Maverick Ruggers of Distinction

Year Rookie of the Year Most Improved Player Forward of the Year Back of the Year Coach's Cup Eddie Farmer Award Hall of Fame Player of the Decade
2015-2016 Will Herrera Stephen Speer Brogan Halloran Ben Meyer John "Army John" Barry John Kurylas    
2014-2015 Stephen Speer Raph Lugo John "Army John" Barry Anthony St. Amant John "Army John" Barry Aaron Robertson    
2013-2014 James White Josue "Sway" Garza Stein "Mongo" Baughman Bill Bynum Adam "Maurice" Smith Dan "Thunder" O'Connell TeShay "Shay" Flowers  
2012-2013 Devin Christor Bill Bynum Brogan Halloran Phillip Ordonez Daniel "MVP" Garcia Steve "Pee Wee" Roe    
2011-2012 Phillip "Turd Licker" Ordonez Adam "Maurice" Smith Ronnie Bailey Dan "Thunder" O'Connell Daniel Garcia Jay O'Meilia   Dan "Thunder" O'Connell
2010-2011 Brent Bonenfant Jay O'Meilia Ray Greer Larry "LBL" Parish Daniel Garcia John Kurylas/Michael Twaddell Jeff Johnson  
2009-2010 Jon Morrison Nate Graham Ray Greer Byrce "Juicy" Vradenburg Ray Greer Joe Kelly    
2008-2009 Nolan Lanham Sam "Samwise" Dillon Evan Dietz Larry "LBL" Parish Steve "Pee Wee" Roe Larry "Big L" Pecena Michael Twaddell, Joe Kelly  
2007-2008 Brian Stauffer Viet Tran Ryan "Killface" McGough Hope "Tate" Huni Mike "5M" Martinez Michael Twaddell Eddie Farmer, Brian Lloyd, Jack Schwertz, Paul Tidlund, Orlando Reyes  
2006-2007 Richie Pennington Ray Greer Robert "Red" Brooks Jason Petras Chance Snow Larry "Big L" Pecena    
2005-2006 Jerry "All-Star" Melchor Robert "Red" Brooks Will Swain Jason Petras Jason Petras John Kurylas    
2004-2005 None    
2003-2004 Jesse McClure Matt "Scrat" Stephens Will Swain Jason Petras Corey Coogan Jon Jager    
2002-2003 Shinya Sato Breck Turner Eric Estes Sean Petras Greg Puklicz Larry "Big L" Pecena    
2001-2002 Ramon Ocanas Michael "Crazy Legs" Melton Epokifou "Poki" Vaipulu TeShay Flowers Dave Tevi Michael Twaddell   Michael Twaddell
2000-2001 Justin Godwin Eugene Ervin Epokifou "Poki" Vaipulu Michael Twaddell Larry "Big L" Pecena Greg Puklicz    
1999-2000 Eugene Ervin Brandon Cunningham Greg Puklicz Jason Petras Tony Williams Greg Puklicz    

Rookie of the Year
Awarded to the first year player who contributes most to the team through participation, enthusiasm and accomplishments on the field. Decided by vote of team captains.

Most Improved Player
Presented to the player who has shown the most improvement over the past year. Decided by vote of team captains.

Forward of the Year
Awarded to the Scrummie determined to have the biggest positive impact on the field for the entire season. Decided by vote of team captains.

Back of the Year
Awarded to the back line player determined to have the biggest positive impact on the field for the entire season. Decided by vote of team captains.

Coach's Cup
Presented to the player that the coach deems as having contributed most to the club.

Eddie Farmer Award
The highest honor bestowed upon a Maverick Rugger each year. This award is presented to the club member who has personally contributed/sacraficed the most to the club, for on or off the pitch, for the greater good of the organization.

Player of the Decade
This prestigious award is given once every ten years to the player who has had the largest and influential impact on the team over the decade. This player would have assumed and mantained a high profile, respected, leadership role being largely responsibility for the success of the team throughout the 10 year span.

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Teshay Flowers - Ameriprise Financial