitch was a sloppy mess from early games, and both sides decided to play a conservative game plan, relying on ball retention and territorial advantage to provide the breaks that would be necessary to snatch victory. Relentless pounding from the forwards, in the set pieces, and in the loose, set the early tone, and both sides ran hard and tackled well. In spite of the conditions, possession was often retained and phase rugby became possible, though not always for extended periods. The tight whistle was as much an interruption to the flow, as the conditions. Early territory belonged to your Mavericks, and a penalty to Arlington, gave the first attempt at points from 20 metres out. The heavy conditions prevented a solid kick at goal by Breck Turner, and the game remained knotted at nil. Good attacks from the Maverick pack were rewarded with a five metre attacking scrum, and Taloa Foliaki picked up and bulldozed his way in to the try zone for a 5-0 lead at the 28th minute. The conversion was missed, and the score remained with the Mavericks ahead at the half, 5-0. Despite reminders of the earlier contest, wherein your Mavericks held a 5-0 halftime advantage, the next 10 minutes from the opening of the second half, represented the only letdown in cover defense, as the DARC halfback/standoff tandem punished the Maverick backline with breakthroughs resulting in scores. The Mavericks, down 10-5, recovered and regrouped, and with 15 minutes of game left, looked to stick with the game plan and bring the game to DARC. That they did, when an unusual and unfortunate series of events took a try for the Mavericks off the board. With DARC attacking at the Maverick 40 metre, a maul was alleged to go out of bounds. Play continued, however, with the ball being spun out by DARC and then run in to a ruck.. The ball was stolen in the loose by Sgt Dan, who worked the ball downfield to another ruck, when Tony Foliaki broke 30 metres down the sideline, dishing off to Robert Hill, who dotted down under the posts. As Thunder Dan was lining up the go ahead conversion (which the Greek had made at 1 to 8), the referee waived the play off that ?never happened?. Down but not out, the Mavericks pressed hard the last 5 minutes and a desperate DARC defense barely held off, as full time was announced with the Mavericks attacking inside the DARC 22. Had a few more minutes been available, it seemed the Mavericks were poised to go ahead for good. In summary, an extremely good effort from both sides. The Mavericks maintained a 58% possession advantage and an impressive 71% territory advantage, as the game was basically won by DARC on two breakdowns in the Maverick cover defense. Special kudos to the pack who played hard all game, and big ups to Man of the Match ? Corey Coogan ? who left it on the field for 55 minutes. DARC now fears the Bean. 1. Jeff Montoya, 2. Crazy, 3. Corey Coogan (Red 55 minute), 4. Greg P �, 5. Sgt Dan, 6. Eric E, 7. Robert Hill, 8. Taloa Foliaki, 9. Sean P, 10. Breck Turner (TeShay Flowers 55 minute), 11. Steve Mattingly, 12. Eugene Ervin, 13. Adam Ellis, 14. Shinya, 15. Thunder Dan. The second side match saw a mix of old and new, go up early on DARC, but lose steam and the game in the second half, as Jathan?s touch to try ratio continues to suffer ? but he did get one ? and owes us a zulu for that! Good spread and pissup put on by DARC at the Londoner after, hi-lited once again by songmaster Buzz ? and the crowning of another rugby queen.
Greg - 3/5/03

Galveston, Texas - February 22, 2003

Sporting 28 players, from combining Arlington Mavericks, Denton, Shreveport and Boise Crimson Lions, your Mavericks were locked and loaded for a great tournament showing. However, being more loaded and locked out of rooms, did cause for some lack of enthusiasm on game day. Our first game was against the Chicago West Side Condors. They won Chicago area RU last year and were national final four a couple of years ago. We played Chicago to a rough and tumble 0-0 tie! It was actually a very good game - back and forth with both teams stiffening up at the goal line - we both missed chances to score - but the play was strong and flow good. Our dream team backline of Carrick - Breck - Eugene - Moody - Petras ? the Denton Vanilla Gorilla and Thunder at fullback ran hard. Forwards were Pena ? Denton Jay - Boise Joe - Greg - James Cro - Crazy - Robert Hill - Ricardo the whore at 8 (since Kush was too hung over to go first game) played tough and looked rather stout against a disciplined Chicago pack. Second game was almost an entirely new side against Bay Area and they could never get going as Bay Area kept inserting funny talking whores. Final score 20-0. Third game featured a mixed Maverick side from the first two games against Victoria, who came out smokin and very up for the game and the opportunity to knock off a higher division club - while we were never interested ? result a 30-0 loss. Very poor effort as visions of Mardi Gras must have been dancing in our heads. Shutout for the day! We never did see Jathan?s 4.3 speed, or witness his 33% scoring per touch ratio???? Saturday night seemed to reinvigorate the weary Mavericks, as the party got started with the rookies dominating the early drinking ? Shinya was down and out early, with James Crowley leading the charge. The highlight of the night was Maverick legend Buzz Marconi leading one of the best rugby queen crownings ever witnessed. Pena got in a fight with a urinal and lost, and Robert Hill had no problem showing everyone that he didn?t have underwear on under his kilt. The Shreveport boys were, well the Shreveport boys ? hard drinking, fur trapping wonders ? very focused on the party on hand. The Boise boys, Kush, DJ, and Joe, still feeling the effects of Buzz?s complimentary Hurricanes and rum punches the night before, paced themselves. On Sunday, the Denton guys bailed and we put a mixed side out against McAllen/Galveston mixed. We actually played great. Thunder gave an impassioned speech and we got everyone warmed up before the Game. We finally clicked and won 30-5. Real nice game from Thunder,who's career almost came to anend after attempting to levitate with the assitance of two defenders) James Crowley at lock was a monster - all over the field - got zulued for a support try from Thunder streaking up the sideline - Robert Hill at flank broke some real nice runs and defended very well - the Eugene/Moody combo ran wild - Shinya all weekend was very good at fullback ? caught the ball in 25 mile wind and countered nicely - everyone was stepped up. A great finish to a great weekend. Thanks to Shreveport boys (Carrick, Moody ? who looks very good in Maverick blue ? and Jabappy) Denton (Jay, Vanilla Gorilla, Mark, Toodles) the Mavericks who made the trip, and especially to the boys from Boise Crimson Lions - Kush, DJ and Joe ? who came down to join up with us for the weekend. The Crimson Lions have issued an open invitation to all of us to join them at Maggotfest on May 3 weekend in Montana.
Greg - 2/28/03

Denton, Texas - February 1, 2003

With the first half of the Cup season completed and the Mavericks hanging on to first place by a thread, your Mavericks travelled to Denton to take on what was supposed to be a depleted Denton side. Games with Denton have lately seemed to have an inevitable flow, with Denton always coming on strong at the beginning, but unable to finish in the end. On this warm and sunny day, Denton hung around a little too long, after being up 26-10 and two late scores by the determined Denton side pushed Arlington to the brink. The game plan was to run the backs on the fast, hard track and early possession, lacking support, fizzled, and Denton countered with probing runs of their own. The first 20 minutes was filled with turnovers galore, and neither side seemed to hold rein over the other. A few good breaks, however, by the combination of Taloa Foliaki at 8, Eugene Ervin at centre, and Sean Petras at scrum half, led to some major break outs, and for the middle third of the game, Denton was on their heels as the Mavericks seemingly found their game and racked up the yards and the points. With 15 minutes left, however, Denton surged and mistakes by the Mavericks, led to two late tries by Denton, the last of which occured, thankfully, with no time left. Congratulations to a tough and determined Denton side that played hard to the end. Man of the Match - Eugene Ervin for losing the hop, skip and jump and running hard through the Denton line. 1. Red/Marcus MacKibbon, 2, Robert "it wasn't me talkin' shit" Hill, 3. Pena/Coogan, 4. Greg P, 5. Dave C., 6. Eric E, 7. Crazy, 8. Tony Foliaki, 9. Sean P, 10. Breck T, 11. Steve M, 12. Eugene E, 13. Adam E, 14. Jason P, 15. Thunder Dan (c) 16. Dan Gray(blood sub) In the second side game, the Mavericks came out confident against a depleted Denton side filled in by a few Maverick castaways. Possession belonged to the Denton side in this affair, as the Mavericks, relying more on individual effort, than cohesive play, lost to the rag tag Denton/Maverick side in a good spirited, entertaining match. Thanks to Breck, Michael, TeShay, Eugene, Greg, Slobbo, Sideshow Bob, and Sati, for filling out the Denton roster.
Greg - 2/5/03

Corsair Park - January 18, 2003

In a rousing effort, the Maverick B-side played an entertaining, nicely flowing game under the leadership of their captain, Buzz Marconi, who is personally an incredible 2-0 over Ft Worth the past two years. A mixture of grizzled and disenchanted veterans, and naive youth came together as ages spanned a 32 year differential on the eclectic Maverick side. The first half was dominated by Maverick attacks, as the Ft Worth defense was bent by crashing runs from youngsters Suni at prop, and Aaron at second row, with support provided by the once nimble Twaddell and Sati who lined up at flankers. Even TeShay got in the act, cruising through the Ft Worth backline with every manner of deception. The only scoring for the match occurred when Suni broke through several tackles and scored with a crashing 50 metre run that was the highlight of the day, midway through the first half. In the second half, despite the return of numerous Ft Worth first siders, the Mavericks held the First Division side at bay and were able to seal the victory - albeit confirmed somewhat prematurely by the Ft Worth coach. Man of the Match honors shared by Suni and Aaron for their good runs and support. In the first side match, your Mavericks were defeated by a lot to a little in a game in which they played out hard to the finish.
Greg - 1/21/03

Corsair Park, Texas - December 14, 2002

Those Maverick fans who came out Saturday hoping for more in a series of hard fought, close matches over the past couple of years between Arlington and Shreveport were not disappointed as your Mavericks held firm, down a man, in the final ten minutes, to prevail over their TRU North rivals. Last year, Shreveport and Arlington played two games, the first ending in a tie, and the second ending in a one point victory to Shreveport on the last play of the game. It almost ended that way again. Shreveport traveled in force, and came early and ready to play. The Mavericks kicked off and having the benefit of the wind in the first half, came out hard and dominated possession and territory early with hard running and good ball retention from the forward pack. More impressive was the Arlington resolve on defense, as Shreveport possession was often short lived, with strong tackling and rucking from the Arlington pack. Scrums were hotly contested, while the Maverick lineout with Eric Estes jumping, kept gaining position on what usually is a solid part of Shreveport?s game, and stole a number of Shreveport?s throws. While attacking early in the match, Shreveport?s hard running prop committed an infringement at the ruck, and Sean Petras struck early from 30 metres to put the Mavericks up 3-0. Shreveport answered with pressure of their own, and the same Shreveport prop tried to bang it in off a penalty from 8 metres out, but was stopped by solid tackling from the Maverick tight five. The ball was turned over and eventually cleared on a penalty kick from Poki that traveled 60 metres to touch. Possession was traded back and forth, and at the 25 minute mark, Marvelous Moody got caught in a ruck and proceeded to pummel gentle Greg Puklicz, earning a yellow card. The indignant Puklicz also earned a yellow card since according to the ref ? ?I didn?t see it, but you must have done something?. Five minutes later, the ref, thinking Puklicz was lonely in the bin, decided to bin Lo/Sione/Skale?s brother to ?lock up? the bin for a high tackle around the shoulders. Down a man, however, the Mavericks continued to press and another penalty kick by Sean Petras was good, and the Mavericks were up 6-0. With all miscreants returning to the pitch, the Maverick pressure continued, and a head?s up play allowed Eugene Ervin to crash over the line for a try at the end of the half ? putting the Mavericks up 11-0. Clearly, Shreveport was not ready to roll over, and came out hard in the second half. Maverick dominance of the first half was broken as Shreveport regrouped and pressured the Maverick defense, which held admirably. The Mavericks almost broke it open early in the half, as Carrick Pell was called for an illegal tap, and the ball was quickly recycled by the Mavericks, as a sure try was knocked on. Numerous penalties in the half allowed Shreveport to gain territory, and their prop was able to finally stuff one in under the posts, which converted, closed the gap to 11-7. Dan Boyd came in for Eugene, who tore up his shoulder, and promptly paid a visit to the bin. Down a man, Shreveport pressed on, but the Mavericks held firm and continued to clear the ball down field. With 15 minutes to go, Dan Boyd decided to deflect Martello?s fists with his head, and both were sent to the cooler. Shreveport pressure increased, and after Poki earned a yellow card for tackling a Shreveport runner offside on a quick tap, the Mavericks were going to have to stave off the Shreveport attack for the final 10 minutes, minus two players. Attack they did, as Shreveport went to the well again with their big prop on a penalty five metres out, but the line held firm and after a few more harrowing near misses, time ran out for Shreveport, and the Mavericks cleared the ball to touch this time and held on to win 11-7. A great match, played with a lot of heart, by both sides. Man of the Match to Sean Petras for his precision kicking and leadership on the field. 1. Jeff Montoya/Robert Brooks, 2. Robert ?Slackjaw? Hill, 3. Pena, 4. Greg Puklicz, 5. Sione Finau, 6. Eric Estes, 7. Poki, 8. Tony Foliaki, 9. Sean Petras, 10. TeShay Flowers, 11. Skale, 12. Eugene Ervin/Dan Boyd, 13. Adam Ellis, 14. Steve Mattingly, 15. Thunder Dan � In the second side match, the Mavericks got off to an early lead on the hustle of Corey Coogan , Michael ?Crazy? Melton, and the runs through traffic from Shady, however, the Shreveport first siders left in the game started to pull away from the inexperienced Maverick contingent in the second half, to snatch the victory. Man of the Match to Corey Coogan .
Greg - 12/19/02

Ft Hood, Texas - December 7, 2002

A fine day for rugby saw another small Maverick contingent make the trip down to Ft Hood to take on a scrappy Army side. You never know what to expect from Ft Hood - however, on this day - the superior fitness of the Phantoms was no match for the experience of the Maverick side. The Army boys played hard and showed good skill from a couple of their larger and more experienced players, but it was the times that the Mavericks demonstrated patience and support, that the scoring came easy and often. The game began at a frantic pace, with more individual effort than team play. Both sides ran hard offensively in first phase, but the outcome of the play became a crap shoot predicated on what was worse - the support or the defense! Poor passing in contact, ineffective rucking, and a variety of infringements made this ping pong like affair sloppy but interesting. As the Mavericks settled down however, there were times they looked liked the challengers they contend to be, as opposed to the impostors who have often emerged this season. A few nice phases and tactical plays actually were strung together from time to time - though far too inconsistently. Though the result was never in doubt - the Phantoms were never out of it and played hard to the end. Special honours to Man of the Match "Lo/Sione/Skale's Brother" and also to Sean Petras and Eugene who had stellar performances. Interesting to note that Jason's transformation to forward is virtually complete, as he has learned to blame everything that goes wrong on the backs! Also, congratulations to TeShay for being coined the "slowest fly-half ever" by our South African coach, Philip. Did TeShay actually kick the ball, or was I dreaming? 1. Coogey/T. Williams, 2. Loic/Robert Hill, 3. Pena, 4. Greg P, 5. Lo, 6. Aubrey, 7. Robert H./Jason P, 8. Tony Foliaki, 9. Sean P, 10. TeShay, 12. Eugene E., 13. Jason P./Shady, 14. Adam E, 11. Breck, 15. Thunder Dan. In the second side, with many of the same faces staring across the pitch, Ft Hood filled in with almost all the same players and continued with a strong effort to outlast the Maverick B-siders in a shortened, yet lively affair under the watchful eye of Sgt. Dan who provided an often interesting interpretation of the laws. Let's see if our own Troy Aikmain, Loic, can continue with his string of concussions, as his brains continue to get scrambled to the consistency of a fine fois gras. Thanks to the Ft Hood boys for another great party after the game.
Greg - 12/11/02

Glencoe, Dallas Texas - November 16, 2002

Congratulations to your Maverick participants who sucked it up and endured a long afternoon against two talented Harlequin sides at Glencoe. With a very small contingent, most playing two games, the Harlequins ran hard early, but the Maverick resolve was shored up as the depleted ranks gave 100% and never quit - finally slowing the Harlequin onslaught and turning the second half of the first side game in to a nice work effort - with commitment to support, rucks and tackles. It was my honour to play with all that participated - Curtis M, Matt, Big L, Pena, Speas, Billy, Brandon (finally did find some boots), Eugene, Brendan, Keyohei, Shinya (thanks for the pass, Jason), Jason, Philip, James S, Corey, Robert, John, Aubrey, Dr Dave, Steve, and especially Maverick legends Michael Twaddell, Orlando Reyes, John Chiarello, Joe Kelly, and Buzz Marconi.
Greg - 11/18/02

Corsair Park - November 9, 2002

On an unusually warm and windy day, the new and improved DARC side, sporting a number of talented and large new faces, rolled in to Corsair Park ready to play. At least one team did - because your Mavericks didn't show up. With the wind, the Mavericks were able to cling to a 5-0 halftime lead, but the unrelenting DARC attack, featuring their forward pack, closed out the game with 12 unanswered points to win a critical Cup match by the 12-5 final. Though missing a few players, and losing a few to injury at the half, the Maverick side decided to spectate instead of play, and was reluctant to commit to tackling, rucks and support, allowing the attacking DARC contingent to constantly attack and maintain multiple phase rugby. The lack of Maverick commitment ended as would be expected - an embarassing loss at home. The second side fared no better - losing by a 24-0 margin. But have faith, gentle Maverick fans, as this debacle will be turned in to a learning experience, and a better prepared and more willing Maverick side will emerge from the ashes of this wasteland.
Greg - 11/11/02

Cottonwood Park, Grand Prairie, TX - November 2, 2002

Your Arlington Mavericks kicked off the 2002-2003 season with a resounding victory over Denton. It was truly a tale of two halves, as Denton, as usual, kept it interesting for too long, until the Mavericks were able to break it open late in the game. The game began ominously for your Mavericks, as the opening kickoff was taken by Denton, who worked the pill down the line nicely to their big winger who dragged his way in to the end-zone and before my Red Bull wings even had a chance to sprout, Denton was up 5-0. The predictions and pre-match trash talking of exiled Denton rugger Robert "I will score three tries today" Hill seemed puerile and flacid, as the home side heeded the wake up call. The Mavericks attempted to respond, but lack of support and good ball handling by the Denton fly half disrupted any continue the Mavericks attempted to muster. A few break through's would occur, but lack of support caused the ball to be turned over, and the half was largley played mid-field. The Mavericks finally were able to earn a penalty and converted try, going up 10-5 at the half - but it felt like we were down by the same margin. Obviously, the half time reflections and "encouragement" provided by Coach Tony hit home with the rotund Robert Hill, as he rumbled and stumbled on an opening drive to the 5 metre line, selfishly holding the ball to earn the try, but support arrived and the try was awarded. The Maverick juggernaut of Poki, Taloa, Eric and Gene cycled the ball nicely and the game opened up with breakthroughs properly supported and finished, as the Mavericks finished off the Denton side by a final of 41-10, with the game ending on a pop-up try dotted down by the unsuspecting Sean Petras. A great second half effort - demonstrative of what good ball handling and support will do. Man of the Match honours to Eugene (no, I am not a prop anymore) Ervin. 1. Robert "Red" Brooks, 2. Robert Hill, 3., Marcus MacKibbon, 4. Greg "Stonehands" Puklicz, 5. Brandon Cunningham/Big Dave Cudlipp, 6. Eric Estes, 7. Poki (70) Jeff Montoya (10), 8. Taloa "Tony" Foliaki, 9. Sean Petras, 10. TeShay Flowers, 11. Skale/Steve Mattingly, 12. Eugene Ervin, 13. Adam Ellis/Skale, 14. Shady, 15. Thunder Dan. The second side match featured many Mavericks, including long time Denton fan, Michael Twaddell, pulling on the black and blue to fill out a side to give the good Maverick turnout a game, in a win for the B-side, recorded as a played forfeit. Man of the Match honours to Loic Lebegue, who tried to drive home to France after the game, to claim his prize.
Greg - 11/6/02

Austin, Texas - October 19, 2002

On an extremely wet and muddy field, your Mavericks were unable to cling to a slim lead and a penalty kick by the Huns, in the 78th minute, sealed victory for the never say die Huns. The game was moved to a small, middle school football field, since Zilker was closed, due to heavy rains. The weather, babysitters and nasty bratwurst chased away a number of players, and the Maverick contingent was short from the start, especially in the forwards. The first half was riddled with knock-ons and possibly over 25 scrums were set in the muck. The Huns opened the game with good pick and go and bangers from their forwards, playing it smart and close to the vest, earning a penalty kick early to go up 3-0. The Mavericks may never have had more than 3 phases put together, and lacked support and continuity all half. Only a game breaking run from who else, Poki at 8, put the Mavericks up 5-3 at the half. The second half showed early promise for your Mavericks, as adjustments made provided some stability in the pack and possession was retained. The Huns were able to answer however, and earned another penalty to go up 6-5. The Huns built on the momentum earned and an unconverted try put them up 11-5. The Mavericks showed good movements in the backs as Shay intercepted a Hums pass and ran it in for the try. Followed up with a nice conversion from halfback Sean Petras from the sideline, puttin the Mavericks up 12-11. The Huns answered by returning the ball to the forwards, working the ball down the field, and earning another shot at posts - good for a 14-12 lead. The Mavericks showed some inspiration, after being down, and swarmed the Huns, moving the ball inside the 22. Failed lineouts, however, lost possession, and time ran out as the Mavericks were knocking on the door, but couldn't finish. (1. Pena/Mac R., 2. Robert Hill, 3. Coogan/Eugene E, 4. Dave C., 5. Brandon/John K, 6. Greg P, 7. Speas, 8. Poki, 9. Sean Petras, 10. Breck/TeShay, 12. Eugene/Tevi, 13. Thunder, 14. Shady, 11. Skale, 15. Steve M/Thunder) In the second side game, the Mavericks played much better, winning 24-0. Of note was the good play from rookies Brendan, Aubrey and Scrat. Too bad Thunder stole Shinya's try, or he would get an honourable mention here as well. Thanks to all others who played, including Big L., Philip and Justin
Greg - 10/21/02

Ft Worth, Texas - October 13, 2002

Your Arlington Mavericks had a tremendous showing at Cowtown, advancing to the finals on the final day, and taking home 2nd place tournament hardware. The tournament began on a good note, as the Mavericks ran over the SMU Grads by a score of 24-0 to start the day. Although a bit sloppy, with fitness and support looking questionable, we were able to outplay an inexperienced side. At noon, Midland came out hard but ran out of gas early, as the Mavericks started to win loose ball, make good passes, and support to run up a 33-0 final. In the last game of the day, the Mavericks were hitting on all cylinders, recycling the ball nicely, with great support, and ran it up on Galveston 42-5. Sunday morning, seriously undermanned, a side was put together against an organized Bay Area contingent. The game started out with probing runs by both sides, with no advantage being earned. Through the course of the game, however, as the cohesion built, the Mavericks were able to gain possession and territory. A close game was broken open late, and the Mavericks prevailed 23-13. The 4-0 record put the Mavericks in the final, against a rested Ft. Worth side, who earned a bye in to the finals. Again undermanned, the Mavericks put out a tremendous effort and without the benefit of possession or territory, had a tackling tutorial, as the Division I Ft Worth side came fast and hard. Great heart and effort was exhibited by all Mavericks on hand, as the game ended on a fabulous try from Thunder Dan, Adam and Steve working the sideline to take it in from 40 metres out. Special kudos to Tony Foliaki who at 8, rumbled for a handful of trys on Saturday, outstanding play in the backline by newcomer Steve Mattingly, ironman Eric Estes who played every minute of the tournament, and newcomer Robert Hill, at hooker, who stumbled for an 80 metre try in the semi-final to ice the game. Congratulations to all Mavericks!
Greg - 10/14/02

Shreveport, LA - July 20, 2002

Dateline Shreveport, July 20, 2002: Another year, another Shreveport Riverboat 7's championship trophy. Much to the chagrin of the always courteous host club, your Arlington Mavericks have three-peated. Travelling with 11 players and a small support crew the Mavericks went undefeated through round-robin play and won the final with a hard-fought comeback from a two try defecit. The first game of the day vs. a salty Shreveport Old-boys side saw a slow first half followed by a much higher tempo second half with a final score of 40-0. The second game was more lopsided with a final score of 56-0 vs. the Shreveport 2nd side. These scores are not indicitive of the quality of players on the Shreveport sides, however, but are more indicitive of their fatigue levels. A logistical problem with tournament scheduling resulted in cancellation by several men's clubs and the need for many Shreveport players to play in up to 6 or 7 games by day's end, tough under any conditions, but especially tough in 100 degree weather. The final game was fittingly vs. the host club's first side and these players were fresh. Early handling errors by the Mavericks resulted in one, then another Shreveport try, both converted, and a halftime score of 14-0, bad guys. Arlington depth allowed for several substitutions at the half and play was resumed. The Arlington team seemed to call on energy reserves withheld in the first half while the Shreveport side seemed to deflate. The first try was set up beautifully by a crushing run by Taloa (big Tony) down the left side of the pitch, crushing would-be tacklers along the way. At his last gasp, he passed the ball smoothly to an on-rushing Slim-Shady who centered for the try (converted). Shreveport sensed the fragility of their now halved lead and played a stiffer defense, but slick passing, especially by George Sinfdt (sp?) and again by Taloa Foliaki ended with a beautiful catch (really) and corner try by Sikali (Skale). This try was shockingly converted by Thunder on a drop-kick from the sideline to tie the game up with a minute or so remaining in regulation. Arlington regained possession and on a run down the center of the pitch, Shady was high-tackled by the Shreveport captain, Hal. Thunder, taking the quick tap, was perhaps wisely tackled within one meter of the mark by Hal, preventing a likely try. However, the proximity of the tackle to the mark and the fact that he drove me into the dry Shreveport dirt-rock within an arms reach of the referee (a very observant and soon to be very hilarious Al Owens) resulted in Hal's acquisition of a yellow card and a rest-of-the-game sin-bin. The fact that said yellow card was presented to Hal along with the very loud yelling of the word "DUMBASS" by the referee made all within earshot laugh audibly. The penalty was then taken by George and on a smooth run and dummy-pass to Taloa (which fooled everyone), George centered an easy try (converted) putting the point total at 21-14. Informed that time was up after the next dead ball, Arlington managed to make it interesting by whiffing tackles on the Shreveport ballcarrier but got lucky when the ball was kicked to Adam Ellis deep in the Arlington end of the pitch, who found touch (barely) on our own 5 meter line. The whistle blew, the crowd erupted in cheers and the beer began to be consumed. Great play by all Mavericks in each game. Many, many thanks to Shreveport for being such excellent tournament and post-tournament hosts and to the Fayetteville Bunanas (women champions) for being such excellent party partners (even though they are always late for the party) and for easily being the hottest women's rugby team ever. More details about post-rugby activities may (MAY) be found on the open forum, or by contacting one or more of the following individuals. Tournament players: Taloa "Big Tony" Foliaki, Eugene "Baby Huey" Irvin, Big Richard, Michael "Crazy-Legs" Melton, Slim-Shady, Colin Trudeau (borrowed from Ft. Worth), George Sinft, Breck "Brack" (from Space-ghost) Turner, Thunder Dan O'Connell, Adam Ellis, Sikali Finau Support Crew: Corey "Butterbean" Coogan, Macy, Jenna and Mr. Furious Melton, Shayla Zorack (Brack's girlfriend), Dan and Beth Stedman (who missed every game), Sony (that one big Tongan kid) and two other people I don't know. Hope I didn't forget anyone. If I did, I'm sorry I still love you.
Thunder Dan - 7/24/02

Bear Creek Park, Euless, TX - June 8, 2002

As part of the National Tonga Day celebrations held in Tongan communities across the United States, the Euless Tigers, many of whom play for us in the regular TRU schedule, invited us for a friendly exhibition game to cap off their day long celebration. Of course, I don’t know how friendly lining up against Poki, Johnny, Skale and Tonga can be – but we were honoured with the invitation and were able to scrape up 15 reasonably able bodied Mavericks, many of whom were coming off 4 games of 7’s that same day for the 6PM match.

The Mavericks side trickled in, hoping for a 7’s exhibition, but after much persuasion from the hosts, and a few Tongan libations, a 15’s game was on. In front of an appreciative crowd of 400 Tongans, the Mavericks took the undersized field. As expected, the action was fast and furious right from the start as the Tigers pounded relentlessly, but the Mavericks showed great heart and even better tackling ability, holding the Tigers at bay. In the 5th minute, an infringement to the Tigers, resulted in a penalty kick effort from Dave Tevi, which sailed wide, however, the Canadian ref, not accepting the bribe of the loose loonies in his pocket from Captain Greg Puklicz, recalled the play for distracting the kicker, and the Tigers elected to tap on the restart to take the try. The Mavericks however, held the line and secured a turnover to bring the ball back up the field. The Mavericks, with combinations of good forward and back movement, held possession and worked the ball upfield, with good running from Jason “Eightman” Petras and Junior at inside centre. In the first half, the scrum was dominated by the Mavericks, with Loic putting on a much better performance at hooker than “Les Blues” at the soccer world cup, largely helped by his sturdy front row of Eugene and The Bean. A misfired kick from Joe Kelly, Maverick halfback legend, was charged down by the Tigers, and led to their first try. Thereafter, the Tigers continued to pressure and it seemed the Mavericks bend, not break anything defense, suffered as the Tigers again scored quickly to take a two try to none lead. The half ended with an ugly drop kick penalty goal attempt by stand off Breck.

The Mavericks again came out strong in the second half, and worked the ball down the field. A nifty pass from Joe Kelly to Greg Puklicz at the 22 was run down to the 15, where Poki put the tackle on but was met by good forward support and the ensuing maul was driven in by the pack, and the try dotted down by Greg. The Tiger supporters became uneasy as the heavy underdogs continued to pressure, but the Islander onslaught became too much as the Tigers closed out the scoring, with nice running from Johnny to Poki to put the Tigers up with their final score, near the end of the game.

Thanks to all Maverick ruggers who participated in the event and thanks to the Euless Tigers for their hospitality. One of the most enjoyable games we have played in quite some time. 1. Eugene Ervin/Justin, 2. Loic Lebegue, 3. Corey Coogan, 4. Greg Puklicz �, 5. Roger Speas/Billy Holladay, 6. Missouri Justin, 7. Keiko, 8. Jason “Look out Poki” Petras, 9. Joe Kelly, 10. Breck Turner, 11. “T”/Eugene, 12. Junior, 13. Pieter Schoejhuis, 14. Adam Ellis, 15. Thunder Dan.
Greg Puklicz - 6/13/02

Lake Highlands Park, Dallas TX - June 8, 2002

In our first 7’s outing of the year, the Mavericks won their group and advanced to the CUP final four playoffs, being defeated by new nemesis, the Dallas Reds. The day opened on a bad note, as the Austin Huns, beat the Mavericks by a try in the first game, as the Mavericks seemingly were unable to make the transition to 7’s and played as if 15’s had never ended, not moving the ball outside to take advantage of our speed. In the second game, the Mavericks seemed to click and easily defeated Texas A&M by a wide margin to earn the advancement to the CUP round, thanks largely to the kicking of Thunder. I thought you are not supposed to kick in 7’s? The Mavericks were never in the last match, as the Reds ran around the Mavericks to move on. For our first 7’s tourney of the year, a good effort and result, that Captain Thunder Dan can build on. Players: Thunder Dan �, Adam Ellis, Jeff Montoya, Joe Kelly, Crazy, Eugene Ervin, Sean Petras, Missouri Justin, Breck Turner, Pieter Schoejhuis.
Greg Puklicz - 6/13/02

Galveston, Texas April 6-7.2002
MAVERICKS WIN TEXAS RUGBY UNION DIVISION IIB STATE CHAMPIONSHIP ? On a glorious weekend in Galveston, Texas, the Mavericks B-side competed in the TRU state championships. The A-side had previously been defeated in the quarter-finals (by Division I Dallas Reds ? who went on to win the state A-side championship playing down a division at the direction of the TRU executive) so the B-side was looking to exact a measure of redemption for your Mavericks. Under the leadership of Captain Orlando Reyes (the greatest Puerto Rican rugby player in the world), the B-siders defeated Bay Area in the semifinal by a score of 33-11 on Saturday, then rolled over Baton Rouge, 39-10 in the championship final on Sunday. In the semifinal, Bay Area came out strong and ran up an 11-0 early lead, as the lingering effects of all night poker, beer, and chimp movies took their toll on the weary Mavericks. Undaunted, Captain Orlando, having been in many similar situations, goaded, chided and disgraced his minions in an effort to rally his troops. And rally they did, to break on to the scoreboard late in the first half. A couple of key substitutions in the second half, including the insertion of 50 year old rugby legend Buzz Marconi, for the hobbled and bloodied Tony Williams, led to Arlington posting 33 unanswered points, as tries rained down from the backs, led by B-siders Samson, Eloy, Orlando and ?The Razor?, slicing and dicing their way through an impotent Bay Area back line. That afternoon, after grazing upon fish tacos and the spectacle of Adam?s strawberry margaritas and Thunder and Shay?s shared/gay margaritas, Captain Orlando urged his boys to ?prepare? for Sunday morning. Well, preparations began early and ended late at the tournament party. Thanks to Buzz Marconi for the heart warming rendition of Alloute and the crowning of a new rugby queen. The responsible one, Thunder Dan, finally rounded up the weary ruggers to get them back all snug and sound prior to last call, except for Samson, who may have slipped on the 12 jersey to answer a booty call. Thanks to Chef Jason and his pizza oven for feeding the hungry lot back at the room. (Of course, we didn?t want to get back too early and interrupt Coach and Michael, who decided to hang back at the room and practice the snail on each other) With a game at 9:00 AM, and in the midst of a time change, it sure was a good thing Coach decided to set his watch back, and get us the extra sleep, as a rousing call from Crazy at 8:00 AM wondering where everyone was, got the bleary eyed bunch up and ready. With players missing, a side was thrown together. Dr. Dave, our big Japanese friend, upon the advice of rugby wives (who should NEVER be consulted in relationship matters), decided to sneak back to Dallas and was replaced at 8 by the reluctant Greg P. (much to the chagrin of Jason who lobbied hard for the position). Orlando reunited the back line of Michael, Shay, Jason, and Orlando for the opening, as Samson and Eloy were unable to clear the cobwebs in time ? however, Eloy did come in when he finally found the pitch and showed some nice movement ? unlike Samson who depleted his inventory of moves the night before. The game finally went off, and the pack showed early domination, as the engine room of Speas and Brandon, behind the front row of Prozac, Eugene and Red, pushed the Baton Rouge forwards and continually won clean ball for the backs. Twaddell looked almost spry, well OK, not really, but did use the foot and the wind to continually pin the Baton Rouge side down in their end. A few well timed hits by Skale seemed to take the will to run away from the Baton Rouge wings. The backrow, of Sione, Crazy and Greg, secured loose ball and worked it to the backs, who ran wild for a 32-0 half time score. The second half took it?s toll on the tired ruggers for both sides. Fresh legs (and some large ones at that) in the form of Corey ?Butterbean? Coogan and Big ?L?, who got his 5 minutes of fame, came in to fend off the Baton Rouge challenges, as they tried to re-establish possession with a stream of bangers. In the end, the lead was too much and the Mavericks cruised to a 39-12 final, to win the championship. All Mavericks, new and old, should be proud of the accomplishments of the B-side this year and the club as a whole. If it were not for the misguided management of the TRU by it?s executive, a double championship could have been earned. Championship Roster: 1. Robert ?Red? Brooks/Corey Coogan, 2. Prozac, 3. Eugene Ervin/Larry ?Big L? Pecena, 4. Brandon Cunningham/Greg Puklicz, 5. Roger Speas/Dave Cudlipp, 6. Sione, 7. Crazy, 8. Dr Dave Liang/Greg Puklicz, 9. Tony Williams/Buzz Marconi, 10. Michael Twaddell/TeShay Flowers, 12. Samson N/Flowers, 13. Eloy Gonzalez/Jason Petras, 14. Orlando Reyes �, 11. Skale/Adam Ellis, 15. Razor Ramon/Thunder Dan. Thanks to D2 (so who puked in your car anyways?), Joblin, Little ?L? and Sean Petras, also!
Greg Puklicz <president@maverickrugby.com>
- Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 17:34:29 (CDT)

TRU PLAYOFF GAME, March 23, 2002
REDS KNOCK OUT MAVERICKS! Your Arlington Mavericks, faced with the daunting task of having to upset Division I foes, the Dallas Reds, gave up three early tries to fall behind a strong Reds side. In the 5th minute a seemingly innocent clearing kick was mishandled and a fortuitous bounce into the hands of the charging Reds centre led to an early try. On the restart, the Mavericks regained possession after another clearing kick and the forwards started working the ball down the field. The ball was turned over in the back line, and 5 minutes later, another try to Dallas. It was deja vu all over again, as identical plays again led to an identical result, and the Mavericks were down 3 trys to none. Captian Estes regrouped his squad and the Mavericks gained territory and possession and spent the next 10 minutes camped in the Reds zone, but a staunch Reds defense prevented the Mavericks from climbing back in, gaining a turnover and clearing the ball. The Mavericks again pressured near the end of the first frame, and were able to work a maul off a lineout to break the shutout. The Reds, however, answered with trys of their own, mostly off overloads created by their back row. At the half, the Mavericks regrouped, and were inspired by some hard tackling by Bryant Caldwell and Dave Tevi. The ball was worked down the field, with Poki finishing what he started to bring the score closer. But the Reds continued with consistent pressure, as it seemed they could do no wrong, with all called plays working as planned. In spite of hard defense by the Mavericks, the Reds were better on the day and ran to a 44-12 final to win the right to represent TRU Division II. 1. E. Ervin, 2. Crazy, Pat L/Crazy, 3. J. Godwin/Pat L., 4. G. Puklicz, 5. D. Cudlipp/Sione, 6. E. Estes (c), 7. B. Caldwell, 8. Poki, 9. Ofa, 10. T. Flowers, 12. P. Tidlund/D. Tevi, 13. J. Petras, 11. Skale, 14. A. Ellis, 15. Thunder Dan.
Greg Puklicz <president@maverickrugby.com>
- Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 17:07:22 (CST)

ARLINGTON vs Dallas Reds
It has been pointed out to me that the Dallas Reds match report contains a serious error. The first try for the Mavericks was not scored by Poki, though it is easy to assume that he did, since he gets most of them. The first try was actually scored by Michael Melton aka "Crazy" aka "Mr. December". Apparently, Crazy picked from the base of a ruck and with the stealth of a banshee, dotted down to open the scoring for the Mavericks on the day. My apologies to Crazy's mom for the oversight.
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Lake Highlands Park, March 9, 2002
REDS OVERLOAD MAVERICKS - In a final tuneup against Division I rival Dallas, the Mavericks allowed the game to get out of reach in the second half, as a result of poor defense and poor reaction to the Red's overloads of the back line. The game started, as usual, with starters straggling in and missing, and substitutions, were made during the course of the half. The Reds had a very strong wind at their backs in the first half and used an effective kicking attack to take advantage. The Reds opened the scoring on a charge down of a Skale clearing attempt, the bounced cleanly into the try zone and was touched down by the Reds. The Mavericks built some momentum in the forwards and were able to even the score at 7 aside with Poki rumbling in for the try. The Reds gained territory again and were able to get close enough for a penalty kick to go up 10-7. At the restart, Tidlund's soft grubber was hacked on by the Red's and another fortuitous bounce led to another lucky try to the Reds, as they ran it all the way in. The forwards again stepped up, and worked the ball down the pitch to spring Poki for another try just before the half, to close the half 17-14. At the start of the second half, the Reds changed tactics and brought their back row across the pitch into the backline for overloads, that the Mavericks did not react to. Two quick trys by the Reds, scored by their flankers in the corner, put them up 27-14. The Mavericks regrouped, and led by TeShay Flowers down the pitch, were able to get one back with a "double platter"

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Teshay Flowers - Ameriprise Financial

Teshay Flowers - Ameriprise Financial